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  1. It's just a little embarrassing since base game is exactly same dump. And regarding rules even if I made a mirror I must post it in already existing thread. So I think about editing original thread to add update & DLCs I uploaded on it and delete mine (making a better presentation on old thread). Another embarrassing thing is I already claimed reputation for it... anyway I uploaded Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd since and didn't claims reputation for it yet, so I'll just don't ask concerning this one, to balance it. EDIT : False, you're right ! We can keep both threads since my DOAX3 dump is from a scene release (need to add it to my thread) but AFAIK it has never been redumped, they simply release existing one under their team... Proof : ____ ____ __ __ __ __ ____\ \ / /__ __ __ ______ __ \____/ \ | | / \____/ ..___:_________ ____:_____ ________ ___:____ _____:_____ .. \\ __ \ \\__ // \/ __ // \__ / \ ___ // / / _____/ // / / /_______/__ \___// / ..// \ / \ / /// \ \ / // \ \_ \ / // // / / / ...//__ / \__ _/ \_ / \__ / \ __//... /___/ \______/ \___/ \______/ \______/ _____ : : : : ______ \___/ __ / P S i C O \ __ \___/ _ _____/ \_____/ \_____/ \__ _ Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Venus (c) Koei Tecmo _____ _________________ ___________ ___ __ /___ RELEASE INFO: \_______/ /_______/ Store Date...: 24.03.2016 | Filename..: psi-dxv.0** Release Date.: 11.09.2016 | Size......: 21 * 50 MB Platform.....: PS Vita | Format....: VPK Region.......: Asia | Languages.: Japanese Genre........: Titty Physics | Game ID...: VLAS-38124 (Cart) PCSH-00250 (FS) __ ____ ____ __________ ___ _ \___________/ /_________/ \____ RELEASE NOTES: ___/ The game takes place right know what? Just let those portable titties bounce all over the place, nobody gives a damn about the plot. ___ __________________ ___________ _ __/ \_ NOTES: ______________/ \__________/ This is the version from the asian region, which also includes english subtitles! The cartridge says VLAS-38124, but on the filesystem the Game-ID is PCSH-00250, so don't get confused when looking for DLC or updates. This game takes a bit of time to install, even though we used no compression, we don't know why it behaves like this. Also starting the installation is very slow, so you have to be patient. Time for someone to finally create a nude patch ffs -------------------------------------------------------------------- We also included proof for the following releases, since some of them were already available in the p2p area: - 10.09.2016 - Uncharted_Golden_Abyss_EUR_PROPER_READNFO_PSV-PSiCO WipEout_2048_EUR_PROPER_PSV-PSiCO Resistance_Burning_Skies_EUR_READNFO_PSV-PSiCO Ridge_Racer_EUR_PSV-PSiCO Assassins_Creed_III_Liberation_EUR_PSV-PSiCO Call_of_Duty_Black_Ops_Declassified_EUR_PSV-PSiCO Need_for_Speed_Most_Wanted_EUR_PSV-PSiCO Gravity_Rush_EUR_PSV-PSiCO Killzone_Mercenary_EUR_PSV-PSiCO Tearaway_EUR_PROPER_PSV-PSiCO - 11.09.2016 - Batman_Arkham_Origins_Blackgate_EUR_PSV-PSiCO LittleBigPlanet_PS_Vita_EUR_PROPER_PSV-PSiCO Borderlands_2_EUR_PSV-PSiCO Dead_or_Alive_Xtreme_3_Venus_ASIA_READNFO_PSV-PSiCO -------------------------------------------------------------------- To TRSI: From here on out, everything will be discussed in private, away from public eyes. There is no point in writing walls of text in NFOs in every pre. -------------------------------------------------------------------- And as always, if you like this game - please buy it !! ___ _____________ _______ __ __ \_____\ \_______________/ \_______ GREETINGS: __/ ECHELON - LIGHTFORCE - KALISTO - STRiKE - PROTOCOL _______________ __________ _____ __ ___/ \____________/ \__/ \___ PSiCO - 2016 _/
  2. Damn, why when I searched it on NGR, search function didn't shown me this one ! I reuploaded it for nothing... Well maybe not, seems like it must be an old update and there's no DLC on it. What should I do ? Adding my uploaded update & DLC to this one and delete my thread ?!
