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  1. I've looked everywhere, but only managed to find the 1.01 update for the US version. Nothing for the EUR version.
  2. I installed Adrenaline V6 on my Vita with Sd2Vita mounted as ux0. When i would start the emulator and try to go to my games, I would get an error message. So I added the adrenaline plugin to my config file and now, whenever I try to start Adrenaline, it just crashes on startup without any error message. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix that?
  3. SD2VITA used alternatively with memory cards?

    Sd2vita is on ux0. And I'm talking specifically about PS Vita games, because even if I were to take them from the app folder on the memory card and move them to the app folder on the SD, it wouldn't work. They need to be installed via Content Manager for the bubbles to show up.
  4. I've just got an SD2VITA adapter. I'm currently using a 64 gb SD card. I also have a few proprietary Vita cards full of games, Adrenaline stuff etc. And my Vita can't connect to Content Manager on PC, so I'm stuck transfering every game via WiFi, and that would take me hours. Is there any way to use the adapter and multiple proprietary Vita cards alternatively. By that I mean have some games on the SD card in the adapter and other games on the memory cards and switch between them. I'm asking because every time I put in the Vita memory card and then take it out and go back to the SD, every game I had on the SD disappears. Is there any way to prevent this or should I get a bigger SD, transfer everything and only use the adapter from now on?
  5. Gear VR Piracy?

    UPDATE (for anyone interested): After even more searching, I found this one: [Hidden Content] It works perfectly. So my theory is half confirmed: yes, you can pirate Gear VR games. Now the only problem is: why are people not interested in the Gear VR?
  6. Gear VR Piracy?

    Just tested it. When I launch it with QuickShortcutMaker and then put the mobile in the headset the game starts. I can navigate through the main menu, but when I try to start a new game (more specifically when I select Create world), it closes and sends me to the Oculus Home. I even tried to sign it with my own osig and that didn't fix it. Since the app itself launches, I'm assuming the problem is with this particular apk. Too bad I can't find any other apk of any other app to test my theory. Are GearVR games supposed to have obb files? Because this didn't come with a link to any obb. Or if anyone has Minecraft for GearVR, is this particular game supposed to have an obb?
  7. Gear VR Piracy?

    I have something to launch it with. I said it in my post. Download QuickShortCut maker. As I said, I haven't been able to test it, but at least it's something that lets you find it.
  8. Gear VR Piracy?

    Yeah, when XXX is the main selling point of a platform that's not specifically designed for it, you know there's a problem. However, after some more browsing, I've managed to find this little gem [Hidden Content] When you install the APK it doesn't show up as an app in the drawer or in the Oculus app. Basically it doesn't show up anywhere. But you can get QuickShortcutMaker and launch it that way. So it looks like piracy is possible after all. Or at least I think so. I haven't tested the apk yet, so I don't know if it works. The thing is, I've ordered my GearVR, but it hasn't arrived yet. I downloaded all the GearVR services from unauthorised apk sources just to take a look at the Oculus app, see what it's all about and mess around with it before the headset arrives.
  9. Gear VR Piracy?

    So the security provided by Oculus Home is just that good when it comes to GearVR apps? I know about disabling Oculus Home to use Cardboard apps with GearVR, but is there nothing else that can be done about it?
  10. Gear VR Piracy?

    How comes there are no pirated Gear VR apps and games around? Is it because of some kind of security? Or do people just not care about Gear VR apps?
  11. First of all, sorry if I'm asking this in the wrong place. I have no idea where else I could post it. I've just dug out my old PSP. I know the PPSSPP emulator has a feature that lets you replace textures in games. Is there any homebrew out there that lets you do this on an actual PSP? I've searched on Google and found nothing. I know I can just replace the textures in the game image, but I'd prefer to have something that allows me to enable and disable the modded textures at will, like on PPSSPP.
  12. This seems to be a level 0 hack. [Hidden Content] ... ans-scene/ Basically, a handful of people are working on a level 0 hack. There's currently no exploit and how soon we're actually going to see the hack is unknown, apparently. But that would mean a lot for the Vita piracy scene (and for the Vita hacking scene in general): no more firmware restrictions for games. Or CFW for every version. Either way, we're going to play those 3.61+ games sooner or later. What do you think of this? Does anyone happen to know anything more? Do you think it's going to be sooner ? Or later ?
  13. It's complete BS. Got it. And with nobody working on a 3.61 hack, I guess we won't get anywhere near playing it. While still keeping HENkaku, that is.
  14. [Hidden Content] Does anyone know what this is supposed to be about and whether it could be of any help? From my understanding, it talks about playing 3.61 games on 3.60. But then again, if it actually worked, then people would probably use it and there would be no problem with playing games such as this. So what is it? I should mention I'm not particularly familiar with programming and hacking, so I have little to no clue how to do the stuff described in there. I did edit param.sfo and id.dat as described, but the game still says I need to update. I can't really tell whether the trick itself is fake or I did it wrong.
  15. As far as my understanding goes, new Vita games require 3.61. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk and Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization have already had a say on this, and there will certainly be more to come. Is anybody working on a method to bypass this stuff?