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  1. Oh ya that thing, wow, it lasted that long?
  2. A faster Playstation with no games? Please Sony show me exclusive some games..I don't want another dusty chunk of plastic sitting by my TV. In my opinion the Vita did better in the end. I used it a lot more than my PS4..and that isn't something I'm happy about. Most of the games I wanted were on the PS Vita and PS4, so obviously, I picked the portable option. >_< The only games I got on the PS4 were Persona 5 and Project DIVA Future Tone..the rest are all on the Vita or PC. *sigh* What motivation are people gonna have to buy a PS4 game? Sony is definitely hinting the PS5 isn't gonna be cheap, what's stopping people from just getting a similarly spec'ed middle end PC to run games? eesh..
  3. Not like I could ever want or need voice chat on my modified Switch. I never use voice anyway, people just cuss each other out or don't talk at all haha..
  4. Ravenstorm

    New Admin - fixagel

    Congratulations Fixy glad to have you there. ^.^
  5. They have a decent release lineup (https://nisamerica.com/games-us ) besides Disgaea though, but I agree about their games in general lately. Disgaea 1 "remake" was a huge joke, it was literally just sprite and map swaps. Same dialogue, no new content, nothing new besides a paint job. I was honestly very let down with that release. in my opinion - No main characters ever came close to the original 3 of Flonne, Laharl, and Etna. One thing I mainly noticed about NIS lately is that their games look amazing, but lack any gameplay depth (Disgaea keeps piling on more gimmicks which became a chore for me in D5 honestly) and like @Fixagel said, rely too much on older ideas. Their dark twisted humor tends to fall flat these days because we've basically heard it all. It's not shocking/new/interesting anymore. The Prinny jokes are dead and gone, they aren't funny anymore. I still enjoy the games though.
  6. I like to use VMWare as a Sandbox. Good app in my opinion.
  7. I had learned them all but the last 5 dakuten. Never moved on to katakana though. It's boring learning a language alone..I can never stick to it. >)<
  8. This makes me sad..I love the Disgaea games. Got them all, physical copies.
  9. Ravenstorm

    giveaway Free Steam Keys

    This is a nice deal, thanks for sharing!
  10. Hardware wise agree the PS4 is a beautiful system (even if the PSN Store is finicky and crashes for every little thing). I personally love the PS4, but the exclusive game library has been very weak.. so the Switch sadly has taken the role of my most useful console as of late.
  11. Animated Desktops are awesome. I use Wallpaper Engine. https://store.steampowered.com/app/431960/Wallpaper_Engine/
  12. Ravenstorm

    news Wanking Simulator Announced for PC

    If I downvote, I'll make sure to give more than double upvotes (which I did before you even replied), so don't worry about it. I'm still gonna react negatively to something I don't like though. Don't take it personally. I'm reacting negatively to the content, not you.
  13. Haha it's almost like they figured out what homebrewers were doing with OCing and did it themselves!
  14. Ravenstorm

    suggestion Switch Themes Category, please?

    Madcam3? I probably could make some themes too, but like Ryou said, the interest in themes might very low on this forum.
  15. Ravenstorm

    suggestion Switch Themes Category, please?

    Yeah makes sense to me.