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    All credits go to the anon guy from reddit who PMed me with files and asked me to release them for him Features: -Removed godrays & chibi faces, -Replaced body textures with 4K (4096x4096) uncensored textures (with no pubic hair), -"perfect" dessert bonus is untouched, -works on EU/US dumps. Known Issues(will be fixed in next version): -Crash at free mode Screens: [Hidden Content]
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    Translation info found here. Genre: Tactical RPG Size (compressed): 330 MB Size (uncompressed): 618 MB Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
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    Well even with Marvelous's decision a few days ago to bring an English version of the game to the PS4 and PC, we we still went out on completing the patch seeing as how we were already knees deep and almost finished. The RAR file contains the patch with instructions on how to install it, written by @happydance. You require the NoNpDRM version of the game, which you can get from NPS. This is the full translation and has been tested out thoroughly. However, we'd still like some user input on any errors, if they exist. ^Best dialogue, 10/10. Oh yeah, and a huge thanks for @TheQuietOne for putting the project together. Edit: personal thanks to the YouTubers that streamed the game, DRAGKUDOƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ and fei CHANNEL. Watching someone play the part I'm translating helps a lot. Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
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    Requested Title Princess Crown プリンセス・クラウン [Hidden Content] Archive Size: 529MB MD5: 8D70BF7BE8FC795F2E5C4572049F84D4 Disc Format: Bin/Cue Game ID: T-14425G Password: [email protected] When entering the password - type it in - as when you copy and paste you sometimes copy the space at the beginning and of course that won't work! Enjoy 😃
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    Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Nipples Exist mod has been updated and improved thanks to the anonymous person who contacted me on reddit. Features: -Removed any form of censorship - fog, godrays, chibi faces etc -Replaced all models - now they all have nipples & vaginas -Replaced most of 2D sprites - now you can see nipples/nip slips or nipples under their clothes. -1K textures -works on EU/US dumps. Screenshots: Changelog: Credits: [Hidden Content]
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    Requested Title Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru 心霊呪殺師 太郎丸 [Hidden Content] Archive Size: 458MB MD5: FF65A34FF8EF460B07188922C86F4DF6 Disc Format: Bin/Cue Game ID: T-4804G Password: [email protected] When entering the password - type it in - as when you copy and paste you sometimes copy the space at the beginning and of course that won't work! Enjoy 😃
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    RIPPED PSX GAMES 2.31GB Here are some ripped ps one games for your sh*tty memory cards The Listing of every title and their size is written below With sheep raider just dL a couple music tracks or somthn idk iL be adding to this list and fixing it too. These are all of the exact eboot file sizes listed below [Hidden Content] *Ape Escape, Front Mission 3, Spyro coming and many more!! .. just couldn't grasp my hands on them yet i have driver 2 ripped already and working. i forgot to put it in will be in next update soon
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    Requested Title Keiou Yuugekitai: Katsugeki-hen 慶応遊撃隊 ~活劇編~ [Hidden Content] Archive Size: 461MB MD5: D41C8BF0D7C939C8F8E8B54EE791CBDA Disc Format: Bin/Cue Game ID: T-6003G Password: [email protected] When entering the password - type it in - as when you copy and paste you sometimes copy the space at the beginning and of course that won't work! Enjoy 😃
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    Project Gotham Racing 2 Download: Password: [email protected] Size: 3,23 GB compressed Format: Folder XBE Tested on: Softmodded Xbox 1.6
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    Title: Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA Developer: Konami Publisher: Konami Genre: Rhythm Release Date: 2007/01/25 CERO Rating: A Songlist: Credit: hl1auz Download: [Hidden Content] Other Regional Versions
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    Persona 3 FES UNDUB Download: Password: [email protected] Size: 2,46 GB compressed Format: ISO Tested on: Softmodded PS2 50004 with OPL from a 2,5 HDD
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    Disc 1 [Hidden Content] Disc 2 [Hidden Content]
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    What are No-Intro sets? No-Intro is a group dedicated to collecting ROMs of older video game systems for the sake of preservation. Their main goal is to collect complete and accurate collections of old video games. This means no hacks, bad dumps, etc, only clean ROM files accurate to what was commercially released. The name "No-Intro" came from the early days when they used to rip out annoying "scene" intros that were sometimes injected into dumped games. If you want more information you can visit the No-Intro website. Difference between No-Intro and Goodsets The most common complete ROM sets you will encounter on the internet are known as "GoodSets". While these aren't bad, they have a slightly different goal and are usually several years outdated. Goodsets basically collect together as many known dumps as possible into one set. The good, the bad, hacks, multiple dumps, all there. No-Intro sets only include one good ROM for each region or revision of a game (usually one US, one Europe, and one Japan). In addition, No-Intro sets are updated frequently as new or more accurate ROMs are found. Basically what you get in a No-Intro set is equivalent to what was on the original cartridges. What are the numbers next to each set? After the Name of the set there are parentheses and numbers. This is the date when the set was last updated in Year-Month-Day format. For example a set with (20101126) was last updated on November 26th, 2010. [Hidden Content]
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