  3. [Read This Before Making A Thread]

    Seems like this one was out for end of 2016, first question : how do you know this game is 3.60+ didn't found any information, question two : how do you know this guy played this game on 3.60 firmware ?! oO Except this, Vita Queen is right, hackers & developers from PSVita scene will tell you the same, even today. Except World Of Final Fantasy & Tokyo Xanadu I don't see any 3.60+ games working (concerning Final Fantasy I think it was about using another region assets on v1.00 but I think update was 3.60, already saw that on PS3 and concerning Tokyo Xanadu they used english files from 3.60+ US version to patch japan version).
  4. MAI Dump of Soul Sacrifice Delta

    I think DLC is about Japanese voice pack cause it's the only one I have on "my" VT2.0 dump.
  5. Obsolete method moved to junkyard !
  6. You're not forced to install using VPKs, and it's not the best option anymore since it always required double space. You can simply extract VPK files into a GameID folder just like MaidumpTool works. This way you can simply install it using Mai or VitaShell's install folder function (into more menu). It's faster and don't need to have double space available.
  7. I think you find your answer... since you did things correctly... SD card itself must be the issue.
  8. Ok I don't see any mistake concerning what you are doing. I presume it was a brand new SD card, you formatted it to exFAT using Linux or you've injected zzblank.img on it first under Windows ?! What about SD card capacity once it's formatted ? Ultimately do you have a link to where you bought that SD card please ?
  9. RedTwinTails Exposed

    Damn, seems like I missed something
  10. Did you activated unsafe mode for homebrews and all that stuff installation ? Which VitaShell's version are you using ? How do you send VPK to Vita ?
  11. Got mine a little while ago (from a friend on a french forum that make it himself) now you can easily find CG2SD adapter on many commercial places (like ebay or even AliExpress). It can now be really cheap cause Chinese entered the dance. Anyway if you know about shop on AliExpress, some are just factory store that produce it themself and it's not necessarily bad quality !
  12. Thanks, I'm still working on it, there's a lot of stuff to add ! Actually doing plugins and already added many of them but there's still plenty !
  13. Megathread for PSVita HENkaku ! HENkaku: HENkaku: HomebrewENabler by Team Molecule. taiHEN: Advanced HEN which brings kernel access & plugins support by yifanlu. Ensō : Custom FirmWare by Team Molecule. Homebrews Showcase: Various homebrews links and sources. HENkaku Offline Installer: HENkaku Exploit without internet connection by xyzz. HENkaku Android Server: HENkaku Exploit using Android device by codestation. Plugins: PNGShot: Make screenshots great again by xyzz. GameSD: Drivers for SD to GameCard adapter, mounting SD as ux0: partition by xyzz. uo_gameSD: Drivers for SD to GameCard adapter, mounting SD as uma0: partition by xyzz & SonryP. Usbmc: USB storage support. If loaded on startup using Ensō , it will automatically mount the PSTV's USB storage as ux0 by Yifanlu. Vita Netcheck Bypass: Plugin to bypass PSN login by Yifanlu. Download Enabler: Allows to download any files from the web browser to ux0:download by TheFlow. Amphetamin: Official CPU/GPU Overclocking by TheFlow. Better Amphetamin: Unofficial Amphetamin by BeatPlay. uo_amphetamin: Unofficial Amphetamin by Rinnegatamante. rinCheat: Multifunction Plugin by Rinnegatamante. TrackPlug: Playtime tracker by Rinnegatamante. TurboPad: RapidFire by Rinnegatamante. Framecounter: FPS counter by Rinnegatamante. Screenie: HD screenshots by Rinnegatamante. Kuio: Kernel-User bridge for basic I/O operations by Rinnegatamante. BrownNoise: Anti-standby for susceptible audio devices by Rinnegatamante. Autoboot: Launch an app on HENkaku startup by Rinnegatamante. InfiniteNet: Prevent games from disabling net features by Rinnegatamante. TouchRemap: Allows both touchpad remap by Rinnegatamante. WDNR: