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  1. Ravenstorm

    ngr direct CCleaner Professional - (5.57.7182)

    Thanks for restoring the links.
  2. Never underestimate the power of a sneaky backstab. >:) We need a Pokémon Pirate and Ninja too, I think.
  3. Ravenstorm

    Hi Rom lovers

    Welcome to NGR, always happy to see a new face (avatar) !
  4. Ravenstorm

    mega.nz PlayStation BIOS Mega Thread

    Nice, trusted BioS shares are hard to come by these days.
  5. Ravenstorm


    I was looking at this place to get one, but they were quite pricey. https://www.pckeyboard.com/ I'll probably wind up sticking with the one I have for a long time though.
  6. Ravenstorm


    Nice, a Model M! I was wondering if you had one. I was debating over cherry mx, membrane, or mechanical for a while, but just decided to stick with the G213 Logitech KB (the glowing lights are fun haha) because I guess I'm a sucker for Logitech stuff. My entire desk is blue with their stuff now haha. If I had extra money I'd love to check out the better keyboard tech tout there though. I heard so many stories about mech being the best but I am so used to just squishing my keys down with membrane. I used a mechanical briefly in tech ed class, and I loved the very tactile feeling and loud feedback, but never was able to bring it home and test on gaming haha. Back then I really didn't understand what made the differences though!
  7. Ravenstorm


    Welcome to NGR. What's the rarest mechanical keyboard you have?
  8. Ravenstorm

    Self shut-down after Trinity (3.70)

    Seconded. Support for 3.70 seems slim at the moment, if anyone has a good resource let us know!
  9. Didn't we just have a similar topic like this? Seems redundant.
  10. I officially recognize that they are a useless organization.
  11. Old news, they been talking about this for so long aha. China already regulating gameplay hours though, glad I'm not there.
  12. I never managed play any of their games apart from the Walking Dead demo. I don't even remember what killed them anymore, the TV show? Ah well...companies come and go. Their resumes are great, so they will probably find work easy.
  13. I'm hoping to see the proof in the facts someday.
  14. Ravenstorm

    ngr direct Revo Uninstaller Pro - (v4.1.0 )

    I heard this is the best uninstaller program in the world. Never seem to be able to find a use for it though, since unfortunately I always seem to try it after the vanilla uninstallers fail.
  15. Finally some good news!
  16. "Quick, it's our only chance at a bigger opening night! Model swap the beady eyed with whatever Sonic 2.0 and then re-advertise it as a new film rework! Brilliant!"
  17. Yea, all the groups seem to have a different opinion heh.
  18. Lol not much to "miss" there is it, but yea the costume is imo ugly but censorship is uglier. Sony must really wanna get destroyed by Nintendo, giving up their game's original content for censorship political hawks.
  19. Oh ya that thing, wow, it lasted that long?
  20. A faster Playstation with no games? Please Sony show me exclusive some games..I don't want another dusty chunk of plastic sitting by my TV. In my opinion the Vita did better in the end. I used it a lot more than my PS4..and that isn't something I'm happy about. Most of the games I wanted were on the PS Vita and PS4, so obviously, I picked the portable option. >_< The only games I got on the PS4 were Persona 5 and Project DIVA Future Tone..the rest are all on the Vita or PC. *sigh* What motivation are people gonna have to buy a PS4+ game? Sony is definitely hinting the PS5 isn't gonna be cheap, what's stopping people from just getting a similarly spec'ed middle end PC to run games? eesh..
  21. Not like I could ever want or need voice chat on my modified Switch. I never use voice anyway, people just cuss each other out or don't talk at all haha..
  22. Ravenstorm

    New Admin - fixagel

    Congratulations Fixy glad to have you there. ^.^
  23. They have a decent release lineup (https://nisamerica.com/games-us ) besides Disgaea though, but I agree about their games in general lately. Disgaea 1 "remake" was a huge joke, it was literally just sprite and map swaps. Same dialogue, no new content, nothing new besides a paint job. I was honestly very let down with that release. in my opinion - No main characters ever came close to the original 3 of Flonne, Laharl, and Etna. One thing I mainly noticed about NIS lately is that their games look amazing, but lack any gameplay depth (Disgaea keeps piling on more gimmicks which became a chore for me in D5 honestly) and like @Fixagel said, rely too much on older ideas. Their dark twisted humor tends to fall flat these days because we've basically heard it all. It's not shocking/new/interesting anymore. The Prinny jokes are dead and gone, they aren't funny anymore. I still enjoy the games though.
  24. I like to use VMWare as a Sandbox. Good app in my opinion.