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  1. I believe this was one of the last PS2 games ever made. It was definitely a great game in my opinion. It's sad that it was released when the PS2 was mostly dead already. Like all SMT games, the setting's mood, monster fusion/catching system, and bad ass silent MC was a lot of fun. The battles are quick and slick, kinda like a Tales of game. I felt my spine chill when full moon reared its head- THE HORSEMAN IS COMING TO KILL MEEEEE!
  2. After the first game's conclusion, I had figured this one would be darker. I haven't tried this yet, but the first one was definitely my favorite visual novel ever made. I had never finished one until Mask of Deception!
  3. Awesome guys, I would love to be able to play (read) this game. Then I could goto ANS not be completely ignorant!
  4. Welcome to NGR @maximumwarp. I got my retro fix, but they always keep a special place in my gaming history! The C64 era in particular had some incredibly unique and clever games. I was glad I was able to obtain the original C64 computer system (along with an official C64 monitor for maximum retro experience) from an uncle and experience it first hand! Personal favorites were - M.U.L.E., Mail Order Monsters, Racing Destruction Set, and Archon Chess. Others I remember really liking were Gauntlet, Jumpman, Hot Wheels, Boulder Dash, Pitfall, Montezuma's Revenge, Mario Bros., Arkanoid, Zaxxon, Choplifter, Tooth Invaders, Spy vs Spy, and probably more that I can't remember at the moment. Wow I forgot all about those games till I saw this thread! C64 was awesome and I personally think it was better than the NES. NES easily won the loading times battle though. . .
  5. The best thing you can do to speed up Citra is to disable error logging. I can run about 70% of the games at the max 30 fps after that, and the rest usually stick around 24 FPS. The newer games or 3D heavy games run kinda crappy on Citra though, since it's not optimized yet. https://community.citra-emu.org/t/lots-of-warnings-running-roms/992
  6. Hail #fellow_human.
  7. Very awesome you made me very happy! (I hope this one is actually in English unlike the Grisaia one that I downloaded here, which was in 100% Japanese still)
  8. Started watching Lethal Weapon. It's pretty good!
  9. mega.nz

    Perfect music to listen to at work then.
  10. stack

    Wow this game looks hard, like Nintendo hard Contra style.
  11. Posting because Ion+ awesome.
  12. I own the game is there a way to transfer my save to the computer?
  13. mega

    Yea the gifs worked fine for me. I just can barely see the "Info" section because the black text. Otherwise, post is awesome. I think I'll buy this one when it comes out.