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    Pokemon Ultra Moon & Ultra Sun Decrypted for CITRA Download: (Hide is one so that N!ntend0 dosen't catch up fast on the link ^^) INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Password: [email protected] Size: 1,7 GB compressed 3,45 GB unpacked Format: 3DS
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    Touhou Project Mega thread By MobCat So yeah i have been sitting on this for awhile and have been meaning to post this since like august but life i am also meant to credit the person that posted the first 5 games on hear but i forgot who it was sorry anyways This contains all the official/main touhou games as of august 2017 All testing and game play screenshots where taken using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 installed in English i need to do some more testing on a Japanese install of windows to see if it fixes some of the bugs I'm having that are listed below All screenshots where taken from a English patch version of the game where possible its not that I'm a dirty heathen that cant read that much Japanese its just they seem to run better on my pc for the most part And wherever possible all version of touhou where tested running in windowed mode (960x720) except for the later games that run native 1280x960 without stretching or the widescreen venture for the fighting games (1280x720) The trainers game with the games when i downloaded them for the ones that worked i saw no real harm in leaving them in this pack [Touhou 01 - Highly Responsive to Prayers] Screenshots Must use a PC-86 Emulator to run use anex86 linked below to fix the fonts Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFaVJnYlowR010b2c MEGA https://mega.nz/#!xo0zSToA!KlmpyKccOxzi3bkjDICidG1e3XZ3_vZUIS5X64pR7Bs [Touhou 02 - The Story of Eastern Wonderland] Screenshots Must use a PC-86 Emulator to run use anex86 linked below to fix the fonts Download link GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFVFF0WDZXMno2Z28 MEGA https://mega.nz/#!MkNlRRQK!upP8WmR19qZxVTNASsy412BOYGDWgJqwSvk6GQOZMEc [Touhou 03 - Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream] Screenshots Must use a PC-86 Emulator to run use anex86 linked below to fix the fonts Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFLW1uVEoyWl9kbVU MEGA https://mega.nz/#!Z0slFTjL!nZtHR4dtir3pbx9sSpHGowGuMiY9iyf9LqiifSt21kA [Touhou 04 - Lotus Land Story] Screenshots Must use a PC-86 Emulator to run use anex86 linked below to fix the fonts Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFYXlTZmlaZ3dEWFk MEGA https://mega.nz/#!JtF3iTrA!fVlWU1gSTieRlAdnkykKl6YKhU7BEQu4kidm6Uzs7aU [Touhou 05 - Mystic Square] Screenshots Must use a PC-86 Emulator to run use anex86 linked below TH5 Mystic Square .hdi contains version 1.01 of the game Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFWjVKX1NMMHVwVUk MEGA https://mega.nz/#!JhlgRa7b!720YtYrxmQHSKxBKXmc6Lk6ecZXQfdWbAE_Gbfv2Et0 [PC-86 Emulator] https://mega.nz/#!l1VhmQDa!xNJH7AKFZEhCnkLI38PI-j_xSjD-qAl2i7x4XV02xXY https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PWVbeDVL8gjnSN32JBZo1W8kscoCb5xL How to set up Emulator https://i.imgur.com/O3SqGPw.png [Touhou 06 - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Re texture and hitbox mod)] th06e.exe is version 1.02 with English patch ver 0.8, Re-texture Patch Ver 0.3 and Hitbox patch ver 0.1 eosd.exe is the original game with no patch but its broken on English windows can't find the files in the data in its data path as the exe is expecting kana in the file path and all English windows gives it is ASCII jargon Screenshots Game barely runs on windows 7 you need do run it in full screen with compatibility mode to do that delete th06e.cfg and “Œ•ûg–‚‹½.cfg if you have them then right click on th06e.exe and go to properties then the compatibility tab the check the Run this program in compatibility mode for: checkbox and then in the drop down menu select Windows 05 then in the settings check Run in 640x480 mode then in Privilege Level check Run this program as administrator if your still getting screen flicker for your taskbar come back hear and also check the setting Disable visual themes Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFUTVES3Axd1REVlk MEGA https://mega.nz/#!hh0FmRQD!6EaYgRTSmDgxnaY561mekhjAMyIAXYu_yU8d1Qxy89Y [Touhou 06 - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil] th06e.exe is version 1.02 with English patch eosd.exe is the original game with no patch but its broken on English windows can't find the files in the data in its data path as the exe is expecting kana in the file path and all English windows gives it is ASCII jargon Screenshots This is actually the same as above however it has none of the mods except for the English so follow the introductions above to get it to run Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFQVBROV9GTEU2NFU MEGA https://mega.nz/#!Jl1F2RYL!aLL3HagYM0OZIdhYLYdCdDNUnXNkcr_4LoyXCtuP1mE [Touhou 07 - Perfect Cherry Blossom] Screenshots th07.exe is the original 1.00b version of the game th07e.exe is the 1.0 English patch version of the 1.00b base game Both versions work fine on English windows 7 with no extra faffing abort Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFSGV0QktKZDJFdTg MEGA https://mega.nz/#!M81CWTQK!88hweLcBfVNED5ynwVsB-6i9fV4HcssprqOj4V5fO5I [Touhou 07.5 - Immaterial and Missing Power] Screenshots th075.exe is the original 1.11 version of the game th075e.exe is the 1.1 English patch version of the 1.11 base game Both versions work fine on English windows 7 with no extra faffing abort Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFN1IzTzNEVGtVdjg MEGA https://mega.nz/#!w4NAGCwQ!2VDBMWgvgU0GUcs25tpsp33czj0wVax59TaR9x_upco [Touhou 08 - Imperishable Night] Screenshots th08.exe is the 1.00d version of the base game no English patches or mods hear Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFeGFVckdiaGVSWjg MEGA https://mega.nz/#!UlMFwRxD!1ECI6kL80kBf9ckFAacalKpJtbyb9bGU5sjNRoCjR6g [Touhou 09 - Phantasmagoria of Flower View] Screenshots th09.exe is the 1.50a version of the game th09e.exe is the 1.1 English patched version of the 1.50a base game Both version work fine however when you try to quit the game with the in game menu or with windows the game crashes if you click on touhou when windows grays it out you should get a popup dialog just click Close this program and touhou will close and and open the next time you want fine Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFa0Eya1VrVDdETk0 MEGA https://mega.nz/#!YsdClbBQ!0_oGiw6RI2SRLvEODqG9MVzJK6t6uB3_vOLmeOJyf1s [Touhou 09.5 - Shoot the Bullet] Screenshots th095j.exe is the 1.02a version of the base game th095.exe is the version 1.1 English patch of the 1.02a version of the base game th095 works fine but th095j dose not it gives me データファイルが存在しません error same sort of thing as Touhou 6 Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFOW9WVWNkbjNBYkU MEGA https://mega.nz/#!x8dSCJDZ!FAzvx8O6I_VQZ78jSryD9vYbnVeC_fFNQk6-VgoLbIU [Touhou 10 - Mountain of Faith] Screenshots th10.exe is the 1.00a version of the base game th10e.exe is a unknown version of the English patch applied to the 1.00a version of the base game Both work fine if you know how to find the version or know the version of this English patch let me know Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFOWV0dmU4alRXQVE MEGA https://mega.nz/#!l5kHUK6L!CwTswC5MkPkSPhY0U-44VUnt7X5v8VZ0PgkOTMIxFCQ [Touhou 10.5 - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody] Screenshots th105.exe is the 1.06 version of the base game th105e.exe is the version 1.1 English patch of the 1.06 version of the base game Both versions work fine Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFQ1hsLXRhOTlzZTQ MEGA https://mega.nz/#!189WCZ5A!Q0TwmIASM15Fsx7xTXbILVUYJ6d-K9u9N7QyzZ077f4 [Touhou 11 - Subterranean Animism] Screenshots th11.exe is the 1.00a version of the base game th11e.exe is the version 1.0 English patch by gensokay.org of the 1.00a version of the base game Both versions work fine Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFTTd4WVZjSGswWUk MEGA https://mega.nz/#!NtEwja7D!p3FcD37vQcr8S_ykEOv7z8fG39VVk8l5tIVmgLL-xuI [Touhou 12 - Undefined Fantastic Object] Screenshots th12.exe is the 1.00b version of the base game th12e.exe is the version 1.00 English patch by gensokay.org of the 1.00b version of the base game Both versions work fine Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFN1hSVE9Lbm50MUU MEGA https://mega.nz/#!15lBWBaY!nLrYqdk6yoJh7LiMypSV96U1IUgM7GuF1BDFsegGPKs [Touhou 12.3 - Hisoutensoku] Screenshots th123.exe is the 1.10a version of the base game th123e.exe is the version 1.1a English patch of the 1.10a version of the base game Th123t.exe is a +1 infinite Lives in store mode trainer for the 1.1a English patched version for the game i am unsure if its working as the first stage character sucks to much to do any real damage but the trainer dident crash or anything where happened soo there that Both versions of the game work fine Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFSTZIT3l0Wkc4cUU MEGA https://mega.nz/#!R1VnyDgT!57yjvIQLAqHuARXmle19gP6O2taT14Brj_AcI9lz6Es [Touhou 12.5 - Double Spoiler] Screenshots th125.exe is the 1.00a version of the base game th125e.exe is the version 1.01 English patch of the 1.00a version of the base game th125e version works fine, th125 dose not it only shows a gray screen and then