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  1. Ravenstorm

    Toxic Masculinity by Gillette

    Whoa it's the woman from Beavis and Butthead! Haha truer were were spoken though.
  2. Ravenstorm

    news Windows 7 enters its final year of free support

    My jokes never seem to come through.. oOo I need to be like those Elcor in Mass Effect and end my sentences with [Stated jokingly] more.
  3. Ravenstorm

    Toxic Masculinity by Gillette

    Not of this really effects me hehe. http://www.personna.com/ <--- Gillette's century old competitor
  4. I will always cheer on the little companies, so good luck to them. I hope they don't bomb this year though. I NEVER liked Steam since it's creation though. Epic Games has a less offensive feel to me. I get plastered with junk games as soon as I log on to Steam now, and it loads slow, crashes, loads tons of crap in my processes that I don't even know what is, etc. Meanwhile Epic Games is only one process. Steam chat is buggy all the time ,and the new updates made it even worse. I can keep going on why I don't like Steam but it stops there. Fortnite isn't my kinda game though, I don't like permanent death. I wanna respawn and get revenge. To each their own of course..
  5. Ummmm, yea...so a new Gillette ad. Pretty sure this is viral by now.
  6. Yeah I just made a cheap forum and the image host account is good forever. That's what I did. It's really easy to organize pics inside there. Been using it for 8 years very reliable.
  7. Ravenstorm

    discussion What TV Show(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    Wow CCS, I never tried to watch that one. Just finished Merc Storia, now I started with A Certain Magical Index.
  8. Used imgbox and servimg for years with no issues. Servimg is probably my favorite though. In my opinion imgur is crap (my reasoning is unimportant in this thread) these days but okay for on the fly uploads..
  9. No worries Flow already said ALL firmwares will be supported in 2019, so just hang tight~
  10. Ravenstorm

    news Windows 7 enters its final year of free support

    "Windows 7 is too good and people won't upgrade to Windows 10!" "I have an idea, let's terminate support for it!" "Genius!"
  11. Hey it's practically my entire SNES library. (apart from The Legend of the Mystical Ninja and Pop twinbee )
  12. UnEpic library, of like, 5 games... Gonna take a lot more than that to compete with Steam..they think just Fornite night will carry them?! Wild guess, but I think 90% of the people that have the EG launcher probably just got it for the free Subnautica.
  13. Ravenstorm

    discussion What Movie(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    I know, right? What a huge letdown that was. Not that I was surprised though, live action (alm0st) always fails to deliver. Recently watched some cheesy horror movie called The Curse - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092809/?ref_=tt_like It seemed like subtle anti pollution horror propaganda about not dumping waste into the drinking water or your cows will explode into maggot bombs! I was surprised at the credits when it revealed Wil Wheaten, a guy who I saw on Big Bang Theory (which I only watch with family when the TV is taken haha) several times.
  14. Yeah I tried to play this game so many times, but I always get bored because they made the Pawns so lifeless and meaningless. There is basically no real plot to follow either. I honestly wish they would let this old game die and bring over the MMORPG because it looks like it would be a lot more fun in my opinion.
  15. Suddenly he realizes she's Korean and...story thread?