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  1. Just a heads up the game game me some miscompares in IMGBurn. Despite that it still plays fine on my Saturn. UNTESTED on Emulator!
  2. Linkle Liver Story Download: INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Password: [email protected] Size: 40 MB compressed Format: bin, .cue Tested on: NTSC-JP Sega Saturn Model 2 with Pseudo Saturn Kai
  3. Welp what could it just be? I think it will be Persona 5 Racing Joke aside maybe a Switch port? R could stand for Red as it was a big theme in the game. Persona 4 got a port to the Vita with Persona 4 G(olden) so there is that. Or maybe some DLC? Time will tell more! Translation: (thanks to random guy at Youtube)
  4. Pier Solar and the Great Architects Download: INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Password: [email protected] Size: 424 MB compressed Format: CDI Tested on: PAL Sega Dreamcast with GDEMU Clone
  5. Time to revive this thread. I bought waaaay to much since the last post a few months back. But to keep it current (October) I bought myself for Birthday this Also bought myself a Lego set, this gotta be my first set since like 10 years or so. Is a Blizzard Gear Store exclusive
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    I mean if this isn't a reason to buy it even more i don't what is.
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    Welcome to NGR Enjoy your stay here ~Yukiko
  8. @thebigman707 Japanese dub (Voices) but the text depends on your Xbox settings. If set it English it will be English text etc etc
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    New Admin - RyouBakura

    Well welcome to the club I guess. Do not abuse too much of the power
  10. Or i totally forgot to mention that you have to use CWcheat to get it working Code is this one: (added it also to the post of the game) _S SLPS_02886 _G Sakura tetris _C0 Evade PAR Check _L D0016B58 0006 _L 80016B58 0001 _L D0016B6E 1043 _L 80016B6E 1000 _L D0018838 0006 _L 80018838 0001 _L D001884E 1043 _L 8001884E 1000 _L D00201C2 1044 _L 800201C2 1000 _L D00201B0 0005 _L 800201B0 0001 _L D00217C4 0005 _L 800217C4 0001 _L D00217D6 1043 _L 800217D6 1000 ~Yukiko
  11. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 UNDUB Download: [Hidden Content] Password: [email protected] Size: 3 GB compressed Format: ISO Tested on: Softmodded PS2 50004 with OPL from a 2,5 HDD
  12. @Ravenstorm Well it is a 8h day which is the norm here in Austria I do have a 2h pause so it ain't fulll 10h work. You won't really find many jobs where you work less tbh. But yeah i have like 4,5h free before i need to sleep to get up to work again. That's just how it is here you kinda get used to it and nah no debts TBH i was surprised that i liked it normally those Gatcha games have not much to offer and i dislike em. But here the mix made it perfect for me i guess, not to hard focused on the Gameplay simple but yet challenging in higher LV The story was the main part and how it is told like a VN and I love those. King's Raid tells me nothing i may have to check it out.
  13. TBH i am a bit ashamed to even say it but Fate/Grand Order As I do not have really that much time, work from 8:30 to 18:00 so I don't play so much under the week like i would and used to. But this can be played even on work plus it got WAIFUS But those fucking Saint Quartzes ahhhhhh you never wanna give me the SSR i want why? But there is one thing I swore to never use any money on the Gatcha and so far i haven't. Also Nero best Fate waifu UMU