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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles X UNDUB & UNCENSORED [Loadiine]

    Does this work with CEMU?
  2. Does PCSX2 emulator for ps vita exist ?

    It's funny since there are so many PS3/4 games on the Vita, but they never ported some PS2 games over. Then again it could be the other way around. Vita games became PS3/4 games to try to salvage their losses and try to get some profit from the unpopular Vita releases..
  3. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony - CODEX

    I got so upset after Chapter 1..because of [major spoiler]. Glad I "tried before I buyed" haha. I had a feeling it would be Danganronpa 1 all over again! They did good at killing my hope again! LOL
  4. Lets talk... Shiki [Spoilers Inside]

    When does it pick up? I honestly was falling asleep on first 3 eps. There was just so much talking and I didn't have a clue what was going on. Just talk talk talk talk.
  5. The person above you is banned!

    Banned for scary
  6. The person above you is banned!

    Banned for reading my mind. (maybe we should do the wait for 3 post rule thing)
  7. The person above you is banned!

    Banned for having more awards than me.
  8. Hmm I haven't updated my PS3 in a couple years, I wonder if I could to this. Sounds like a lot of work though hehe.
  9. Good start here. ---> http://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/release-date/available/vita/metascore Just make sure the games are before November 2016 because I think the cut off was after World of Final Fantasy. Most of the games on that list are before that anyway.
  10. I've been hoping for a new home.

    Yay! you have returned!
  11. 50% off and a free mount, might as well! $20 is basically all I can afford right now anyway, lol. Not much else I really want though..
  12. Suggest games for the Switch.

    For the future: That's when I'm getting Switch, when there's actual games I want.
  13. Dig Dug, Lode Runner, Spelunker, Boulder Dash.. Man, I've found so many fun underground exploring type games during my retro hunts! Ah nice, I didn't know Don't Starve was on the old Vita! I'll give it a try and pick it up on Steam if I like it. I've tried a lot of games this month, but they all got boring fast. Zwei, .Hack GU, Nioh, Blue Reflection, and Nights of Azure 2. Nights 2 was probably the most fun out of all of them, but it pushes its "pseudo-romance" system way too much for my liking. I have a hard time playing anything that isn't online multiplayer for some reason.
  14. I'm REALLY curious about Don't Starve, though I already did spoil the ending for myself. I agree they always for some reason go for a crazy art style that keeps me doubting if I'd like it, despite seeing very interesting gameplay. I enjoyed Minecraft, but not Terraria. MC eventually got boring though because once you learn how to survive, it never really changes. Most people just hole up in a house and build giant structures. My 3DS is collecting dust. I'm still miffed about Pokémon Ultra SM since I already have Sun. I don't wanna do it over again..I wish it had a speed button. Vita still getting a lot of use since I watch DB Super almost every day on it.