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  1. Just want to say it's definitely working after installing BetterAmphetamine v3.3. Kinda odd, but thanks uploader!
  2. [Request] Steamworld Heist (Mai US)

    Is there any Mai dump of Steamworld Heist? Preferably US with any updates. Thanks in advance!
  3. Nice to see a nearly-complete patch for this game now! Thanks for sharing! Is there any guide or anything for the skills, though? Since they're apparently untranslated. Or are they easy to grasp anyway?
  4. Pix The Cat [Mai] [EUR] [TNW] 175mb

    I remember this from PS+. Great fun, thanks for sharing!
  5. Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess + Update [VT2.0] [TNW] [US]

    Here ya go: [hidden]https://mega.nz/#!5EZmRbgB!PqMsgpdw882tgfG9-RTq6x0Q3fZfllYRQpNdoow0DxM[/hidden] Thanks a lot, pal!
  6. Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess + Update [VT2.0] [TNW] [US]

    Thanks but can you upload the update separately too?
  7. [MEGA] One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 + DLC [EUR][vt2.0]

    Does the DLC link include the game dump too? Because it seems huge! Thanks though.