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  1. Why would you need a PC to do so? You can do it from the settings menu on the vita. Also, question. Why are you formatting if you're just going to move the stuff back anyway? Don't really understand the first part but don't worry about it cooking your vita. I've used it a lot on Minecraft and previously Borderlands 2. (Just pulled the bumpers and set them all to max). INB4 Shinobu appears and tells you oclockvita>BetterAmphetamin
  2. mega or gdrive pls i hope this request isnt ignored like last one.
  3. Use this: https://3ds.guide since most video tutorials are not up to date IIRC.
  4. ^banned for edgy avatar.
  5. Any Dark Souls and the real Black Ops with zombies, not the crappy one nihilistic made.
  6. Hi hi~!
  7. Welcome to NGR~!
  8. So positive~! Welcome, welcome~!
  9. I swear this thing didn't show up on search! (It's also not in the megathread~)
  10. https://nextgenroms.com/topic/764-everybodys-golf-mega-vt20-cart-c0-eur-tnw/ is ded, mai re-upload pls?
  11. White one is way too bright!
  12. Yeah... I still can't post in chatty! Someone fix this!
  13. So... like... this happened. I can't say anything on the chatty.
  14. Burger and a milkshake
  15. Welcome welcome~! Since you said you're social, I hope we'll see you in the chat~