crashes Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFdFdhVjk5Z25JRWc MEGA https://mega.nz/#!ZlkmUTgD!mB9kcTL8wrAkptHbo1sczSipcQqBKeCPOQVHAhHy2Ss [Touhou 12.8 - Great Fairy Wars] Screenshots th128.exe is the 1.00a version of the base game th128e.exe is the version 1.1 English patch by gensokay.org of the 1.00a version of the base game Both versions of the game work fine Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFOVl0MWN2Zm1DSkk MEGA https://mega.nz/#!VpMwXIbL!FKXC6hL1QEEOGwog7TYFH2cCriukmU6YVo4phWLYGTs [Touhou 13 - Ten Desires] Screenshots th13.exe is the 1.00c version of the base game th13e.exe is the version 1.00 English patch by gensokay.org of the 1.00c version of the base game Th13j.exe is a +5 trainer for the 1.00c version of the base game Th13t.exe is a +5 trainer for the 1.00 English patched version of the game Both Game versions work fine Both trainers work fine Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFNTJXMzl6VXVuXzA MEGA https://mega.nz/#!gsFXxCoR!dqoqug-P0XuyfTmAiZHRk56OFkN6JBXSE-H9CgMzcKA [Touhou 13.5 - Hopeless Masquerade] Screenshots th135.exe is the 1.21 version of the base game th125e.exe is eater the version 1.10b English patch of the 1.21 version of the base game or the 1.10b version of the base game with a unknown version of the English patch if someone could Clarice that be awesome Both versions work fine however if your running a English install of windows run the 'Kana fix for th135e.bat' file to fix the missing/broken kana for the things that haven't been English patch anterntilvety you can run 'Kana fix for th135.bat' to play the Japanese unpatched version of the game and all the kana will render corecley on a English install of windows I dont know if this is a bug or something to do with my doge computers and network but when in a Vs Network game the setup runs at normal speed but just after you get into picking a charotr and the fight it self runs at turbo speed and i have no idea why but TH10.5 Vs Network works fine added side note for some reason my 'Kana fix for th135e.bat' patch dosent run the game in full screen the game boots then emedlety crashes i think this is because i dont have a full screen verebel in my .bat script but out side of that i dont know or know how to fix it but dealing the system.dat file or booting the reguler .exe up and changing the game back to window modded makes the game compatible with the kana patch ageing Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFMEVhSnRrZ3JuN1U MEGA https://mega.nz/#!Bx1ATT4A!EzZj1XI6dOmMYyR-zEy05yETl8ybkk1eDg-tZq-AM-o [Touhou 14 - Double Dealing Character] Screenshots th14.exe is the 1.00b version of the base game no English patches or mods hear Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFNlI3c21IdU5kNms MEGA https://mega.nz/#!181mWCyJ!CadUPdlInlOhJV9EnWWVw9h1Q5pcUMZg7SBGH_gXhMo [Touhou 14.3 - Inpossible Spell Card] Screenshots th14.exe is the 1.00a version of the base game no English patches or mods hear Download GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFT2ZpR0pyVTZMXzg MEGA https://mega.nz/#!p8MHgLTL!08Lc7pzCi95qjjOsOMeJ_0LvcogJ84mY7ttFgvi_-fQ [Touhou 14.5 - Urban Legend in Limbo] Screenshots th145.exe is the 1.01 version of the base game no English patches or mods hear So we have a 'missing kana' issue hear where the game is trying to render kana and a English install of windows cant find the kana its looking for so just renders random ASCII instead we where having the same issue with TH13.5 and i did manage to patch that however the same patch dosent boot TH14.5 for some reason i left the patch in anyway incase it work for you if you want to run the patch just run the 'Kana fix for th145.bat' file i also made a 'Kana fix for th145e.bat' if you manage to English patch the game your self i do have a English patch for this but touhou refuses to boot after you patch it anyway if the 'Kana fix for th145.bat' works for you or you manage to get it English patched please let me know But outside of that the game plays fine its just a pain to navigate Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFWVdmaEhxQWpIUzg MEGA https://mega.nz/#!hsVBmJTZ!gGmPfSoGJEc-Isap7hGYWDgenVHYZ5TGBnYwBzkWL_E [Touhou 15 - Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom] Screenshots th15.exe is the 1.00a version of the base game no English patches or mods hear Game works fine Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFUExBWS0wZ19IZWs MEGA https://mega.nz/#!EpV2TBbA!PWXCEFv0hErRohkO0hpiVZWW1ARjQSy_xfUicJ7XNZc [Touhou 15.5 Antinomy of Common Flowers (Trial)] I couldn't find a full version of the game anywhere and according to the wiki its not out yet the files seams to be legit but that don't boot at all for me if anyone else is having the same problem please let me know and ill remove this one of the thread until the full version come out i also included the 'Kana fix for th155.bat' thing if that helps anyone Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00EFEHuM9SFSVg0V2JCRTlRT1E MEGA https://mega.nz/#!Yo9FQCjA!ATsoHpP8m3iZCGL8-2ZXuYoMF_EwrV-v8yrAZc4NsQU [Touhou 16 - Hidden Star in Four Seasons] Screenshots th16.exe is the 1.00a version of the base game no English patches or mods hear Game works fine Download links GDRIVE https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B00EFEHuM9SFenpHLWJld0twdEk MEGA https://mega.nz/#!o50gGR4Q!ban6hH-9tpaAJrwPxSsbgvflaPDxILYdt0mw6kZGKNw
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    Thanks for the share Can confirm it works on N3DSXL: -Deleted ticket and installed seed before install -11.6.0-39U -Luma 8.1.1-f6483ec -N3DS CPU Clock+L2
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    All credits go to the anon guy from reddit who PMed me with files and asked me to release them for him Features: -Removed godrays & chibi faces, -Replaced body textures with 4K (4096x4096) uncensored textures (with no pubic hair), -"perfect" dessert bonus is untouched, -works on EU/US dumps. Known Issues(will be fixed in next version): -Crash at free mode Screens:
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    IDPS Dumper (PS3 NAND/NOR) Following the official announcement of the PS3Xploit news (4.81 OFW Exploit), the devs behind the project have fulfilled the promises of releasing the IDPS Dumper for OFW 4.81/4.82 as this release is ready for the public. Now there is many more things being worked surrounding the overall project but this IDPS Dumper works on all models of the PS3 (NOR and NAND, note 12 GB EMMC will be supported soon in an updated release) and no reason not to release this tool. Since PS3 firmware 4.70 Sony had blocked flatz IDPS extracting tool (IDPS Stealer) and there has not been a known way to obtain the IDPS on OFW (4.70 +) consoles , but now this tool can now obtain your PS3's ID, which can have various uses, the tool has been confirmed to work on SuperSlim models by the team. . If you have not read the previous details about the PS3Xploit project, then checkout this official thread to get the firsthand information about this ambitious PS3 project. To get it Working ***IMPORTANT*** ***Do NOT Share your file with anyone publicly! It can be stolen and used to unban someone else's console as it's a specific console identifier, leading to yours being banned. You have been warned!*** It's essential not to flood the browser memory with junk before running the exploit. The reason for this is that due to javascript core memory usage limitations we are scanning several times a small range of browser memory (a few Mb) to find some essential data in RAM, if the memory is flooded then the range to scan becomes much larger & the probabilities that our data is found in the smaller range decrease dramatically.... So in short, never use the browser or set a homepage you cancel before running the exploit! If you need to, set the homepage to 'about:blank', close the browser then reopen it to start the idps dumper. Steps OFW 4.81 Download: HERE OFW 4.82 Download: HERE Setup a small Web server on pc or smartphone. The Python http server is not required for most users, it was provided for developers. Since v0.2.3, all other extra requirements have been removed. Don't come to us for explanations about how to run a http server though. Google it. Extract the files in your http server root folder. Put a fat32 USB key in port closest to BD Drive (/dev_usb000) (***This is the USB Drive CLOSEST to the Optical Drive, on ALL Models***.) Open the PS3 browser & write the IP address of your server (and the port if not 80). Run until PS3 beeps & shutdown. The idps should be on your USB drive as idps.bin. Troubleshooting What if I get this ?: Answer: Add C:\Python27\ to the end of the PATH system variable. What if I get a "capstone" related error?: Answer: Download capstone from HERE, get CMD pointed to the folder you extracted from capstone ("cd C:/Downloads/capstone" for example) and run the command "python setup.py install". What if I run the exploit and nothing happens?: Answer: Keep trying! Reboot the PS3, re-run the exploit, and keep trying. It took me almost 30 tries before it finally worked. It Worked! But what do I do with the file?: Nothing! As of yet! Keep this file safe, as it could be important later down the road when the rest of the exploit becomes public. Thanks to Team PS3Xploit for putting this together! Without his work, we wouldn't have this! Stay tuned for more information and more exploits later down the road!