Reartouch pad disabler by Rinnegatamante. WDNF: Fronttouch pad disabler by Rinnegatamante & EchoDev. OClockVita: Another Overclocking Plugin by frangarcj. ButtonSwap: Swap X and O buttons by Scorpeg. FakeCamera: Fakes invalid camera calls in order to avoid some crashes for some titles on PlayStation TV by OperationNT414C. ShellSecBat: Displays seconds and battery percent in status bar by OperationNT414C. PSV-VSH-Menu: A VSH menu by joel16. PSV-VSH-Recovery-Menu: A VSH Recovery menu by joel16. Viimote: Allows you to control your Vita with a WiiMote by xerpi. DS3Vita Beta: Allows you to control your Vita with a Dual Shock 3 by xerpi. DS4Vita: Allows you to control your Vita with a Dual Shock 4 by xerpi. NoLed: Turn off the blue home button led by rereprep. NoSleep: Disables the sleep timer by rereprep. AdrBubbleBooter: Directly boot any game from any PSP Bubble in livearea by Leecherman. Hardware Homebrews: Battery Indicator: More accurate battery indicator by Ruben_Wolfe. VITAident: Hardware identification tool by joel16. VitaTester: A simple homebrew for testing the input data by SMOKE5. VitaScreenFlasher: Fixes stuck pixels via PSTV & Vita 2k by SMOKE5. Vita Hardware Test: Buttons/Screen/Sound tester by ifrit05. Apps Homebrews: MaiDumpTool: Chinese games dumper tool by BeniYukiMai. MaiDumpToolEN: English translated by LioMajor. Vitamin: Games dumper tool by Team FreeK. VitaShell: File manager for PS Vita HENkaku by TheFlow. VitaShellMod: Modded VitaShell with more functionalities by BenMitNick. VitaBooks: Manual/Book reader for PNG format by BenMitNick. Vita Plugins Manager: Plugins manager for Vitamin/Mai dumps by NeoLTK. ePSP Bubble Installer: A tool that quickly install a mini ePSP bubble for Adrenaline or ARK by CelesteBlue. Adrenaline EasyInstaller: An EasyInstaller for TheFlow's 6.61 Adrenaline eCFW by Freakler. Adrenaline Bubble Manager: A tool to create and organize your direct adrenaline bubbles by ONEluaTeam. ARK Fast for 3.60: Gives you opportunity to easily & quickly install ARK-2 on a previously installed PSP game by ONEluaTeam. ONEMenu VFinal: A GUI that can be used for ARK on PSVita by gdljjrod. ONEMenu Translations: French, Italian & Spanish translations for ONEMenu by ONEluaTeam. ONEtranslate: An application written in "ONElua" and supported by the well-known "Google translate" service to translate texts directly into the console by ONEluaTeam. PSTV WhiteLister: Enable compatibility for all Vita games on PS TV, ported by Kankertje. AntiBlacklist: Advanced whitelister homebrew by Rinnegatamante. VitaPad: Transform PSVita into PC controller by Rinnegatamante. EasyRPG Vita Nightly: RPG Maker 2k/2k3 player, ported by Rinnegatamante. Lua Player Plus: First Lua interpreter by Rinnegatamante. Vita Object Loader: 3D Model Viewer by Rinnegatamante. RayCast3D Engine: 3D game engine for Lua Player Plus by Rinnegatamante. LuaIRC: IRC client by Rinnegatamante. OpenSyobon Vita: A port of Syobon Action based on the 3DS port of OpenSyobon by Rinnegatamante. AccountSwitcher: Switch between your PSN accounts by elpendor. Vita Moonlight: Stream STEAM games on PSVita, ported by xyzz Button Swapper: Swap X/O button assignment by xyzz. MemcardSwap: Swap memory cards with another Vita or PSTV by SMOKE5. Vita Toolbox: Multifunction app by Orion Vita CID: Get your PSVita Console ID by tomtomdu80 Reboot shortcut: A quick way to reboot the system by luck Vita Restart: Another way to reboot system using a safe VPK by devnoname120. Vita Save Manager: Dump & restore decrypted savefile by d3m3vilurr. Simple Text Editor: A simple text editor by jakibaki. History Deleter: Delete Vita game & error history by KanadeEngel. Vita Game Manager: Allows you to manage and install games onto the PSVita from Windows by HexPang. VPKShrink: This program is able to use FTP to install your VPKs while using the minimum space possible, by HaiHakkuIku. VPKEditor: Customize VPK files by Qberty. VPKViewer: A tool that view VPK contents in details and much more by Leecherman. VitaOrganizer: Desktop tool for listing and uploading