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    All credits go to the anon guy from reddit who PMed me with files and asked me to release them for him Features: -Removed godrays & chibi faces, -Replaced body textures with 4K (4096x4096) uncensored textures (with no pubic hair), -"perfect" dessert bonus is untouched, -works on EU/US dumps. Known Issues(will be fixed in next version): -Crash at free mode Screens: [Hidden Content]
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    Tested in Shantae Half-Genie Hero and it works. More stable than newer version, but you'll still face some problems. Use it at your own risk! It's an old version of VitaCheat. Proof below.... [Hidden Content] Updated to VitaCheat v365 Z05 [Hidden Content]
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    What is happening when you try to extract it? Have you tried: 1- Typing the password yourself instead of copy-pasting? 2- The latest version of Winrar? 3- Re-downloading the file, maybe it's corrupted?
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    I don't have any error message but the game freezes on the initial Loading screen. Same issue with the dumps on other websites. Weird. Using a Modchipped Xbox 1.6 with UnleashX dashboard. EDIT: worked with EvolutionX dashboard. No idea what happened there. lol
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    Thank you for all guys
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    Hello, My name is Olivier I am 47 years old, I live in Belgium I'm looking for lots of games for my 4 kids and myself Thanks for welcoming me
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    Credit goes to the unspecified chinese dude. This mod partially uncensor the game. Features: -Removed 1st censor layer - white godrays/spotlights/mist -2nd censor layer is untouched (flowers) -works on both EU/US dumps Screens: [Hidden Content]
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    Congrats man sounds great and yeah id love that. If youd like pm the study guide and ill have a go at it.
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    Might look into that once i get a laptop. You should consider a server on ps4 ark cause thats also on my list to get later as well. Plus it would be nice to get to know everyone here with that. What better way to bond then surviving and running like hell from homicidial dinos lol.
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    Don 2: The King is Back Game Information: File Information: Format: ISO Compressed Size: 373.3 MB Decompressed Size: 626 MB Download: MEGA Pass: [email protected]
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    Trying to simulate a Yagi-Uda antenna on a program I am not familiar with. Guess my progress. Hint: it's below 1% done.
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    [align=center]Guacamelee![/align] for this to work create a text file and paste this code and rename the text file to settings.ini and place it in the game dir enjoy. g_drawDebug false g_playersCanTouch false g_drawFPS false // import settings g_defaultMeshDir ".\Projects\Guac\meshes" g_defaultTextureDir ".\Projects\Guac\meshes\textures" g_debugMenuEnabled true g_requireInvCheckPlayerJoin true g_invCheckPlayerJoinEntry "AllowP2Join"
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    my error with the password was copy/paste if you type it works Thanks again
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    Policenauts English Patched Download: INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Comes with all 3 disc already pre-patched and the disc covers as a scan Based on this Translation patch and the 1.01 Version Password: [email protected] Size: 1,2 GB compressed Format: bin, .cue Tested on: NTSC-JP Sega Saturn Model 2 with Pseudo Saturn Kai
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    I did the patch myself in the end took a bit longer but really worth it great looking game Thanks for your help
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    Eating Waffles while catching up on posts on NGR
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    WiiWare is all the games from the Wii Shop