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    Nioh: Complete Edition Download: NFO: INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Password: [email protected] Size: 20,3 GB compressed Format: EXE Installer Text: Speech: 日本の, English
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    Been living on soft foods like oat meal, soup, and pudding since I got wisdom tooth pulled. I'm so freaking hungry and dizzy! I WANT MEAT AND DORITOS AND COFFEE ALREADY!! X_X *stomach growls fiercely*
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    What is NoPayStation? Its a superior way of acquiring NoNpDRM Games, DLCs, Updates, PSM games and PSX games without the need to rely on user uploads, as you download the titles themselves straight from sony's own servers. Say goodbye to MEGA transfer limits. Also, thanks to that you can be sure all the files are unchanged and do not contain any harmful code. NOTE: Games,DLCs and UPDATES need NoNpDRM plugin installed on your vita to work. PSM titles do need NoPsmDRM plugin installed on your vita to work. PSX titles need Adrenaline installed on your vita to work. Usage Tutorial(using NPS_Browser): 1. Download pkg2zip from here, place anywhere: https://github.com/mmozeiko/pkg2zip/releases/latest 2. Download NPS_Browser from here, place anywhere: https://github.com/jhonhenry10/NPS_Browser/releases/latest 3. Run NPS_Browser, in next window, set it like this: Game links tsv or url: https://nopaystation.com/tsv/PSV_GAMES.tsv DLC links tsv or url: https://nopaystation.com/tsv/PSV_DLCS.tsv PSM links tsv or url: https://nopaystation.com/tsv/PSM_GAMES.tsv PSX links tsv or url: https://nopaystation.com/tsv/PSX_GAMES.tsv PSP links tsv or url: https://nopaystation.com/tsv/PSP_GAMES.tsv Download and unpack dir: self-explanatory Any pkg dec tool: Browse and select pkg2zip.exe you downloaded earlier pkg dec params: -x -c9 {pkgFile} {zRifKey} 4. Close this window and close the NPS_Browser then run it again, you should see games/dlc/psm list and application should be ready to use. Installing Downloaded and Extracted VITA GAMES on your vita: Just copy /app/ directory NPS_browser created to the root of your vita and refresh livearea through vitashell. Its same process as you do with NoNpDRM rips. Installing Downloaded and Extracted VITA DLCs on your vita: Just copy /addcont/ directory NPS_browser created to the root of your vita and refresh livearea through vitashell. Note: You need the latest version of VitaShell (1.76) to use this feature! Installing Downloaded and Extracted PSM games on your vita: Just copy /psm/ directory NPS_browser created to the root of your vita and rebuild your vita's database. Its same process as you do with NoPsmDRM rips. Installing Downloaded and Extracted PSX/PSP games on your vita: Just copy /pspemu/ directory NPS_browser created to the root of your vita(ux0/ur0/uma0 - depending which one are you using) and run Adrenaline. You'll see new game ---- Usage Tutorial(using PKGi): 1. Download PKGi homebrew from here, install on your vita: https://github.com/mmozeiko/pkgi 2. On your ux0 create pkgi directory and then create new text file and name it config.txt, its full location will look like this: ux0:/pkgi/config.txt 3. Edit config.txt you just created and add this: url https://nopaystation.com/pkgi NOTE: make sure it ends with new line/enter ! NOTE2: Its parsed NPS database(vita games only), so its contents are more or less the same. 4. Run PKGi homebrew and let it refresh the list. Now PKGi is ready to use. NOTE: Dont expect high download speeds, it's vita's hardware limitation. How to contribute to NoPayStation? Please follow my other tutorial for that: https://nextgenroms.com/topic/6415-creating-nopaystation-zrif-obtaining-pkg-links/
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    For this codes to work you need the cheat plugin Vitacheat/Finalcheat. https://gbatemp.net/threads/vitacheat-finalcheat-database.485343/ NOTE: -The codes maybe different between PSTV and PSVita I think? -This is a NoNpDRM dump ------------------------------------------- CODE UPDATE: 10/21/2017 ADDED: -HUNGER METER -*ATTACK MAX -*DEFENSE MAX *For the Attack and Defense code to work and take effect: 1.Turn the Codes ON 2.Go to your Equipment and equip or remove the weapons and armor you're using. 3.Then just turn OFF the codes and see if your status is at max. -------------------------------------------- CODE UPDATE: 10/22/2017 ADDED: -BASE EXP ---------------------------------------------- CODE UPDATE 10/23/2017 ADDED: ALL ITEMS IN CHEST # PCSE00912 _V0 BELT SLOT 1 99 $0000 84AFA69A 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 2 99 $0000 84AFA69E 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 3 99 $0000 84AFA6A2 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 4 99 $0000 84AFA6A6 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 5 99 $0000 84AFA6AA 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 6 99 $0000 84AFA6AE 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 7 99 $0000 84AFA6B2 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 8 99 $0000 84AFA6B6 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 9 99 $0000 84AFA6BA 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 10 99 $0000 84AFA6BE 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 11 99 $0000 84AFA6C2 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 12 99 $0000 84AFA6C6 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 13 99 $0000 84AFA6CA 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 14 99 $0000 84AFA6CE 00000063 _V0 BELT SLOT 15 99 $0000 84AFA6D2 00000063 _V0 MAX INFINITE HP $0100 84AE333E 000003E7 $0100 84AE3340 000003E7 _V0 HUNGER METER NEVER DECREASE $0100 84AE3342 00002710 $0100 84AE3344 00002710 _V0 ATTACK MAX $0100 84AE3346 000003E7 _V0 DEFENSE MAX $0100 84AE3348 000003E7 _V0 BASE EXP MAX $0200 84AC85DC 0098967F Some Tips, Guide, Tutorial, etc. Always remember: most but not all games will always have the item value next to their quantity value. Just like in the Picture below, I mark the values with: BLUE: The Item value RED: The Item Quantity (This is