games and homebrew applications by soywiz. QCMA: CMA Replacement by codestation. PSVita DB Theme Installer 360 Edition: Simplify installation of LiveArea custom themes in your app.db file, by redsquirrel87. Custom Theme Manager: A simple application that allow you to fully manage custom themes by redsquirrel87. rinCheat Assistant: A tool to assist with making your cheat file for Rinnegatamante's rinCheat by Red7s. The Binding of Isaac PC > Console Mod Converter: Convert Binding Of Isaac Mods from PC to PSVita by ItsDeidara. Games Homebrews: VitaDoom: Doom ported by xyzz. Labyrinth 3D: Maze solving game in real 3D by Rinnegatamante. VitaWolfen: Wolfenstein 3D ported by Rinnegatamante. VitaQuake: Quake ported by Rinnegatamante. VitaHexen II: Hexen II ported by Rinnegatamante. Vita Sudoku: Sudoku game by Rinnegatamante. 4Rows: Connect4 game by Rinnegatamante. VitaWanted: Wanted! clone by Rinnegatamante. Minicraft: Minicraft ported by Rinnegatamante. Jelly Car: A great 2d game with soft body physics, ported by Drakon. BattleShip Arena: A classic "Sea Fight or Sea Battle" game by DesiRED. TextQuest: A simple Vita choose your own adventure text game by joshaxey. Milie Tetris: Just a Tetris clone by Guidobot. Minesweeper: Classic Minesweeper game by LeeStorm. SpiderVita: Kind of Solitaire game by LeeStorm. Doggytwicevt: Logical game like Lights-Out by LeeStorm. NumptyPhysics: NumptyPhysics ported by meetpatty. Vita FlappyBird: Famous obstacles game ported by yukkurisinai. FlppyBird: Famous obstacles game ported by gambikules. Another World Vita: Another World ported by enriquesomolinos. Reminiscence Vita: Flashback ported by enriquesomolinos. SDLPoP Vita: Prince Of Persia ported by usineur. vOpenTyrian: OpenTyrian port by Cpasjuste. OpenTyrin Vita: OpenTyrian port by z80. BreakVeetOut: BreakOut clone by InvalidExcepti0n. HENdoku: Sudoku game by Kuni59. Flood-It!: Flood the whole game board by notnotme. PSP2048: A port of 2048 by dots-tb. ReverseMe: An Othello clone by TheFlow. Game Of Life: Game Of Life ported by Domis4. RejuveSnake: Snake game by Ruben_Wolfe. Tactic Miner: 2D action game by wonre. Super Hero Chronicles: Shoot'em up game by thesuicidalrobot. Chicken Launcher: Kitten Cannon clone with chicken by crait. VitaAirHockey: Air Hockey game by LaGaipaG. Pong: Classic Pong clone by NamelessGhoul0. Starfield Vita: A small endless game where you must dodge the stars by gnmmarechal. Emulators: Adrenaline 6.61: eCFW by TheFlow. AdrenalineMod 6.61: Modded Adrenaline for uma0 support & translated to French by BenMitNick. ARK Bubble: eCFW by qwikrazor87. ScummVM Nightly Build: ScummVM official support, originally ported by Cpasjuste and enchanced by rsn887, now merged. UEA4ALL2 Mod: Amiga500/1200 emulator, originally ported by Cpasjuste and enchanced by rsn887. PFBAVita Mod: Multiple arcade emulator, originally ported by Cpasjuste and enchanced by rsn887. mGBA: Nintendo Game Boy Advance emulator by endrift. HANDYVita: Atari Linx emulator by frangarcj. Genesis Plus GX: Sega Master System & Megadrive emulator by frangarcj. Snes9xVITA: Super Nintendo emulator by frangarcj. NeopopVITA: NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator by frangarcj. Realboy: Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy emulator by xerpi. DeSmuME-Vita: Nintendo DS emulator by masterfeizz. BasiliskII for Vita: Port of BasiliskII to the Vita, a 68k Macintosh emulator by meetpatty. Save Editors: Persona 4 Golden Save Editor: Can modify values to data0XX.bin file dumped from P4G by Fennec-Kun. SuperNova: Phantasy Star Nova Save Editor by cearp. Others: psvimgtools: A set of tools that let you decrypt, extract, and repack Vita CMA backup images by Yifanlu. Psvimgtools Easy FrontEnd: A GUI interface for Yifanlu's PSVIMGTools by MRGhidini.
  14. Why everybody is still using a Vitamain 1.1 dump, when there's a Vitamin 2.0 dump ?! oO Don't mind about region game is in English anyway...
  15. Attack on Titan EUR DLC

    Did you tried changing DLC ID to match EUR version ?! Yep you did it, sometimes it just doesn't works