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  1. ^Banned for showing your p!
  2. No. We can't play games released after 2016.
  3. Both of the Raidou games pls
  4. You guys better let this thread die...
  5. Welcome welcome~! Hope you have fun here!
  6. Thank you, Yuki~! Do you know if I can use a USA save from PoR to do the data transfer thing to this? (I'm guessing probably not).
  7. I want the one that works on dolphin... is where I'm playing PoR.
  8. But shouldn't it still be uploaded? For other people... since all the other links on other sites got killed...
  9. iso pls (why was the other thread moved to the graveyard if the request wasn't even fulfilled?)
  10. You can't just mention horror stories and not tell us any!
  11. You need it to share the same filename so it would be: back.mai (But the picture you want it to be has to be a .bmp just rename the extension to .mai) and it should show up. Here's mine as an example:
  12. Momia and some soda...
  13. Welcome welcome~!
  14. ^Banned for not playing the game that came with the Vita
  15. I was abducted by @fixagel