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  1. Welcome welcome~! That english though...
  2. Gonna give this a try... thanks, Yukiko. Feels weird to read "Rared" though... reminds me of meat. Edit: dat tag
  3. No context.
  4. Monkey get spanked by Ryou... Why him and not me.. ;~;
  5. I started watching Initial D and I must say that the music is really good.
  6. Finally finished being evil twintails... probably should work on fixing my sleep schedule now... or not... hehehe~
  7. Cute~!
  8. Lord Val is a noob!
  9. I remember trying to use mineshafter a long time ago and it never worked... is this bait?
  10. Seriously... why is it always me? Don't lewd the twintails!
  11. I don't want to see another one of those squeaky kids on youtube or those guys with adfly. Mega or GDrive pls. No bully for requesting this game pls
  12. Pervert Ryou... since he can't get my twintails he does... indecent things.
  13. ^banned for having spam power
  14. Welcome welcome~! Since you like Neptunia do you worship Twintails Goddess~?
  15. ^banned for not checking your pronouns