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  1. The emulator is very buggy and slow on some games. Best to take it with a beta tester attitude I think! Still, really nice to see it coming along!
  2. stack

    Wow it's on PC now?! Very nice! All Vita games coming to PC...I wonder if Moe Crystal will be. Would be much easier to translate then.
  3. Ahh yea the Zero Escape series recently caught my attention as well. Some of the best story telling I've ever experienced! I only wish it was more streamlined in the Zero Time Dilemma game instead of having to go through every timeline to get the full story. I loved the alternate ending experience though. I eventually stopped playing because a certain puzzle just literally KO'ed me. Some of the puzzles are REALLY long. They are really satisfying to finally solve though. I even consider myself a decent puzzle solver, but that game had me thinking hard on some of them.
  4. Lately I just seem to not be able to stick to MMORPGs ( I played A LOT of them, but WoW, EQ, and SMT Online kept me hooked the longest) at all anymore. I enjoyed Overwatch for a while, but to be honest every game feels the same - get to 99% and spam ults together and either ninja the win, or lose the game I think I had. I like the cart maps more, since they can keep things moving, but they tend to turn in to stalemates a lot, again because of ults. I'm not complaining though, I had more fun moments with ults, the game just isn't diverse enough for me. My years of TF2 and CS probably caught up with me just like my years of MMORPGs did, and I can't get into them anymore. Somehow, MOBA's keep me hooked though.. Right now, I can't say that I'm looking forward to any new games, except maybe the new SMT on the Switch that hasn't even been confirmed for my region yet. However, there is plenty of games I could enjoy right now. Current one being Dragon Quest Heroes II.
  5. tutorial

    Nice trick, but I'm always iffy on VPNs. I've been using the lazy way- leave computer on and it will download again after a couple hours. I was never able to resume with them before, but I can now, so I'm not as bothered. I can just download big files while I'm at work. Sometimes I reboot my modem to get a new IP also..
  6. Heroes of the Storm, Starbound, ESO (rarely). Other than that, JRPGs, especially monster catching ones like SMT and fantasy ones with half humans (harpies, cat girls, mermaids, fairies, ya know what I mean?).
  7. Thanks, as always, your feedback is Golden just like the game you came from.
  8. In my opinion, the dub is also worth it though, I mean who DOESN'T like to hear Steven Blum's amazing voice (as Gale)? The undub does have me curious though..
  9. I watched the anime of those, I'm partial to the fake tsundere with the bleached twin tails aka Michiru. Might check into the game..there's so many, I don't know where to start..
  10. Heya welcome to NGR. I'm a Sony fan all the way but I am also a Blizzard fan, so I play a lot of their games. I love Toki, birds, and anime / JRPGs with fantasy settings.
  11. Braveheart is such an awesome movie! Might even be my favorite movie of all time.
  12. Did RTT get caught sneaking chocolate cake from the fridge or something?
  13. Same thing happened to me with Moe Chronicle. Though my save is on Vita backup and I don't have anymore memcard bit enough to restore the backup.
  14. Welcome to to NGR forum, glad to have ya. Hope you enjoy yourself.
  15. Life of Pi. It was a lot better than I thought. Reminded me of a mix of Cast Away and Moana.