for the BELT SLOT Code) Always play/edit/experiment with the values.... ------------------------------------------------------------------- Whooo! after hours and hours and hours of compiling the ID code of all items, I finally Give you ALL ITEMS IN CHEST Code. A Few NOTES: For this code to work you need to: 1.build a chest 26 total WOW that's alot 2.place them on the ground 3. activate the cheats and VIOLA Some bugs/crash/error I encountered: -When on Terra Incognita don't put any banner of hope in your inventory it will crash your game. It's only safe to take out in story mode. -In Chest 24 and 25 (Blueprints) only take out the blueprints specific for the story mode and Terra Incognita. -In Chest 25 and 26 (Clothes and Character Debug) Clothes are okay both in story and Terra Incognita. The character debug has error and can crash your game. You can equip it but it makes you invisible and when you remove it or equip another armor it will crash your game. _V0 CHEST 1 1-27 -HEX- $0200 84AFAB14 00630001 $0200 84AFAB18 00630002 $0200 84AFAB1C 00630003 $0200 84AFAB20 00630004 $0200 84AFAB24 00630005 $0200 84AFAB28 00630006 $0200 84AFAB2C 00630007 $0200 84AFAB30 00630008 $0200 84AFAB34 00630009 $0200 84AFAB38 0063000B $0200 84AFAB3C 0063000D $0200 84AFAB40 00630010 $0200 84AFAB44 00630011 $0200 84AFAB48 00630014 $0200 84AFAB4C 00630015 $0200 84AFAB50 00630016 $0200 84AFAB54 00630017 $0200 84AFAB58 00630018 $0200 84AFAB5C 0063001A $0200 84AFAB60 0063001B $0200 84AFAB64 0063001C $0200 84AFAB68 0063001D $0200 84AFAB6C 0063001E $0200 84AFAB70 0063001F $0200 84AFAB74 00630020 $0200 84AFAB78 00630021 $0200 84AFAB7C 00630022 $0200 84AFAB80 00630023 $0200 84AFAB84 00630024 $0200 84AFAB88 00630025 $0200 84AFAB8C 00630026 $0200 84AFAB90 00630027 _V0 CHEST 2 28-4F -HEX- $0200 84AFAB94 00630028 $0200 84AFAB98 00630029 $0200 84AFAB9C 0063002C $0200 84AFABA0 0063002D $0200 84AFABA4 0063002F $0200 84AFABA8 00630030 $0200 84AFABAC 00630032 $0200 84AFABB0 00630034 $0200 84AFABB4 00630036 $0200 84AFABB8 00630037 $0200 84AFABBC 00630038 $0200 84AFABC0 00630039 $0200 84AFABC4 0063003A $0200 84AFABC8 0063003B $0200 84AFABCC 0063003D $0200 84AFABD0 0063003E $0200 84AFABD4 00630040 $0200 84AFABD8 00630041 $0200 84AFABDC 00630042 $0200 84AFABE0 00630043 $0200 84AFABE4 00630044 $0200 84AFABE8 00630045 $0200 84AFABEC 00630046 $0200 84AFABF0 00630047 $0200 84AFABF4 00630048 $0200 84AFABF8 00630049 $0200 84AFABFC 0063004A $0200 84AFAC00 0063004B $0200 84AFAC04 0063004C $0200 84AFAC08 0063004D $0200 84AFAC0C 0063004E $0200 84AFAC10 0063004F _V0 CHEST 3 50-6F -HEX- $0200 84AFAC14 00630050 $0200 84AFAC18 00630051 $0200 84AFAC1C 00630052 $0200 84AFAC20 00630053 $0200 84AFAC24 00630054 $0200 84AFAC28 00630055 $0200 84AFAC2C 00630056 $0200 84AFAC30 00630057 $0200 84AFAC34 00630058 $0200 84AFAC38 00630059 $0200 84AFAC3C 0063005A $0200 84AFAC40 0063005B $0200 84AFAC44 0063005C $0200 84AFAC48 0063005D $0200 84AFAC4C 0063005E $0200 84AFAC50 0063005F $0200 84AFAC54 00630060 $0200 84AFAC58 00630061 $0200 84AFAC5C 00630062 $0200 84AFAC60 00630063 $0200 84AFAC64 00630064 $0200 84AFAC68 00630065 $0200 84AFAC6C 00630066 $0200 84AFAC70 00630067 $0200 84AFAC74 00630068 $0200 84AFAC78 00630069 $0200 84AFAC7C 0063006A $0200 84AFAC80 0063006B $0200 84AFAC84 0063006C $0200 84AFAC88 0063006D $0200 84AFAC8C 0063006E $0200 84AFAC90 0063006F _V0 CHEST 4 70-9A -HEX- $0200 84AFAC94 00630070 $0200 84AFAC98 00630072 $0200 84AFAC9C 00630073 $0200 84AFACA0 00630074 $0200 84AFACA4 00630075 $0200 84AFACA8 00630076 $0200 84AFACAC 00630077 $0200 84AFACB0 00630079 $0200 84AFACB4 0063007A $0200 84AFACB8 0063007B $0200 84AFACBC 0063007C $0200 84AFACC0 0063007E $0200 84AFACC4 0063007F $0200 84AFACC8 00630080 $0200 84AFACCC 00630082 $0200 84AFACD0 00630083 $0200 84AFACD4 00630084 $0200 84AFACD8 00630085 $0200 84AFACDC 00630086 $0200 84AFACE0 00630088 $0200 84AFACE4 00630089 $0200 84AFACE8 0063008A $0200 84AFACEC 0063008B $0200 84AFACF0 0063008C $0200 84AFACF4 0063008E $0200 84AFACF8 0063008F $0200 84AFACFC 00630090 $0200 84AFAD00 00630096 $0200 84AFAD04 00630097 $0200 84AFAD08 00630098 $0200 84AFAD0C 00630099 $0200 84AFAD10 0063009A _V0 CHEST 5 9B-132 -HEX- $0200 84AFAD14 0063009B $0200 84AFAD18 0063009C $0200 84AFAD1C 0063009D $0200 84AFAD20 0063009E $0200 84AFAD24 0063009F $0200 84AFAD28 006300A0 $0200 84AFAD2C 006300A1 $0200 84AFAD30 006300A2 $0200 84AFAD34 006300A3 $0200 84AFAD38 006300A4 $0200 84AFAD3C 006300A5 $0200 84AFAD40 006300A6 $0200 84AFAD44 006300A7 $0200 84AFAD48 006300AA $0200 84AFAD4C 006300AB $0200 84AFAD50 006300AC $0200 84AFAD54 006300AD $0200 84AFAD58 006300AE $0200 84AFAD5C 006300AF $0200 84AFAD60 006300B0 $0200 84AFAD64 006300B1 $0200 84AFAD68 006300B2 $0200 84AFAD6C 006300B3 $0200 84AFAD70 006300B4 $0200 84AFAD74 006300B5 $0200 84AFAD78 006300C8 $0200 84AFAD7C 1194012D $0200 84AFAD80 1194012E $0200 84AFAD84 1194012F $0200 84AFAD88 11940130 $0200 84AFAD8C 11940131 $0200 84AFAD90 11940132 _V0 CHEST 6 133-15E -HEX- $0200 84AFAD94 11940133 $0200 84AFAD98 11940134 $0200 84AFAD9C 11940135 $0200 84AFADA0 11940136 $0200 84AFADA4 11940137 $0200 84AFADA8 11940138 $0200 84AFADAC 11940139 $0200 84AFADB0 1194013A $0200 84AFADB4 1194013B $0200 84AFADB8 1194013C $0200 84AFADBC 1194013D $0200 84AFADC0 1194013E $0200 84AFADC4 1194013F $0200 84AFADC8 11940140 $0200 84AFADCC 11940142 $0200 84AFADD0 11940143 $0200 84AFADD4 11940144 $0200 84AFADD8 11940145 $0200 84AFADDC 11940146 $0200 84AFADE0 11940147 $0200 84AFADE4 11940148 $0200 84AFADE8 11940149 $0200 84AFADEC 1194014A $0200 84AFADF0 07D00151 $0200 84AFADF4 07D00152 $0200 84AFADF8 07D00153 $0200 84AFADFC 07D00154 $0200 84AFAE00 07D00155 $0200 84AFAE04 07D00156 $0200 84AFAE08 07D00157 $0200 84AFAE0C 03E8015D $0200 84AFAE10 03E8015E _V0 CHEST 7 15F-193 -HEX- $0200 84AFAE14 03E8015F $0200 84AFAE18 03E80160 $0200 84AFAE1C 03E80161 $0200 84AFAE20 03E80162 $0200 84AFAE24 01F40163 $0200 84AFAE28 07D00169 $0200 84AFAE2C 07D0016A $0200 84AFAE30 07D0016B $0200 84AFAE34 07D0016C $0200 84AFAE38 07D0016D $0200 84AFAE3C 07D0016E $0200 84AFAE40 07D0016F $0200 84AFAE44 03E80170 $0200 84AFAE48 00630176 $0200 84AFAE4C 00630177 $0200 84AFAE50 00630178 $0200 84AFAE54 