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  1. Game Requests

    Black Ops 2 is already uploaded since a while here But here the other two
  2. Double standards right here. I must 100% agree with Bakura on this, the main group of people buying VNs are the ones that want the story and not just a pair of 2D Tiddies. For that i could just go to ex-hen... ahhh you know the internet I mean of course a bit of some sweet 2D thiccness is always welcome but that isn't the main part why these games are bought like said above. But it looks like Valve thinks it is the only reason. Leads us to the double standards debate why games like GTA 5 or Witcher 3 or Postal 2 can get away with stuff like that but not some innocent Waifus The only reason we even have these nice VNs in English now is because of Steam and Valve. Let's be honest how many of you have played VNs before they became kinda "mainstream" via Steam? Not so many i guess which shows us that smaller Devs got the chance to promote their stuff to a wider audience. But what's SUPER BULLSHIT about this is that NO VN that i bought (so far) even had the +18 content unlocked via Steam. You either have to crack or legit buy the +18 patch archive on the DEVs website for some $$$ to get the sweet naked Waifus
  3. Yahoo~ Welcome to NextGenRoms fellow weeb Better late than never i guess, hope you enjoy your stay here ^-^
  4. So far i've only seen episode 1 but it felt kinda rushed. Idk if i would have been so on focus if i wouldn't have played the game But the animation part is top notch just like the game
  5. Yes there is. If you open a folder and there is a "mai_moe" folder it's a Maidump. But you also can go to "sce_sys" and try opening pic0.png or icon0.png and it should open just fine and you should be able to see the pic fine. In a NoNPDRM rip there isn't a mai_moe folder and also viewing the pictures will result in a error as they are encrypted.
  6. game What are you doing right now?

    Literally listing to my childhood openings and on the verge of tears First off the best intro since the birth of the Earth PERIOD "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA" - German full version. Normally dubbed stuff is S*** but back in the days that was different. I would take this dubbed one over the Jap one almost always. I think the singer in German has really captured the feeling of the Japanese one that's why it's so GOOD! Here the original Japanese one Same goes for the 2nd opening "Du wirst unbesiegbar sein" aka "We got power" Here also the original Japanese opening
  7. I buy everything Persona themed so TBH those spin-offs mostly are just Fan-service and i am okay with that as i do not expect much story from them anyways. OwO that cat why you gotta remind me -.-
  8. Jail is over there Onii-chan~
  9. @Ravenstorm Interesting thought that was just a European problem ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNhuiwq342U It should work if your replace tube with pak in the url
  10. I am SUPER picky about music so not many songs tent to stick in my head. But the latest one would be the OP from Net-juu no Susume ( Recovery of an MMO Junkie) Name of the song is: Saturday Night Question from Megumi Nakajima Download
  11. humour Famous NGR quotes

    That reminds me of the old "Does this smell like chloroform to you?"
  12. Ol Musky Stuff

    make it happen fast i'll take at least 2.
  13. Ol Musky Stuff

    Now that there is a car on it's way to the Mars he found the next B I G thing.
  14. Man i can't stop Got this today in the mail and once again money gone But i just had to get this Edition for the figures alone Besides that it comes with the Game,World map on cloth and a Artbook
  15. Yes DVD5 und 9 are just size differences with 5 the game is split onto 3 disc with 9 it is a single disc. IMGBurn should do it just fine. Maybe it is a stupid question but did you patched the isos with the ESR disc patcher before burning? If you are using ESR for loading the discs you need to do that. Here the tool https://yukiko.s-ul.eu/MZgdOZDF Or do you have a Modchip? If so that might sound like the DVD drive is dying or the laser is dirty and it throws you that error.