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  1. mega or gdrive. why is the gc section so dead
  2. the snes one pls k thx
  3. What did you eat or drink last?

    I've been eating a lot of fast food stuff so it can't be good but: Friday=pizza, saturday=cheeseburger, sunday=pizza, monday= sushi, ice cream and boneless, and today I had a cheeseburger, soda and a dq brownie blizzard. I regret nothing!
  4. A Niche Otaku Appears!!!

    Welcome to NGR! Niche games? I'm not really into niche stuff but to each their own!
  5. Why would you need a PC to do so? You can do it from the settings menu on the vita. Also, question. Why are you formatting if you're just going to move the stuff back anyway? Don't really understand the first part but don't worry about it cooking your vita. I've used it a lot on Minecraft and previously Borderlands 2. (Just pulled the bumpers and set them all to max). INB4 Shinobu appears and tells you oclockvita>BetterAmphetamin
  6. game The person above you is banned!

    ^banned for edgy avatar.
  7. Any Dark Souls and the real Black Ops with zombies, not the crappy one nihilistic made.
  8. Hi all

    Hi hi~!
  9. Hi all

    Welcome to NGR~!
  10. G'day

    So positive~! Welcome, welcome~!
  11. What did you eat or drink last?

    Burger and a milkshake
  12. Hello everyone!

    Welcome welcome~! Since you said you're social, I hope we'll see you in the chat~
  13. Greetings and salutations

    Welcome~! A lurker...? There's a lot of those.
  14. humour Famous NGR quotes

    Hentai baka Ryou!