00630179 $0200 84AFAE58 0063017A $0200 84AFAE5C 0063017B $0200 84AFAE60 0063017C $0200 84AFAE64 0063017D $0200 84AFAE68 0063017E $0200 84AFAE6C 0063017F $0200 84AFAE70 00630180 $0200 84AFAE74 00630181 $0200 84AFAE78 00630183 $0200 84AFAE7C 00630184 $0200 84AFAE80 00630185 $0200 84AFAE84 07D0018B $0200 84AFAE88 00630191 $0200 84AFAE8C 00630192 $0200 84AFAE90 00630193 _V0 CHEST 8 194-1BD -HEX- $0200 84AFAE94 00630194 $0200 84AFAE98 00630195 $0200 84AFAE9C 00630196 $0200 84AFAEA0 00630197 $0200 84AFAEA4 00630198 $0200 84AFAEA8 0063019A $0200 84AFAEAC 0063019C $0200 84AFAEB0 0063019D $0200 84AFAEB4 0063019E $0200 84AFAEB8 0063019F $0200 84AFAEBC 006301A0 $0200 84AFAEC0 006301A1 $0200 84AFAEC4 006301A2 $0200 84AFAEC8 006301A3 $0200 84AFAECC 006301A6 $0200 84AFAED0 006301A7 $0200 84AFAED4 006301A9 $0200 84AFAED8 006301AA $0200 84AFAEDC 006301AB $0200 84AFAEE0 006301AF $0200 84AFAEE4 006301B0 $0200 84AFAEE8 006301B1 $0200 84AFAEEC 006301B3 $0200 84AFAEF0 006301B4 $0200 84AFAEF4 006301B5 $0200 84AFAEF8 006301B6 $0200 84AFAEFC 006301B7 $0200 84AFAF00 006301B8 $0200 84AFAF04 006301BA $0200 84AFAF08 006301BB $0200 84AFAF0C 006301BC $0200 84AFAF10 006301BD _V0 CHEST 9 *599*-1F4 -HEX- $0200 84AFAF14 00630599 $0200 84AFAF18 006301BE $0200 84AFAF1C 006301BF $0200 84AFAF20 006301C0 $0200 84AFAF24 006301C1 $0200 84AFAF28 006301C2 $0200 84AFAF2C 006301C3 $0200 84AFAF30 006301C4 $0200 84AFAF34 006301C5 $0200 84AFAF38 006301C6 $0200 84AFAF3C 006301C7 $0200 84AFAF40 006301C8 $0200 84AFAF44 006301C9 $0200 84AFAF48 006301CA $0200 84AFAF4C 006301CB $0200 84AFAF50 006301CC $0200 84AFAF54 006301CD $0200 84AFAF58 006301CE $0200 84AFAF5C 006301CF $0200 84AFAF60 006301D2 $0200 84AFAF64 006301D3 $0200 84AFAF68 006301D5 $0200 84AFAF6C 006301D6 $0200 84AFAF70 006301DB $0200 84AFAF74 006301E1 $0200 84AFAF78 006301E4 $0200 84AFAF7C 006301E5 $0200 84AFAF80 006301EA $0200 84AFAF84 006301EB $0200 84AFAF88 006301EC $0200 84AFAF8C 006301F1 $0200 84AFAF90 006301F4 _V0 CHEST 10 1F9-240 -HEX- $0200 84AFAF94 006301F9 $0200 84AFAF98 006301FA $0200 84AFAF9C 006301FB $0200 84AFAFA0 006301FE $0200 84AFAFA4 006301FF $0200 84AFAFA8 00630207 $0200 84AFAFAC 00630209 $0200 84AFAFB0 0063020A $0200 84AFAFB4 0063020F $0200 84AFAFB8 00630212 $0200 84AFAFBC 00630213 $0200 84AFAFC0 00630214 $0200 84AFAFC4 00630215 $0200 84AFAFC8 0063021A $0200 84AFAFCC 0063021B $0200 84AFAFD0 0063021C $0200 84AFAFD4 00630223 $0200 84AFAFD8 00630224 $0200 84AFAFDC 00630225 $0200 84AFAFE0 00630226 $0200 84AFAFE4 00630227 $0200 84AFAFE8 00630228 $0200 84AFAFEC 0063022A $0200 84AFAFF0 0063022C $0200 84AFAFF4 00630234 $0200 84AFAFF8 00630235 $0200 84AFAFFC 00630238 $0200 84AFB000 00630239 $0200 84AFB004 0063023A $0200 84AFB008 0063023B $0200 84AFB00C 0063023F $0200 84AFB010 00630240 _V0 CHEST 11 241-268 -HEX- $0200 84AFB014 00630241 $0200 84AFB018 00630242 $0200 84AFB01C 00630244 $0200 84AFB020 00630245 $0200 84AFB024 00630246 $0200 84AFB028 00630247 $0200 84AFB02C 00630248 $0200 84AFB030 00630249 $0200 84AFB034 0063024A $0200 84AFB038 0063024B $0200 84AFB03C 0063024C $0200 84AFB040 0063024D $0200 84AFB044 0063024E $0200 84AFB048 0063024F $0200 84AFB04C 00630250 $0200 84AFB050 00630251 $0200 84AFB054 00630252 $0200 84AFB058 00630254 $0200 84AFB05C 00630255 $0200 84AFB060 00630256 $0200 84AFB064 00630258 $0200 84AFB068 00630259 $0200 84AFB06C 0063025A $0200 84AFB070 0063025B $0200 84AFB074 0063025C $0200 84AFB078 0063025E $0200 84AFB07C 0063025F $0200 84AFB080 00630261 $0200 84AFB084 00630264 $0200 84AFB088 00630265 $0200 84AFB08C 00630266 $0200 84AFB090 00630268 _V0 CHEST 12 2BD-2F0 -HEX- $0200 84AFB094 006302BD $0200 84AFB098 006302BF $0200 84AFB09C 006302C1 $0200 84AFB0A0 006302C2 $0200 84AFB0A4 006302C4 $0200 84AFB0A8 006302C5 $0200 84AFB0AC 006302C7 $0200 84AFB0B0 006302C8 $0200 84AFB0B4 006302C9 $0200 84AFB0B8 006302CA $0200 84AFB0BC 006302CB $0200 84AFB0C0 006302CC $0200 84AFB0C4 006302CE $0200 84AFB0C8 006302D0 $0200 84AFB0CC 006302D7 $0200 84AFB0D0 006302D8 $0200 84AFB0D4 006302D9 $0200 84AFB0D8 006302DA $0200 84AFB0DC 006302DE $0200 84AFB0E0 006302DF $0200 84AFB0E4 006302E1 $0200 84AFB0E8 006302E2 $0200 84AFB0EC 006302E4 $0200 84AFB0F0 006302E5 $0200 84AFB0F4 006302E6 $0200 84AFB0F8 006302E8 $0200 84AFB0FC 006302E9 $0200 84AFB100 006302EA $0200 84AFB104 006302EB $0200 84AFB108 006302ED $0200 84AFB10C 006302EE $0200 84AFB110 006302F0 _V0 CHEST 13 2F2-400 -HEX- $0200 84AFB114 006302F2 $0200 84AFB118 006302F3 $0200 84AFB11C 006302F6 $0200 84AFB120 006302F7 $0200 84AFB124 00630310 $0200 84AFB128 00630311 $0200 84AFB12C 00630312 $0200 84AFB130 00630313 $0200 84AFB134 006303E9 $0200 84AFB138 006303EA $0200 84AFB13C 006303EB $0200 84AFB140 006303EC $0200 84AFB144 006303ED $0200 84AFB148 006303EE $0200 84AFB14C 006303EF $0200 84AFB150 006303F0 $0200 84AFB154 006303F1 $0200 84AFB158 006303F2 $0200 84AFB15C 006303F3 $0200 84AFB160 006303F4 $0200 84AFB164 006303F5 $0200 84AFB168 006303F6 $0200 84AFB16C 006303F7 $0200 84AFB170 006303F8 $0200 84AFB174 006303F9 $0200 84AFB178 006303FA $0200 84AFB17C 006303FB $0200 84AFB180 006303FC $0200 84AFB184 006303FD $0200 84AFB188 006303FE $0200 84AFB18C 006303FF $0200 84AFB190 00630400 _V0 CHEST 14 401-420 -HEX- $0200 84AFB194 00630401 $0200 84AFB198 00630402 $0200 84AFB19C 00630403 $0200 84AFB1A0 00630404 $0200 84AFB1A4 00630405 $0200 84AFB1A8 00630406 $0200 84AFB1AC 00630407 $0200 84AFB1B0 00630408 $0200 84AFB1B4 00630409 $0200 84AFB1B8 0063040A $0200 84AFB1BC 0063040B $0200 84AFB1C0 0063040C $0200 84AFB1C4 0063040D $0200 84AFB1C8 0063040E $0200 84AFB1CC 0063040F $0200 84AFB1D0 00630410 $0200 84AFB1D4 00630411 $0200 84AFB1D8 00630412 $0200 84AFB1DC 00630413 $0200 84AFB1E0 00630414 $0200 84AFB1E4 00630415 $0200 84AFB1E8 00630416 $0200 84AFB1EC 00630417 $0200 84AFB1F0 00630418 $0200 84AFB1F4 00630419 $0200 84AFB1F8 0063041A $0200 84AFB1FC 0063041B $0200 84AFB200 0063041C $0200 84AFB204 0063041D $0200 84AFB208 0063041E $0200 84AFB20C 0063041F $0200 84AFB210 00630420 _V0 CHEST 15 421-440 -HEX- $0200 84AFB214 00630421 $0200 84AFB218 00630422 $0200 84AFB21C 00630423 $0200 84AFB220 00630424 $0200 84AFB224 00630425 $0200 84AFB228 00630426 $0200 84AFB22C 00630427 $0200 84AFB230 00630428 $0200 84AFB234 00630429 $0200 84AFB238 0063042A $0200 84AFB23C 0063042B $0200 84AFB240 0063042C $0200 84AFB244 0063042D $0200 84AFB248 0063042E $0200 84AFB24C 0063042F $0200 84AFB250 00630430 $0200 84AFB254 00630431 $0200 84AFB258 00630432 $0200 84AFB25C 00630433 $0200 84AFB260 00630434 $0200 84AFB264 00630435 $0200 84AFB268 00630436 $0200 84AFB26C 00630437 $0200 84AFB270 00630438 $0200 84AFB274 00630439 $0200 84AFB278 0063043A $0200 84AFB27C 0063043B $0200 84AFB280 0063043C $0200 84AFB284 0063043D $0200 84AFB288 0063043E $0200 84AFB28C 0063043F $0200 84AFB290 00630440 _V0 CHEST 16 441-4B8 -HEX- $0200 84AFB294 00630441 $0200 84AFB298 00630442 $0200 84AFB29C 00630443 $0200 84AFB2A0 00630444 $0200 84AFB2A4 00630445 $0200 84AFB2A8 00630446 $0200 84AFB2AC 00630447 $0200 84AFB2B0 00630448 $0200 84AFB2B4 00630449 $0200 84AFB2B8 0063044A $0200 84AFB2BC 0063044B $0200 84AFB2C0 0063044C $0200 84AFB2C4 0063044D $0200 84AFB2C8 0063044E $0200 84AFB2CC 0063044F $0200 84AFB2D0 00630450 $0200 84AFB2D4 00630451 $0200 84AFB2D8 00630452 $0200 84AFB2DC 00630453 $0200 84AFB2E0 00630454 $0200 84AFB2E4 00630455 $0200 84AFB2E8 00630456 $0200 84AFB2EC 00630457 $0200 84AFB2F0 00630458 $0200 84AFB2F4 006304B1 $0200 84AFB2F8 006304B2 $0200 84AFB2FC 006304B3 $0200 84AFB300 006304B4 $0200 84AFB304 006304B5 $0200 84AFB308 006304B6 $0200 84AFB30C 006304B7 $0200 84AFB310 006304B8 _V0 CHEST 17 4B9-4D8 -HEX- $0200 84AFB314 006304B9 $0200 84AFB318 006304BA $0200 84AFB31C 006304BB $0200 84AFB320 006304BC $0200 84AFB324 006304BD $0200 84AFB328 006304BE $0200 84AFB32C 006304BF $0200 84AFB330 006304C0 $0200 84AFB334 006304C1 $0200 84AFB338 006304C2 $0200 84AFB33C 006304C3 $0200 84AFB340 006304C4 $0200 84AFB344 006304C5 $0200 84AFB348 006304C6 $0200 84AFB34C 006304C7 $0200 84AFB350 006304C8 $0200 84AFB354 006304C9 $0200 84AFB358 006304CA $0200 84AFB35C 006304CB $0200 84AFB360 006304CC $0200 84AFB364 006304CD $0200 84AFB368 006304CE $0200 84AFB36C 006304CF $0200 84AFB370 006304D0 $0200 84AFB374 006304D1 $0200 84AFB378 006304D2 $0200 84AFB37C 006304D3 $0200 84AFB380 006304D4 $0200 84AFB384 006304D5 $0200 84AFB388 006304D6 $0200 84AFB38C 006304D7 $0200 84AFB390 006304D8 _V0 CHEST 18 4D9-4F8 -HEX- $0200 84AFB394 006304D9 $0200 84AFB398 006304DA $0200 84AFB39C 006304DB $0200 84AFB3A0 006304DC $0200 84AFB3A4 006304DD $0200 84AFB3A8 006304DE $0200 84AFB3AC 006304DF $0200 84AFB3B0 006304E0 $0200 84AFB3B4 006304E1 $0200 84AFB3B8 006304E2 $0200 84AFB3BC 006304E3 $0200 84AFB3C0 006304E4 $0200 84AFB3C4 006304E5 $0200 84AFB3C8 006304E6 $0200 84AFB3CC 006304E7 $0200 84AFB3D0 006304E8 $0200 84AFB3D4 006304E9 $0200 84AFB3D8 006304EA $0200 84AFB3DC 006304EB $0200 84AFB3E0 006304EC $0200 84AFB3E4 006304ED $0200 84AFB3E8 006304EE $0200 84AFB3EC 006304EF $0200 84AFB3F0 006304F0 $0200 84AFB3F4 006304F1 $0200 84AFB3F8 006304F2 $0200 84AFB3FC 006304F3 $0200 84AFB400 006304F4 $0200 84AFB404 006304F5 $0200 84AFB408 006304F6 $0200 84AFB40C 006304F7 $0200 84AFB410 006304F8 _V0 CHEST 19 4F9-518 -HEX- $0200 84AFB414 006304F9 $0200 84AFB418 006304FA $0200 84AFB41C 006304FB $0200 84AFB420 006304FC $0200 84AFB424 006304FD $0200 84AFB428 006304FE $0200 84AFB42C 006304FF $0200 84AFB430 00630500 $0200 84AFB434 00630501 $0200 84AFB438 00630502 $0200 84AFB43C 00630503 $0200 84AFB440 00630504 $0200 84AFB444 00630505 $0200 84AFB448 00630506 $0200 84AFB44C 00630507 $0200 84AFB450 00630508 $0200 84AFB454 00630509 $0200 84AFB458 0063050A $0200 84AFB45C 0063050B $0200 84AFB460 0063050C $0200 84AFB464 0063050D $0200 84AFB468 0063050E $0200 84AFB46C 0063050F $0200 84AFB470 00630510 $0200 84AFB474 00630511 $0200 84AFB478 00630512 $0200 84AFB47C 00630513 $0200 84AFB480 00630514 $0200 84AFB484 00630515 $0200 84AFB488 00630516 $0200 84AFB48C 00630517 $0200 84AFB490 00630518 _V0 CHEST 20 519-538 -HEX- $0200 84AFB494 00630519 $0200 84AFB498 0063051A $0200 84AFB49C 0063051B $0200 84AFB4A0 0063051C $0200 84AFB4A4 0063051D $0200 84AFB4A8 0063051E $0200 84AFB4AC 0063051F $0200 84AFB4B0 00630520 $0200 84AFB4B4 00630521 $0200 84AFB4B8 00630522 $0200 84AFB4BC 00630523 $0200 84AFB4C0 00630524 $0200 84AFB4C4 00630525 $0200 84AFB4C8 00630526 $0200 84AFB4CC 00630527 $0200 84AFB4D0 00630528 $0200 84AFB4D4 00630529 $0200 84AFB4D8 0063052A $0200 84AFB4DC 0063052B $0200 84AFB4E0 0063052C $0200 84AFB4E4 0063052D $0200 84AFB4E8 0063052E $0200 84AFB4EC 0063052F $0200 84AFB4F0 00630530 $0200 84AFB4F4 00630531 $0200 84AFB4F8 00630532 $0200 84AFB4FC 00630533 $0200 84AFB500 00630534 $0200 84AFB504 00630535 $0200 84AFB508 00630536 $0200 84AFB50C 00630537 $0200 84AFB510 00630538 _V0 CHEST 21 539-558 -HEX- $0200 84AFB514 00630539 $0200 84AFB518 0063053A $0200 84AFB51C 0063053B $0200 84AFB520 0063053C $0200 84AFB524 0063053D $0200 84AFB528 0063053E $0200 84AFB52C 0063053F $0200 84AFB530 00630540 $0200 84AFB534 00630541 $0200 84AFB538 00630542 $0200 84AFB53C 00630543 $0200 84AFB540 00630544 $0200 84AFB544 00630545 $0200 84AFB548 00630546 $0200 84AFB54C 00630547 $0200 84AFB550 00630548 $0200 84AFB554 00630549 $0200 84AFB558 0063054A $0200 84AFB55C 0063054B $0200 84AFB560 0063054C $0200 84AFB564 0063054D $0200 84AFB568 0063054E $0200 84AFB56C 0063054F $0200 84AFB570 00630550 $0200 84AFB574 00630551 $0200 84AFB578 00630552 $0200 84AFB57C 00630553 $0200 84AFB580 00630554 $0200 84AFB584 00630555 $0200 84AFB588 00630556 $0200 84AFB58C 00630557 $0200 84AFB590 00630558 _V0 CHEST 22 559-578 -HEX- $0200 84AFB594 00630559 $0200 84AFB598 0063055A $0200 84AFB59C 0063055B $0200 84AFB5A0 0063055C $0200 84AFB5A4 0063055D $0200 84AFB5A8 0063055E $0200 84AFB5AC 0063055F $0200 84AFB5B0 00630560 $0200 84AFB5B4 00630561 $0200 84AFB5B8 00630562 $0200 84AFB5BC 00630563 $0200 84AFB5C0 00630564 $0200 84AFB5C4 00630565 $0200 84AFB5C8 00630566 $0200 84AFB5CC 00630567 $0200 84AFB5D0 00630568 $0200 84AFB5D4 00630569 $0200 84AFB5D8 0063056A $0200 84AFB5DC 0063056B $0200 84AFB5E0 0063056C $0200 84AFB5E4 0063056D $0200 84AFB5E8 0063056E $0200 84AFB5EC 0063056F $0200 84AFB5F0 00630570 $0200 84AFB5F4 00630571 $0200 84AFB5F8 00630572 $0200 84AFB5FC 00630573 $0200 84AFB600 00630574 $0200 84AFB604 00630575 $0200 84AFB608 00630576 $0200 84AFB60C 00630577 $0200 84AFB610 00630578 _V0 