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  1. That is what they claim but they haven't released the exploit so no one aside from two hacking groups can divulge anything about the exploit. Better to wait and see.
  2. If your vitashell says you account was suspended do the ff: Reboot, turn off Wi-Fi, change system date to any date, now you can use vitashell OR Don't change the date and use molecular for April 1.
  3. aljoriz Japanese Vita Theme Pack

  4. aljoriz

    Email henkaku r7/bluethooth Trick

    Finally tried the method and it hasn't given me the error, so thanks sharing consider me impressed.
  5. aljoriz

    Email henkaku r7/bluethooth Trick

    going to the browser and clearing cache and history will give you higher chances of non-failure or errors.
  6. aljoriz

    Snes 2005+ core: Retroarch questions

    thank I also learned that you have to access the retroarch menu by pressing R+L+start+select all at the same time. I would have been nice if they had a manual or a FAQ for psv versions. Thank you for the help, really appreciate it mate.
  7. aljoriz


    i think nicoblog has them on cia I tried following pliaelec guide but gave up damn ain't easy as psv
  8. 1. How do you properly close the rom (not via psv button and close the page) 2. How do yo make a save state and load the same?
  9. As verified on ... ger_works/ The day has finally come that PSN spoofing has been disabled for Henkaku users. You can no longer download the PSP Demo for use with Adrenaline. Edit: I do not use TAIhenkaku so I can't verify for that.
  10. aljoriz

    Gamer Elitists and The Pirate Heroes

    I admit I pirated The Wolf Among Us, but after seeing great it was. I am tempted to actually buy a copy albeit 2nd hand, just to show my support. On the other hand, piracy has help me by letting me test the game. Prior to henkaku, I would have purchased Grim Fandango as it was on sale. It is now back to it's original pricing, I have played grim fandango via maidump and finished it, a friend of mine who pirates it too via Henkaku derided how buggy and unstable the game was. If not for piracy, I would have purchased a buggy game. I know some people are elitist, even at our local 3ds group. When someone post a screen cap of Pokemon Sun / Moon they would say it was cia loaded, sure they call you for it but they are "jealous", I have to respect how people took the time to hack a system and is willing to share that knowledge. The bottom line if the product is good people will end up buying the product.
  11. aljoriz

    How to install maidump games?

    OP Have you installed the English version of Maidump