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    Double standards right here. I must 100% agree with Bakura on this, the main group of people buying VNs are the ones that want the story and not just a pair of 2D Tiddies. For that i could just go to ex-hen... ahhh you know the internet I mean of course a bit of some sweet 2D thiccness is always welcome but that isn't the main part why these games are bought like said above. But it looks like Valve thinks it is the only reason. Leads us to the double standards debate why games like GTA 5 or Witcher 3 or Postal 2 can get away with stuff like that but not some innocent Waifus The only reason we even have these nice VNs in English now is because of Steam and Valve. Let's be honest how many of you have played VNs before they became kinda "mainstream" via Steam? Not so many i guess which shows us that smaller Devs got the chance to promote their stuff to a wider audience. But what's SUPER BULLSHIT about this is that NO VN that i bought (so far) even had the +18 content unlocked via Steam. You either have to crack or legit buy the +18 patch archive on the DEVs website for some $$$ to get the sweet naked Waifus
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    Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Nipples Exist mod has been updated and improved thanks to the anonymous person who contacted me on reddit. Features: -Removed any form of censorship - fog, godrays, chibi faces etc -Replaced all models - now they all have nipples & vaginas -Replaced most of 2D sprites - now you can see nipples/nip slips or nipples under their clothes. -1K textures -works on EU/US dumps. Screenshots: Changelog: Credits: [Hidden Content]
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    I only used this YouTube channel for learning the kana, but Evan's Easy Japanese was quite helpful in that regard: https://www.youtube.com/c/evanseasyjapanese He also has a website where you can find exercises to solidify your understanding of the kana: https://www.evanseasyjapanese.com/ Outside of that, I've been getting ready to get into the Genki textbooks and workbooks. My university uses these, but they are also widely recommended as one of if not the best ways to learn Japanese. I think in terms of JLPT, you hit about N4-level comprehension by the end, which isn't amazing, but for two books that isn't so bad. Links: Genki I Text - https://www.amazon.com/GENKI-Integrated-Elementary-Japanese-English/dp/4789014401 Genki I Work - https://www.amazon.com/Genki-Integrated-Elementary-Japanese-Workbook/dp/478901441X Genki II Text - https://www.amazon.com/Genki-Integrated-Elementary-Japanese-English/dp/4789014436 Genki II Work - https://www.amazon.com/Genki-Integrated-Elementary-Japanese-Workbook/dp/4789014444 I also snagged the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course and accompanying workbook for when I get into kanji more. Links: KKLC Text - https://www.amazon.com/Kodansha-Kanji-Learners-Course-Step/dp/1568365268 KKLC Work - https://www.amazon.com/Kanji-Learners-Course-Green-Book/dp/069272799X That's pretty much my plan for now. I actually just recently switched majors from Asian Studies to English Literature, but that is because the scheduling for my previous major would absolutely devastate me. I'd be stuck in university for many more years. Current goal is to get my bachelors and study Japanese so I can teach English abroad and hopefully get a decent university position over there. A weeb can dream, right?
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    WinRAR 5.21 (x32-64) Information: WinRAR is a trialware file archiver utility for Windows, developed by Eugene Roshal of win.rar GmbH. It can create and view archives in RAR or ZIP file formats, and unpack numerous archive file formats. File Information Compressed with WinRAR 5.21. Size Compressed: 3.31MB Size Decompressed: 3.62MB Download: Password: [email protected] [Hidden Content]
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    Halo Proof: Pretty much the same case here as for Halo 2 No links at all online like NOTHING not even dust. So i went ahead and bought it and dumped it myself. Download: INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Password: [email protected] Size: 2,02GB uncompressed Format: Folder XBE Tested on: Softmodded Xbox 1.6
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    Halo 2 Proof and Cover Have searched for the NTSC-J version everywhere on the net and all i found was nothing and the Scene Release name thats it. So i jumped on the train an bought it myself. Dumped it with my own Xbox. This upload is pretty much the only one on the net. All the other ones are long dead. Download: Password: [email protected] Size: 4,26GB uncompressed Format: Folder XBE Tested on: Softmodded Xbox 1.6
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    UPDATE: - Download Link Integrity Check Verified on 02/03/2018
