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  1. Ravenstorm

    mega.nz Langrisser IV (English Patched) (NTSC-J)

    It works I tested it. Make sure you delete the last character in the password if you copy/pasted it because it probably copied the space. I copy and pasted it in Notepad and saw the space. Only other issue I could think of is that your WinRar is outdated.
  2. Ravenstorm

    Hi(gh) - I'm new doods!

    Yeh I landed an IT job but when they told me about the 10 hour on-call road trips (with my own car) to the state capital. If I'm driving 10 hours and working 10, how will I sleep? I gave it a few days thought and decided to decline the offer. It was a tough call, because the job was great, the pay was great, and the people were great. Driving is not one of my good skills though..:(
  3. Ravenstorm

    mega.nz Langrisser IV (English Patched) (NTSC-J)

    It should, but if it doesn't, let Ryou know. He's very reliable!
  4. Ravenstorm

    Mass Effect "Andromeda Initiative" Theme

    Wow this ancient post. Yeah it was a wallpaper but the person called it a "theme" and I went with that.
  5. Ravenstorm

    Hi(gh) - I'm new doods!

    @ElTacoDestroyer heya welcome to NGR ! Former IT person here, didn't work out though. I simply can't tolerate the long distance travel that seems to be required these days. I love the work, but I really hate driving.. Hope that works out for you though when you get better~ Video games (and Japanese anime) keep me motivated in life as well. I think your cat is real cute, I wish I wasn't allergic to them! Personally a bird lover here though. Now for the real question, do you destroy tacos because you don't like them or because you love them? :3 Personally love tacos! Just had them 2 days ago in fact.
  6. Ravenstorm


    Heya welcome to NGR @elbone138
  7. Wow how did I miss this game?! It looks freaking great!
  8. Ravenstorm

    mega.nz Omega Boost (USA)(Redump)

    I always forgot to see what "Omega Boost" was from this song, now I found out finally!
  9. Ravenstorm

    google drive Spy vs Spy [PAL]

    I played on the C64S emulator (supposedly there is much better emulators for it out there now though). I would say it's my favorite port, mainly because I favor the C64's sound chip over the NES version. This pro makes the game look simple, but the CPU AI can be quite brutal on max difficulty. There is also this island version which I enjoyed a lot too. The traps are a lot of fun on both of them though! I never played any other ones but these two.
  10. Traded some old games I had backups for and bought: Total price: $3 Picked the alchemist's story to start with, because he reminded me of myself. I'll tell ya one thing, let's plays do not do the 2D/3D hybrid graphics justice at all. It looks rather wonderful on the Switch.
  11. Ravenstorm

    Hey all :)

    Welcome to NGR "Vintage Gamer" lol You know the only consoles I never really had a chance to play were Saturn, Dreamcast, and TG16. I heard so much about the DC but never really could afford one and the emus never seem to get working. Anyways welcome and hope you like it here. (wow so many new faces today!)
  12. Ravenstorm

    This site is unreal!

    Welcome to NGR nice to meet ya. Do people call you Mr. Negative or is that just a fun name? :3
  13. Ravenstorm


    Heya welcome to NGR. Nice to see a gaming forum vet here. New fresh ideas are always great especially from a vet's perspective! @Badcam3
  14. Ravenstorm

    game A Never Ever Ending Story

    video games in...