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    All credits go to the anon guy from reddit who PMed me with files and asked me to release them for him Features: -Removed godrays & chibi faces, -Replaced body textures with 4K (4096x4096) uncensored textures (with no pubic hair), -"perfect" dessert bonus is untouched, -works on EU/US dumps. Known Issues(will be fixed in next version): -Crash at free mode Screens:
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    Hey folks, my apologies for not making an introduction, how rude of me, my name is LuzianoZOMBI3, or just Luziano, my real name is Luis, I am an average gamer and a doujin CD collector (only got some), I started playing video games since I was 3-4 years old during the N64 and PS1 days, and it was a fun and awesome experience,I also like doujin music and I am a Hentai/Eroge lover, call me a weeb and a pervert but it's true, I hope I can be friends with y'all and hopefully I can get to know you.
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    Greetings and welcome I am with you on the REAL GAMES on REAL HARDWARE train but sometimes you gotta use Emulators and Piracy if stuff is either to expensive or you wanna try it out first before buying. But than of course not everyone can spend and wants to spend hard amounts of money on games so they download also which is okay and understandable. But let's keep that away from this thread. ~Yukiko
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    BK being hailed as a new NN hero. https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2018/01/29/burger-king-slams-net-neutrality-repeal-in-whopper-commercial/
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    I am currently removing the roms.ga redirect as well as checking for download link integrity. The redumps will return periodically once a download thread has been modified/verified. -Val
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    I really like this game and so wished I had such tips, without the fear of spoilers when I started. I am playing on hard, and these tips for now are in no specific order, I will keep adding as I think up of more: General Make it a habit to save often, there are save locations in various places. Sometimes you do not like something you chose in a dialog, or just wasted time doing something, you can reload without losing much. Play with headphones on, story is no fun without immersion. Don't buy anything from the TV station. Its usually rubbish, but buy the fish. This is like a 100+ hr game, so be warned. It is quite enjoyable though and time passes fast. Social Level up social skills of your party members first, the higher the level the more they will help out more in battle, whereas if you leveled up other non-party characters all they do is improve your bonus when fusing. Focus a bit more on "courage" stat early on than you normally would, reason being its mandatory to choose certain dialog options, whereas AFAIK other skills are not. Read books, also read certain books early to get the most benefit, like "expert studying" or "ghost stories" before working at the hospital. Do not sleep, until you have done everything else possible for the day. If at midday someone comes and asks you to spend time with them, say you will consider it, that gives you the option to choose who to spend time with that day. Different friends hang out in different places, roof, shopping place, superstore etc. That is where you will find them most of the time. Rainy days are good for indoor activities, such as the clubs or studying. Look at the job board in shopping district, new jobs appear there, they are not just for money, they will introduce you to new people. Watch every movie, with every party member. Its a good way of boosting their stats. Get the answers in on the spot tests/exams correct, they mean something, google if you have to. Making a sandwich at home, even though it takes time, is a good way of boosting a social link & stat. Ease off on the social links just before the exams, Ace the exams, then due to your popularity your buddies will get closer and be easier to level up. Battling Do not battle every day, I only do it only when needed, and for a single day, that way you get the max days to do everything else as soon as your done battling. You will need some SP potions to do everything in a day. Buy some SODA from the vending machines, and grow some tomatoes, they give plenty early on. Battle on the first possible day to accomplish your mission. That way you de-risk yourself, and have plenty of time left. Know how many floors a dungeon has, its usually around 10. Change all party tactics to manual. Having full control of the party make you die less. Do not die, some of all of your progress since the last save will be lost. If you want to quit playing then you can just put your VITA in standby or if you want to save, just use GOHO-M at the start of a dungeon floor, which will transport you outside, where you can save then can resume back from the floor you were o, but don't go back to floor 1 then save, as this will mean you will start again from where you were, i.e. from floor 1. Do not get attached to your Personas, after some time they will no longer learn anything new and will stay weak, creating new Persona using fusion is the way the game is meant to be played to keep your edge in battle. Always hit monsters from behind, wait till they turn their back then strike, that gets you an extra turn, which may be the difference between win and die. If a monster spots you and gives chase, just run away far enough to they forget about you, then get em from behind. Up to mid-game, you need to be versed in enemy weaknesses, Google em. That is the fastest way of taking enemies down and not dying. Always try to get a free-hit, by using an attack the enemy is weak to you knock them down, that gives you a free turn and by getting free turns, you can pretty much take out most enemies in your first turn. Remember though, if one of your party is weak to an enemy attack they will get knocked down, and the enemy will also get free turn, so if you know that in advance, then making that member defend is a good idea. But do not "guard" unless you need to. Try and take em out quick, some enemies will blow up, and kill all your party if left for long. Move systematically, look at the map, cover all the area and get all the loot. Aim for "shuffle time", you get bonuses if you kill off enemies quick enough without much loss. You can get free stuff, don't choose money, you will have lots later. SP is most critical in higher difficulties, and its what keeps you going. Use it wisely. Basically you know its time to quit when your SP is finished, you can use items to recover but they are rare early on, so do not waste it, i.e. use it for damage dealing, not for things others could do for you. Do not use SP / HP potions when you do not need em. For example, you have a 100 SP potion, and you use it when you have lost 50 SP, you will regret it badly. Heal after battles, use a certain party member, or items to heal before the next battle. Sometimes opening a chest will start a battle... and, never, ever, go ahead with battling if it says something like "you have a bad feeling, go ahead?" when opening a chest. You will die. You can change your