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    Greetings and welcome I am with you on the REAL GAMES on REAL HARDWARE train but sometimes you gotta use Emulators and Piracy if stuff is either to expensive or you wanna try it out first before buying. But than of course not everyone can spend and wants to spend hard amounts of money on games so they download also which is okay and understandable. But let's keep that away from this thread. ~Yukiko
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    Of course emulation is great and handy! I emulate plenty, I just sometimes get that nostalgic yearn to play on the old hardware and would like to have it boosted up to modern standards for that itch, you know? It's an expensive route, for sure, but I hope to maintain it as a (very) long-term project!
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    Heya welcome to NGR! I never understood the need to play native, but I can respect that! I'm always looking to get the best possible graphics and performance for a game I enjoy. This is especially true for the older games that can be enhanced by newer gen hardware. I just love to see a game get enhanced. Anyways nice to meet you and hope you stick around and enjoy NGR.
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    Welcome to NGR! I know a lot of tricks, but not the gaming kind.
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    Hey guys, found my way to the site here and liked how it looked so decided to become a part of the community! I'm an avid fan of video games with a more recent serious interest in playing games in their native form (ish!) on their native hardware. I'm just getting started in the realm of hardware modifications (to keep the cost of software down - if you know what I mean, heh), but I hope to come up with some solutions along the way! Looking forward to tips and tricks from you guys, and of course the usual every day banter!
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    @theheroslegend Hello and welcome to NGR! It's great to have you as part of our community. Please enjoy yourself here but most importantly have fun! -Val
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    Been watching the Victoria series off and on. Saw Ep 128 of Dragon Ball S. Finally getting to the end! Was sad hearing Bulma's voice in a new ep knowing her actress has passed on.
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    Hello welcome to NGR! I'm only into the gaming portion of the community and not the modding. Well, if you count modding games like Skyrim or something, then yeah. I am part of a translating team for the Vita though, but I don't do any modding per see, that's what my hacker buddy does.
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    Very cool, thank you for uploading this! I seem to be having trouble getting parts 009, 078, 118, 138, 144, and 160 - even after a few download attempts. The rest are downloading just fine.
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    Exploration.. at it's finest...
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    Oh wow, my dad always talked about this system. I never got to try it out. Thanks!
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    Thanks for this, Downloading the whole collection