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  1. I have a dlc request. Available dlcs for [PCSE00990][US] version of Touhou Gensokyo Warderer.
  2. Night of azure is very good game and I played japanese. I search first and second game's english patch for vita. Do you have? ^w^
  3. LordCha

    request Night azure 2 english patch

    I still searching 1.game english patch.
  4. A Certain Magical Virtual-On PCSG01089 out now but only japanese. I searching english patch and dlc. Do you know? ^^
  5. LordCha

    Gintama Rumble English patched

    here; https://mega.nz/#!HrhBhbDS!M9t88KfgfhzbzurKWSgGaUPQUoEWz5PlbjIjdVnt1Qs Tutorial to apply English Patch:1. Download and extract the game and english patch from links below2. To apply the Patch, you must have rePatch plugins installed on your vita3. Copy the game, patch folder and repatch.skprx to your Vita4. Install the game like you usually do when installing NoNpDrm games5. Upgrade your game to V1.066. After you finish upgrade, open Vita Shell, locate repatch.skprx and move it to plugins folder, create it if you don’t have it “ux0:plugins/repatch.skprx”7. Go to “ur0:tai/” and edit config.txtbelow KERNEL put this line “ux0:plugins/repatch.skprx”8. Place/move english patch to ux0it must be like this “ux0:repatch/PCSG01073/”9. Reboot your vita10. Play the game
  6. Touhou Genso Wanderer(english version) release last year and work 3.60 but english version can't find for hacked vita. I searcing but just have jpn version. Do you have english version this game?
  7. LordCha

    Ps2 Emulator for vita

    This is fine now.
  8. Any have ps2 emulator for vita? I want play(again) Digital Devil Saga on vita.