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  1. [MEGA] [Phantasy Star NOVA] [TNW] [VT 2.0] [JPN]

    how did you download the english patch from arks-layer? i can't download it redirects me to a creepy page everytime i try to download it.
  2. Can i install this without the earlier version updates? Or do i need to install all the updates before i can install this?
  3. [MaiDumpTool_233.2zEx] Aegis of Earth [TNW]

    It shows error code c1-2765-9 when i tested it.
  4. Does anyone have the update and dlc? I only have the v1.02 update and i read that v1.03 adds digimon and scenarios if anyone has the latest update can u pls upload it? Thanks
  5. [MaiDumpTool_233.2zEx] Aegis of Earth [TNW]

    Has someone tested this yet? Is it working?