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  1. gbsdude

    The Vita Scene

    Hey folks. This one is a little ambiguous but I'll ask and see how I get on... I'm curious about if the scene is active for Vita, how or if new titles are released and if there are online resources for releases and tools. I'm really not sure if I'm missing something (likely lol) but it feels like apart from NGR that's not a lot in terms of retail releases. Is mai still a thing? Appreciate guidance and all that good stuff.
  2. gbsdude

    The Vita Scene

    Huge thanks for your reply. NoNpDRM is going to be the standard then. What's the situation with new releases? There's a ton of Japanese games I'm desperate to play! Honestly thanks so much!
  3. Ca you edit/hexedit saves yet? Wanna affect gold on Skyrim lol
  4. gbsdude


    Sorry if I overlooked this but is there a way to donate to the site/mods/staff/whatever via PayPal/Amazon/whatever. Would love to request/contribute more.... Many thanks!
  5. gbsdude


    Hello. Just jumped on from VP... Pleased to meet you all.. Looking good... VP has given me so much personal joy and good gaming that I am sure NGR will be the same. Much respect
  6. gbsdude


    Apologies should've searched better. Thanks for clarity
  7. gbsdude


    Can anyone tell me how to install 3ds files. I've got up to date Luna etc... Do I have to convert 3ds > cia? If yes then how?
  8. gbsdude

    any 3ds backup

    Nice. Huge thanks... Can someone do a torrent with a few good choices lol...
  9. gbsdude

    [Request] 1001 Spikes

    Really wanting an invincibility cheat or similar for this annoying frustrating thing lol... Thanks...
  10. Sorry for sounding stupid here but are you saying you have accounts with games already available??
  11. gbsdude

    Switching accounts and Vita saves

    Although I don't have the answer for this I would be interested in this concept but the other way. I have many games I am halfway through on my legit account and would be interested in transferring the saves to my throwaway account. Hope there is a solution soon enough...
  12. Better set the scene, so to speak: I have MANY 4gb Vita cards. The game I am playing most is Odin Sphere currently. What I tend to do is have one big game and other indie/smaller games mixed up on the memory card that is inserted. I have filled one card with games and I want to transfer the Odin Sphere game/save files that I am currently in the middle of to another stick so I can put some more games on the new stick as well. In basic terms can I just use the Content Manager like I would normally with non-backup games? Or is there a faster/better/other method I need to employ in order to transfer saves/games to other memory cards?? Many thanks!
  13. gbsdude

    [REQUEST] Resogun

    +1 pls
  14. gbsdude

    [Request] Mind=0

    I'm about 75% of the way through this one using legit copy. Love the story but the grind is a real b**ch at times. Ideal scenario for me would be modded save at the very beginning with all necessary items/weps etcetcetc... Respect to the folks that could do this. Honest answer is that I am not really wanting to go too in depth unless someone is kind enough to provide a guide. Even cheats I would be grateful for. Appreciate any and all help...
  15. gbsdude


    Hope you are all well... Massive Vita fan. New to the world of Mai lol... Excited for the cool/rare/fun stuff. Love anything Japanese. Many thanks.