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  1. Welcome hope you enjoy Persona 4 Golden. I played Persona 4 but not Golden, I guess they are not much different yea?
  2. The video alone was torturous enough.
  3. Okay I won't ask. Welcome to NGR, nice to meet you.
  4. Well I "bought" Paladins (for free) to do a comparison to Overwatch. Long story short, I'll keep playing Overwatch instead.
  5. Welcome to NGR, looks like you will fit right in here.
  6. I heard this one was arguable the best in the game because of good diverse character development no lack of time limit. Oh, and because Platcha..can't argue there.
  7. I've been really curious about this new game from the mind of the Mana series. From the demo, I found the game looking to be very cute and fun. It doesn't seem to get deep with story or gameplay, but it's quite entertaining with its simplicity and is lovely to play, I think. The characters are all cutesy and sweet, which is a big bonus for anime fans. Just playing it helped get me in a good mood. Get the demo on the Nintendo E-Shop if you wanna try the demo now! More info at Nintendo: http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/ever-oasis-3ds
  8. Coffee with vanilla ice cream.
  9. Watched Utawarerumonu False Faces episode 1 to help myself understand the game better. I'm surprised they changed some scenes, which was, in my opinion, for the better.
  10. Played this. It's a cute game, but I got bored pretty fast. (Puyo Puyo Sun the favorite of the series though.)
  11. Game ran terrible on PSTV for me. Steam version was much better.
  12. @kent_kalelThe comments on that page even say it doesn't work anymore though.
  13. Oooh okay, I totally misread you. *bonks self on the head*
  14. @RyouBakuraPersonally I'm not mad at all, I found it very amusing but also disappointing. I'm sorry if I came off too negative. I'm negative when it comes to remakes and retro clones in general. I'll keep it to myself for now on since it's going to be a problem. Still feeling out the community..I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Please accept my apologies. *Bows*
  15. Working on a new character and going to try to learn how to pose for once afterwards.