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    What are No-Intro sets? No-Intro is a group dedicated to collecting ROMs of older video game systems for the sake of preservation. Their main goal is to collect complete and accurate collections of old video games. This means no hacks, bad dumps, etc, only clean ROM files accurate to what was commercially released. The name "No-Intro" came from the early days when they used to rip out annoying "scene" intros that were sometimes injected into dumped games. If you want more information you can visit the No-Intro website. Difference between No-Intro and Goodsets The most common complete ROM sets you will encounter on the internet are known as "GoodSets". While these aren't bad, they have a slightly different goal and are usually several years outdated. Goodsets basically collect together as many known dumps as possible into one set. The good, the bad, hacks, multiple dumps, all there. No-Intro sets only include one good ROM for each region or revision of a game (usually one US, one Europe, and one Japan). In addition, No-Intro sets are updated frequently as new or more accurate ROMs are found. Basically what you get in a No-Intro set is equivalent to what was on the original cartridges. What are the numbers next to each set? After the Name of the set there are parentheses and numbers. This is the date when the set was last updated in Year-Month-Day format. For example a set with (20101126) was last updated on November 26th, 2010. [Hidden Content]
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    Simply the best screen recording software! Record program how-tos and presentations Capture streaming video and music Grab and edit screenshots
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    Gravity Rush [MaiDumpTool 233.1] [US] 844.8MB Reuploaded using MaiDumpTool because I couldn't get Vitamin 2.0 to dump it properly. Unzip PCSA00011.zip to ux0:mai/ and then install it using MaiDumpTool. Download
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    Grand Theft Auto III From my private collection as i haven't found any NTSC-JP ISO online. Download: INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Password: [email protected] Size: 604 MB compressed, 4,73GB uncompressed Format: ISO Tested on: Softmodded PS2 50004 with OPL from a 2,5 HDD
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    This is the Redump version, this corrects some bugs with the first dump, THIS IS PURE GOLD
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    Super Smash Bro's Melee (NTSC) (v1.02) Information: Base game, no changes, direct rip from a CD. Not my dump, but found it and decided to re-upload it for you lovelies here~ This game is compatible with the NetPlay Community Packs, and other Melee mods are working. File Information: Size Compressed: 0.98GB Size Decompressed: 1.35GB Download: Password: [email protected] [Hidden Content] Tested on Dolphin 5.0 and FasterMelee5, both work, although I personally have no been able to get NetPlay to work. Your results may very.
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    Project Zero 2 UNDUB Download: Password: [email protected] Size: 4,26 GB Format: ISO Tested on: WiiU vWii using d2x cIOS Base IOS 58
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    Installed and added the dubug mode thanks for this, by the way i didnt update my game yet
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    0.4c English beta Patch for Toukiden 2 [PCSG00830] (BTW it's a port) Personal patch just made for fun, past time, learn stuffs and not suited for a proper release, not fully tested, probably has a lot of bugs involving text. Incomplete patch, just a lazy port, so don't get your hopes up. BTW don't mind the Title screen, the title screen image, which also contain text menu images is stolen from the USA Toukiden 2 Demo and some other files. Since there is 'NO proper maidump' of the Toukiden 2 USA game. I might fix this and others, once the US game is propperly dump. Original base game LINKDATA.BIN hash should be ce188a3e4f2cdda54d091be120ead4f4 How to patch game: 1. Bakcup your game and save 2. Copy the games LINKDATA.BIN to this folder and rename to LINKDATA.BIN.BAK 3. Open/Run xdeltaUI.exe 4. Open patch ans select 'froid_san.xdelta' 5. Open source file and select 'LINKDATA.BIN.BAK' 6. Save your output file as 'LINKDATA.BIN' 7. Click 'Patch' and wait for it to finish 8. Copy the patched LINKDATA.BIN back to your Vita 9. Install the pre-patched PCSG00830_patch with maidump 10. Install DLC (Optional) 11. Change game mode to 5 (to support DLC and Game updates) Old outdated patch, New patch Here:
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    Request from HappyGuy. DOWNLOAD LINK | 10 MAI DLCs [hidden]https://goo.gl/ka9zwR[/hidden] PASSWORD [hidden][email protected][/hidden]
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    Basically i own the game and when i try this without updating the game it works however once I update the game it doesnt work anymore ...