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  1. @TheRadziu Thanks, so i guess this Mafia III 1.09 situation i have is an isolated case where playgo-chunk.dat doesn't need to be moved for this update to remarry properly and work
  2. @TheRadziu This is a bit long so please bear with me I have a question about repacking/remarrying updates to another base, so far i followed the procedure above "by the letter" and all of them worked perfectly for me, i did this on Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us Remastered, Gravity Rush 2 and other games, but there is one instance where this procedure did not work as it should, i thought it was because i was using an outdated tool or it was something else entirely, yet i tried combinations of the tools from gengp4 v1.7.2, gengp4 v1.8, Fake PKG Generator (pre-3.12 release, i forgot what ver. this is), Fake PKG Generator 3.12 hotfix2 & Fake PKG Generator 3.38, the game in question is: Base: Mafia III (CUSA03617); md5 - 981dbff4027c99d1f5d085c3fa5928c3 Update : Mafia III Update 1.09 (CUSA03617); md5 - 144d1b6dc7dae206a7429730159e601f If you do the procedure in this topic then run this game, it will result in an infinite "0% Installation" screen, i waited 30 mins to see if it's just slow and it's still at 0%, i tried this on all the available tools and the result was the same as well, then i stumbled upon a slightly different method, which is the same but it leaves out 2 of the steps: 6) Move playgo-chunk.dat from CUSA00419-patch/Image0/sce_sys/app/ to CUSA00419-patch/Image0/sce_sys/ and overwrite it 7) Delete app folder The procedure i used did not use steps 6 & 7, it was a gamble and i was running out of options so i did it anyway, then to my surprise, the game (Mafia III with the remarried update 1.09) finally worked, it did not even go througn the installation screen, it just went forward to the main menu and the DLC that was only supposed to work for update 1.09 worked as well So the question is, is steps 6 & 7 really needed?, or is this an isolated/special case where not moving the "playgo-chunk.dat" is necessary to make this proper remarried update? Thanks
  3. megumin

    Vita Game Update Checker Question

    Nope, i guess i'll just download all the updates and overwrite the oldest to the newest
  4. Yup, the game error'd on me, what a wasted effort lol!, i was hoping it could work since NPS doesn't label it as 3.61, the updates did gave a big hint though
  5. Do i only need the last link with the question mark or do i need to install the previous updates as well?
  6. It says Chinese in the language and it's the only ASIA one available for download, i'm guessing the subs are Chinese and not English, also all the updates says 3.61 so i'm having doubts now if this game is actually gonna work on HENkaku lol!
  7. ASIA SD Gundam G Generation Genesis isn't listed as 3.61 last time i checked, so is it safe to assume it has English?