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  1. That's great. You can PCSB01011 EU version for this? I almost finish PCSB01011 and I want play uncensored version. Please ^^
  2. Touhou Genso Wanderer(english version) release last year and work 3.60 but english version can't find for hacked vita. I searcing but just have jpn version. Do you have english version this game?
  3. Ps2 Emulator for vita

    This is fine now.
  4. Any have ps2 emulator for vita? I want play(again) Digital Devil Saga on vita.
  5. I noticed. I just do not know how to use the program(NoNPDRM) ^^' I used only one program until that time(mai)
  6. Mai give me error Installation failed, error Code 80010016 Why?
  7. [Request] GOD EATER: OFFSHOOT (any/all of them)

    ge offshoot another game. No need activision.
  8. [Request] GOD EATER: OFFSHOOT (any/all of them)

    It another game(GOD EATER OFFSHOOT). Ow, I searching too but I only find this, "Buy 69 dollars disc set". We need more jpn materials.
  9. Dlc not working in my game. I did maidumptool>dlc>option 5 and installed but owner shop nothing change.