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  1. About the new NoNPDRM RIPs\Dumps

    This one is only concerning Card games and it's a bit different than NoNpDrm, it create .PSV full images of cards. For now NoNpDrm still more interesting for HENkaku users since it can handle digital content too. But if NoNpDrm dumps are cleaner than Vitamin/MaiDumpTool ones, PS Virtual Game Card is making even better 1:1 dump than NoNpDrm for cards. It could be useful in the future maybe?!...
  2. Thanks for this one @Yukiko but I can't explain one thing myself: why does FFX dump doesn't show as hidden folder once extracted?! Seems like some dumps appears as hidden folder/files and some don't oO
  3. This kind of issue is new using newest VitaShell, you need to install patch using MaiDumpTool for it to works ! Don't ask me why... but something changed in VitaShell.
  4. Updated thread for a Mai233.2z2 dump ! But don't forget... NOTE: Installing update is taking a lot of time ! Don't know why but just install DLCs & switch load mode to 5 before launching game !
  5. TitleID: PCSE00405 Region: USA Version of Game: Base Game 1.0 Language: Multi Dump: MaiDumpTool v233.2zEx Tested in: HENkaku R10.2 Installed using : MaiDumpTool v233.2zEx Complete archive label : Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition v1.00 [PCSE00405-USA-Mai233.2zEx].7z NOTE : Not my personal dump, but tested working and label checked ! VPK has been extracted to folder.
  6. Could you explain ? When ? Where ? Corrupted when extracting it ? When installing it ? When launching it ? Just to understand where you're doing something wrong cause I tested it...
  7. Cool a zEx dump ! But I prefer keeping original JAP dump untouched, then I apply patch myself.... because sometimes patches can be updated ! It's more simple that way But I agree concerning some mods no way to find it anymore so we don't have other choice than having modified dumps
  8. TitleID: PCSE00588 Region: USA Version of Game: Base Game v1.0 Language: English Dump: MaiDumpTool v233.2z10 Tested in: HENkaku R10.2 Installed using: MaiDumpTool v233.2zEx NOTE : Need to be switched to mode 5 on MaiDumpTool for DLCs support ! Not my personal dump, but tested working and label checked !
  9. For a more recent update + DLCs, just check this thread :