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  1. Hello everyone, LLAP!

    Welcome to NGR! Hey, I learned something. [Hidden Content]
  2. This would be great for me, considering my Vita is already 3.67!
  3. gdrive Kirby's Dream Land [All Regions]

    This is the one true Kirby. No copying powers- just pure eating, digesting everything into stars, and puking madness. Great game that is not really hard, but has challenging enough gameplay to make you feel rewarded. What really drew me into Kirby games was the ability to fly forever. Kirby is the one Nintendo series that still interests me greatly. I always wondered why Kirby was white on the box and pink on another though...maybe it's the Megaman Syndrome. Oh, and I'm eagerly awaiting Kirby Star Allies. ^-^
  4. game What are you doing right now?

    I liked Rise. Singers are the best~ Watching (and listening) to Toki videos.
  5. What TV Show(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    Been watching the Victoria series off and on. Saw Ep 128 of Dragon Ball S. Finally getting to the end! Was sad hearing Bulma's voice in a new ep knowing her actress has passed on.
  6. Hi all!

    Heya welcome to NGR! I never understood the need to play native, but I can respect that! I'm always looking to get the best possible graphics and performance for a game I enjoy. This is especially true for the older games that can be enhanced by newer gen hardware. I just love to see a game get enhanced. Anyways nice to meet you and hope you stick around and enjoy NGR.
  7. Hello everyone!

    Hello welcome to NGR! I'm only into the gaming portion of the community and not the modding. Well, if you count modding games like Skyrim or something, then yeah. I am part of a translating team for the Vita though, but I don't do any modding per see, that's what my hacker buddy does.
  8. Good INTV V2.03 (Full Romset)

    Oh wow, my dad always talked about this system. I never got to try it out. Thanks!
  9. I officially welcome you back!
  10. What are you currently watching ?

    I'm on ep 127 of Dragon Ball Super now. Somehow each episode manages to be enjoyable even though the setting is so simple. All I can say is I was not really surprised what happened in this episode! I really just wanna see the ending already. I heard they will be wrapping Dragon Ball for good, maybe. The video games. merchandise, etc. are sure going strong though. Just started watching some anme called Death March Rhapsody while I was waiting for the new DBS episode. First episode was boring and so far it seems to be another anime about another overpowered guy (he is already max level with seemingly infinite cash, max stats, overpowered AOE skills, etc.) in a "VRMMO" aka Sword Art Online clone. We'll see though. I guess the schtick is that the main guy is a hard working no life programmer 29 year old, but becomes a 15 year old in the video game he was somehow transported to (or it could just all be a dream?). Will watch episode 5 of Killing Bites today since it just was released. I really like Ui Inaba (the rabbit girl)! The show really picked up with her meek personality to balance out Hitomi's (the honey badger) vicious personality. The main guy Yūya so far is very boring and has very little character, which is probably understandable for now considering the shock of it all, but I hope he gets tough later. My new routine is to watch anime during my exercise routines. It's more exciting and also more productive , I think.
  11. game The person above you is banned!

    ^ Banned for thinking everyone is food.
  12. What are you currently watching ?

    Watching Overlord II now. To be honest the first 2 eps bored me to sleep, but on the third it really picked up. Also looking into Killing Bites. It has a interesting concept with genetically its engineered therianthropes who battle to see who has "the sharpest fangs" (the best animal instincts), though it can be on the ecchi side at times.
  13. What Movie(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    @lutfimakotoI watched that one too ,before the Darkest Hour which ties in with it pretty closely.
  14. It works, but will crash if you try to copy certain old stuff from a previous version the new one. That's how it was for me anyway.
  15. game What are you doing right now?

    Reading what a "cinnamon roll" is supposed to be after @RyouBakura banned me for being one.