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  1. Ravenstorm

    Persona 5R Teaser

    Okay I don't think anyone guessed it would be Royal haha. Though with all the Fortnite Battle Royale stuff maybe I should of saw it coming.. Anyways, I guess it's just a new added character like P4 Golden. Not interested enough to replay entire game yet. Hopefully more than just an extra character.
  2. Welcome to NGR nice to see you here. Have fun okay~
  3. Ravenstorm

    Hello everyone

    Really welcome to NGR nice to see you.
  4. Ravenstorm

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Pizza chicken and pancakes, all in one bowl. It was 1 slice of pizza, a half a pancake, and 1 chicken strip. Was interesting. Oh, it was because I was given a bunch of left overs and I couldn't decide what I wanted so I ate a little of everything lol!
  5. I trust no companies to ever keep my identity safe, respect my privacy, or never flub on security..to be honest..
  6. I've been trying to upgrade but the upgrade method failed .. guess I'll have to buy it. soon "To date, we have only observed active exploitation against Windows 7 32-bit systems. " Maybe I'm ok? I DO need to update my Chrome though.. I don't use 32 bit windows 7.
  7. Anything is possible with the Switch, even if the game runs like crap (Fairy Fencer Advent is a newer notoriously bad port), it has a chance of being ported I think! Devs are flocking to it like crazy.
  8. Ravenstorm

    suggestion News Ticker That Is For News.

    I think this is a good idea. I prefer a current news ticker over the PC/3DS ticker we have now. I never use it. Not sure how popular it is though.
  9. Maybe Bow and Arrow. Anyways, not hyped. After Pokémon XY it was downhill in my opinion.
  10. Metro Exodus. Great game, I dare say it's my near perfect kind of FPS. (Half Life is still #1 though. That dark eerie immersion just can't be topped. Metro comes very close though.)
  11. I just checked it out and it works. Maybe your 7z is old or you DL was corrupted..I'm guessing the latter.
  12. If this is actually gonna happen, like I've been saying, they better add some new stuff to make it enticing. If they added the unreleased (you who I'm talking about if you are a fan) character and their content (with a whole new world too!), that would probably be good enough to make it more appealing. If it's just another copy and paste game with lame stuff like new costumes or "bonus boss, challenge modes, difficulty levels", forget it. I wouldn't waste my time. Especially with SMT5 on the way! I'm guessing everyone that wanted to play P5 already has for PS3 or PS4. I remote played it on my Vita before and it looked great, so I know it would be nice to have on a Switch. But playing another 150+ hours on this game a second time and have zero new content? I doubt I'd play it again.
  13. Ravenstorm

    news PS Vita Production Has Ended in Japan and Worldwide

    Now the REAL fun begins!
  14. Ravenstorm

    mega.nz Shutokou Battle 01 [NTSC-J]

    Wow, a PS2 game about cars, neat!