CHEST 23 579-598 -HEX- $0200 84AFB614 00630579 $0200 84AFB618 0063057A $0200 84AFB61C 0063057B $0200 84AFB620 0063057C $0200 84AFB624 0063057D $0200 84AFB628 0063057E $0200 84AFB62C 0063057F $0200 84AFB630 00630580 $0200 84AFB634 00630581 $0200 84AFB638 00630582 $0200 84AFB63C 00630583 $0200 84AFB640 00630584 $0200 84AFB644 00630585 $0200 84AFB648 00630586 $0200 84AFB64C 00630587 $0200 84AFB650 00630588 $0200 84AFB654 00630589 $0200 84AFB658 0063058A $0200 84AFB65C 0063058B $0200 84AFB660 0063058C $0200 84AFB664 0063058D $0200 84AFB668 0063058E $0200 84AFB66C 0063058F $0200 84AFB670 00630590 $0200 84AFB674 00630591 $0200 84AFB678 00630592 $0200 84AFB67C 00630593 $0200 84AFB680 00630594 $0200 84AFB684 00630595 $0200 84AFB688 00630596 $0200 84AFB68C 00630597 $0200 84AFB690 00630598 _V0 CHEST 24 59A-625 -HEX- $0200 84AFB694 0063059A $0200 84AFB698 0063059B $0200 84AFB69C 0063059C $0200 84AFB6A0 0063059D $0200 84AFB6A4 0063059E $0200 84AFB6A8 0063059F $0200 84AFB6AC 006305A0 $0200 84AFB6B0 006305A1 $0200 84AFB6B4 006305A2 $0200 84AFB6B8 006305A3 $0200 84AFB6BC 006305A4 $0200 84AFB6C0 006305A5 $0200 84AFB6C4 006305A6 $0200 84AFB6C8 006305A7 $0200 84AFB6CC 006305A8 $0200 84AFB6D0 006305A9 $0200 84AFB6D4 006305AA $0200 84AFB6D8 006305AB $0200 84AFB6DC 006305AC $0200 84AFB6E0 006305AD $0200 84AFB6E4 006305AE $0200 84AFB6E8 006305AF $0200 84AFB6EC 006305E3 $0200 84AFB6F0 006305EA $0200 84AFB6F4 006305EC $0200 84AFB6F8 006305ED $0200 84AFB6FC 006305EE $0200 84AFB700 006305F0 $0200 84AFB704 006305F1 $0200 84AFB708 006305F2 $0200 84AFB70C 006305F3 $0200 84AFB710 006305F7 _V0 CHEST 25 5FC-642 -HEX- $0200 84AFB714 006305FC $0200 84AFB718 006305FD $0200 84AFB71C 006305FE $0200 84AFB720 00630601 $0200 84AFB724 00630602 $0200 84AFB728 00630603 $0200 84AFB72C 00630606 $0200 84AFB730 00630607 $0200 84AFB734 00630608 $0200 84AFB738 0063060B $0200 84AFB73C 0063060C $0200 84AFB740 0063060D $0200 84AFB744 0063060E $0200 84AFB748 0063060F $0200 84AFB74C 00630610 $0200 84AFB750 0063061B $0200 84AFB754 0063061C $0200 84AFB758 0063061D $0200 84AFB75C 0063061E $0200 84AFB760 0063061F $0200 84AFB764 00630620 $0200 84AFB768 00630621 $0200 84AFB76C 00630622 $0200 84AFB770 00630623 $0200 84AFB774 00630625 $0200 84AFB778 00630626 $0200 84AFB77C 00630627 $0200 84AFB780 00630628 $0200 84AFB784 00630629 $0200 84AFB788 0063062A $0200 84AFB78C 03E80641 $0200 84AFB790 03E80642 _V0 CHEST 26 643-660 -HEX- $0200 84AFB794 03E80643 $0200 84AFB798 03E80644 $0200 84AFB79C 03E80645 $0200 84AFB7A0 03E80646 $0200 84AFB7A4 03E80647 $0200 84AFB7A8 03E80648 $0200 84AFB7AC 03E80649 $0200 84AFB7B0 03E8064A $0200 84AFB7B4 03E8064B $0200 84AFB7B8 03E8064C $0200 84AFB7BC 03E8064D $0200 84AFB7C0 03E8064E $0200 84AFB7C4 03E8064F $0200 84AFB7C8 03E80650 $0200 84AFB7CC 03E80651 $0200 84AFB7D0 03E80652 $0200 84AFB7D4 03E80653 $0200 84AFB7D8 03E80654 $0200 84AFB7DC 03E80655 $0200 84AFB7E0 03E80656 $0200 84AFB7E4 03E80657 $0200 84AFB7E8 03E80658 $0200 84AFB7EC 03E80659 $0200 84AFB7F0 03E8065A $0200 84AFB7F4 03E8065B $0200 84AFB7F8 03E8065E $0200 84AFB7FC 03E8065F $0200 84AFB800 03E80660 And Here is the Video on ALL ITEMS Enjoy
  10. 2 points
    Toukiden 2 Download: Password: No Password! Game ID: PCSG00830 Info: This is not my dump! I found this elsewhere (Reddit). This is the Japan version of the game, with English assets. Latest Patch with some DLC. Tested on: PSVITA-1001 Henkaku Ensō
  11. 2 points
    Grand Kingdom Download: Password: [email protected] Game ID: PCSE00959 Tested on: PSVITA-1001 Henkaku Ensō
  12. 2 points
    @mantorras The no outline version wasn't done by me so i am not planing any to make myself. But if someone gets a US no outline up i will also re-upload it here
  13. 2 points
    Puyo Puyo Tetris Exclusive for NextGenRoms.com (Want to re-upload it? Give me credits and all is fine.) Same story with NoNPDRM nobody wants to dump it well than i have to do it. This was only uploaded for and NextGenRoms.com and because of that i will have the "Hide Tag" activated to keep it a bit more away of those damn leechers. INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Make sure you have "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" checked in the Windows folder settings and "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" unchecked! Download: Password: [email protected] Game ID: PCSG00224 Tested on: PSVITA-1004 Henkaku Ensō [email protected]
  14. 2 points
    Leaked version of Pokemon Ultra Sun Pokemon Ultra Sun Thanks to Holiday Ougi Remember don't go online until official release of the game. Mega Mirror by Yukiko _____ If you are having some of the following issues try the solution. Cia Failed to Install It requiered internet conection Its probably due to you have installed the preloaded cia before. A solution would be to remove the ticket of the game so go to FBI > Tickets > Look for and delete "00040000001B5000" Remember you can check this before installing the cia and avoid wasting time. Let us know if this work for you. Edit by Yukiko: I found out that my 3DS with the leaked Pokemon Ultra Moon didn't liked the Ultra Sun cia so just put a dummy seed in here on your 3DS SD "fbi/seed/" Worked for me no idea why but it just did before that i had 3 installs failing even after removing the ticket like mentioned above. Tested and working on o3ds with boot9 and luma 8.0
  15. 2 points
    when you unpack the zip you should end up with 3 DLC Packs folders go to the first one inside it you should see a bgdl folder you need to copy that folder to ux0: on your vita and reboot the vita you should have 20 or so new notifications open one of them taiko should open and the vita should install the 20 DLC wait till that's finished and you get to main menu of taiko quit taiko and do the same thing for the other to DLC pack folders
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    @MobCat You can use this http://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/ if a game needs a Japanese region setting. Saves you the time and hassle with switching it on Windows
  18. 2 points
    Grave of the Fireflies. Dem feels man. It's like watching frustration in movie form.
  19. 2 points
    Dead Link, moving to Dead Links. If anyone wants to re-upload this, please contact a Mod or Admin.
  20. 2 points
    @An4kinn Can't be done. The game is for 3.61+, meaning it cannot be played on Henkaku Vita's. Sorry~
  21. 2 points
    Yo-kai Watch Psychic Specters. It's a fun game but for some reason like every other handheld game, I have a hard time ever getting a chance to play it since I'm always on the computer when I have free time. My main issue with capture games like Pokémon and YW is waiting to get my favorites..which are usually someway in the middle or near end of a game.
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    Leaked version of Pokemon Ultra Moon Pokemon Ultra Moon part 1 [800mb] Pokemon Ultra Moon Part 2 [800mb] Pokemon Ultra Moon Part 3 [24mb] Mega Mirror Zippyshare Mirror by Yukiko Remember not to go online until official release (17 November) Part 1 800mb Part 2 800mb Part 3 24mb Total 1.58gb / Uncompressed 3.45gb Thanks to FyreLordZuko for sharing.
  23. 2 points
    Make sure to read the Pokemon Ultra Sun info if you plan to install both games. Cheers.
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    I highly recommend Javascript. No professional reason for that. I've mostly used C++ and C. But the main reason I learned them was for school purposes. I always wanted to get better at C++, but don't know where to start, or maybe I' just procrastinating without even knowing it. I've also tried Javascript, which is a lot easier. It seems where it shines is that it's a lot more friendly in terms of objects, which is something that I am still not very familiar with.
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    Where to start? Theres a point in ones life where the mass consumption of anime has made them all merge into a jiggly mishmash of big eyes goodness. Most of the "must watch" stuff has been said. With that being said I wont rattle off a big list. I'll just leave the soul crushing recommendation of Clannad. I recently watched and its worth mentioning. Along with it I also enjoyed Kiznaiver and Kokoro Connect for thier sharing of pain. Anyone know of anything else soul crushing to add? Just a quick edit: anyone here watching Inuyashiki? I was a fan of the weird and dark themes in Gantz and it seems to be just as nuts in Inuyashiki.
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    ("nopaystation browser" has no support for windows xp, just throwing that out there for those interested) https://nopaystation.com/tsv/PSV_GAMES.tsv You can still download the database file manually and use "pkg2zip" from the commandline!
  27. 2 points
    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series - A story about a teacher who want's to die and he's saved by a girl. It turns out he will be a teacher of class full with problematic students. The weirdness, it has plenty of weird stuff, comedy stuff and even some existential stuff. Cowboy Bebop - kinda old but still looks nice, cool characters, cool action scenes and that space jazz vibes, see you later space cowboy. Samurai Champloo - Samurai Rap, old but gold like Cowboy Bebop, story about a party of three. One girl who needs help from two samurai, wicked samurai fights in the rythm of rap. GINTAMA - Oh boy, oh boy, dat a perfect anime. Gintoki, Megane-kun(Shinpachi), Kagura it's a story about daily life of Yorozuya members, episodic anime, plenty of comedy, parodies, sad moments, awesome action, and even BELIEVE IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS!
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    Use the Float. Go to Search press O on the value and then square two times so you can just input the value of the stats into a float value. And make your search range into 81000000-96000000. Better yet just use the Fuzzy search.
  29. 2 points
    Breath of the Wild Mario Odyssey Puyo Puyo Tetris (best time killer ever) Dragonball Xenoverse 2 (the dlc is not free fing Nintendo) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe If you like waifus (why would you not of course) Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon I have a few more but thats what i would always recommend
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    Got a new switch that came with fw 3.0.1. So I just upgraded it. Looked at the Nintendo Store and the prices on there are s**t so I decided to buy physical only when available. Suggest some games to get me started.
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    Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Nipples Exist mod has been updated and improved thanks to the anonymous person who contacted me on reddit. Features: -Removed any form of censorship - fog, godrays, chibi faces etc -Replaced all models - now they all have nipples & vaginas -Replaced most of 2D sprites - now you can see nipples/nip slips or nipples under their clothes. -1K textures -works on EU/US dumps. Screenshots: Changelog: Credits:
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    please post an issue on pkg2zip repo if you think there is an issue. I'm not it's developer. Sure. thanks! But if you do have opportunity to make zRIF, do it in your free moment too.
  34. 1 point
    aseprite 1.2 BETA 12 INFO Tested AND WORKING (15.July.2017) Unpacked Size: 11.6Mb Packed Rar: 3.25Mb Official Site: https://www.aseprite.org/ Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/431730/ Note: this version (1.2 BETA 12) was last released on 5th of July 2016, this is the latest official version as of 15h of July 2017! If you find a newer version be careful it might be a fake! Screenshots: Compressed using RAR5 version 5+ of WinRar is recommended! Password: aviven
  35. 1 point
    you dont rebuild the database you refresh livearea from vitashell, when you do it that way nothing gets messed up look at the top option on this pic i grabbed from google, ignore the mount uma0.
  36. 1 point
    A. Arc Rise Fantasia US (UNDUB) B. Balloon Pop US Boom Street EU Burger Bot US C. D. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 EU E. F. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn US EU G. Ghost Squad US H. I. Impossible Mission US J. K. Kirby's Dream Collection US L. M. Mad World US Metroid: Other M JP (UNDUB) N. Need for Speed Nitro US New Super Mario Bros. Wii US O. P. Pandora's Tower EU (UNDUB) Project Zero 2 EU (UNDUB) Q. R. Resident Evil 4 US Rune Factory Frontier US US (UNDUB) Rune Factory Tides of Destiny US US (UNDUB) S. Sonic and the Secret Rings EU Super Mario All-Stars US T. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World US (UNDUB) Trauma Center: New Blood US (UNDUB) Trauma Center: Second Opinion US (UNDUB) Trauma Team US (UNDUB) U. V. W. X. Xenoblade Chronicles EU Y. Yamaha Supercross US Z. Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen JP [Fatal Frame 4: : Mask of the Lunar Eclipse] WiiWare: C. Crystal Defenders R1 & R2 F. Final Fantasy Chronicles - My life as a Darklord + DLC Final Fantasy IV - The After Years + DLC Fluidity L. Legend of Zelda,The - Majora's Mask Legend of Zelda,The - Ocarina of Time
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    Thanks for Ultra Sun! Awesome. Also, sorry for my previous post asking for UM No Outlines, didn't realized you had already edited the opening post with it. Will you also release the no outlines version for US?
  39. 1 point
    @Sylvain11 That means the download didn't completed correctly. Try re-downloading and try again. Let me know if you have any more issues, and I'll look into it~
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    did you mean digimon story cyber sleuth instead?
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    Enjoying this one, reminds me of Dark Souls so far. Works great with PS3 controller.
  44. 1 point
    Wells Sony pretty much confirmed that they won't compete with the Switch https://nintendosoup.com/sony-no-plans-make-competitor-nintendo-switch/ To quote from above Well no switch like hybrid thing but still no idea about a normal handheld. But from what they said i wouldn't wait for anything soon.
  45. 1 point
    @noelxleon tnx for tips, i have mistake installing vitacheat that i follow wrong guide.,that why i got this issue, duplicate offsets,slow searching,always get 0 results and end but now searching in fuzzy search is stable ehehe.tnx
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    This time I saw Thor:Ragnarok very funny and entertainment movie, several LOL scenes, but kind of sucks that they make the whole "world war hulk" event only into a chapter of the movie, still I do recommend it, Ill give it 4 gladiators out of 5.
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    3 region versions are available on NoPayStation, Only ASIA region is missing, but they might just get EU/US version.
  48. 1 point
    Full names: Eiyuu Densetsu: zero no kiseki Evolution / Eiyuu Densetsu: Ao No Kiseki Evolution Both games (JP releases) are available on NoPayStation.
  49. 1 point
    Trinity Universe Download: INFO: I recently got hold of a few unusual Region games. So expect a few more uploads of Korean Region or Asia one ^^ You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Password: [email protected] Size: 3,18 GB Format: Folder Tested on: DEX PS3 with reBug 4.81.2 and webMan
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    Nope, they're tied behind another account that I can't get to. Sorry about that.