persona once per battle. That way you have access to like 16 skills (from 2 personas), its a good idea to have a few skills of varying types, like one for electric, one for wind etc. That way you can knock down most enemies on your first turn, that gives the best return. Fuse personas, that gives you more powerful versions, its kind of a requirement to not die. Use "search mode" when fusing new personas, pick one at your level, with the least weaknesses and most strengths, then choose a variant of that which allows you to get the most "slots" (in pink) in which you can carry forward your skills from the merged personas. Then pick the best skills to carry forward as you will now lose the merged personas. Monsters which look similar usually have the same weakness. Boss fights are on the last floor, after the big doors. Do not go in until you are ready. If you lose to a boss you can return to the start of the floor, just before the fight. But that does not mean rush in, as you may take 30 minutes to fight then lose, wasting all that time. Bosses usually do not have weaknesses, which means they take a long time and effort to kill, make sure you are fully healed before a boss fight. Its a good idea to save the game, then face the boss, find out what kind of attacks it does, then quit, reload the save, and make a persona that is strong against those attacks. Don't check up on the boss before you face it as it will spoil the story. Once unlocked, check out the 4/5/6 way persona fusions, AFAIK they don't show up in search, and can be incredibly powerful in beating bosses. Sell all your loot to the guy in town, he will craft new powerful items. "All out attacks", aim for these by knocking down every enemy in a turn. If all or most of the enemies are the same type, use a multi-enemy attack, if all enemies get knocked down it means they -all- take damage from the all out attack, which means they will die faster. You can essentially get 4 turns by doing this, i.e. hit the monster from behind to get a free turn, then turn each turn into 2 by knocking down the enemies. Its better to use one or two main personas with a variety of skills than 10 with a good skill each, because using 2 will allow them to level much faster and be more efficient in battle. "Regenerate 2" skill can be good to have to regenerate a little SP each turn. Power-up skills are good to use, they say they do double damage next turn, but from experience its usually more than double. Be cautious in battle, think about survival, last thing you want to do is start again. When you find stairs to the next floor, don't take them until you have fully explored the floor, you will miss goodies. Red monsters are more difficult than black ones, be extra wary not be caught off-guard. Level up in another dungeon, sometimes your party is not high level enough, do not start your dungeon again, instead exit, then go to the previous dungeon, and train on the high floors. Register your personas before fusing them, in case you need to recall them later. Looking from the side gives a farther field of view, weirdly, that can sometimes allow you to see the position of a monster. Always kill the "hands", they give loads of XP. Hands are usually strong against everything apart from physical attacks. So only use those, but check they may be weak to other types. Focus on one hand at a time, they are very tough and run away almost all of the time if allowed enough time. Killing one is better than hurting both and letting them run away. Chase the hands and hit them from behind, if you spot another monster while chasing, always prefer the hand since it won't come back if you go for the other monster. More to come...
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    Hey guys, found my way to the site here and liked how it looked so decided to become a part of the community! I'm an avid fan of video games with a more recent serious interest in playing games in their native form (ish!) on their native hardware. I'm just getting started in the realm of hardware modifications (to keep the cost of software down - if you know what I mean, heh), but I hope to come up with some solutions along the way! Looking forward to tips and tricks from you guys, and of course the usual every day banter!
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    Of course emulation is great and handy! I emulate plenty, I just sometimes get that nostalgic yearn to play on the old hardware and would like to have it boosted up to modern standards for that itch, you know? It's an expensive route, for sure, but I hope to maintain it as a (very) long-term project!
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    Hey there awesome people of NGR! I'm Titchlet, Titchy or just plain Clara and I'm from London, England. I've been gaming since I can remember and only recently seriously got into modding my stuff before that it was just a passing hobby. I can't wait to learn from y'all and hopefully help out in return and just get involved in general. Hope I don't drive anyone crazy here in my new home lol Thanks for having me
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    So after alot of tinkering on my newest vita , had issues with charging and button inputs, im officially back and so first order for me is to check my maidump of senran kagura with all dlc since people complained about having issues
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    Heya welcome to NGR! I never understood the need to play native, but I can respect that! I'm always looking to get the best possible graphics and performance for a game I enjoy. This is especially true for the older games that can be enhanced by newer gen hardware. I just love to see a game get enhanced. Anyways nice to meet you and hope you stick around and enjoy NGR.
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    Welcome to NGR! I know a lot of tricks, but not the gaming kind.
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    Citra Unofficial Build INFO Tested AND WORKING Type: Citra Speed GL SSE3 10/July/2017 Unpacked Size: 27.7MB Packed Size: 8.02MB MISSING SYSTEM ARCHIVES AND SHARED FONTS FIX: MEGA LINK Note 1: Extract the "user" folder next to the "citra.exe" file inside Citra's Main Folder, NOT inside another folder! Note 2: These fix files also work with the Official Builds (Citra/Nightly/Bleeding Edge) Compressed using RAR5. Version 5+ of WinRar is recommended! Password: aviven
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    Watching Overlord II now. To be honest the first 2 eps bored me to sleep, but on the third it really picked up. Also looking into Killing Bites. It has a interesting concept with genetically its engineered therianthropes who battle to see who has "the sharpest fangs" (the best animal instincts), though it can be on the ecchi side at times.
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    Reading what a "cinnamon roll" is supposed to be after @RyouBakura banned me for being one.
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    Eating a slightly burnt, but perfectly crispy, microwaved breakfast bagel
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    Watching my brother try to beat Cup Head.
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    Title: Tetris Title (Japanese): テトリス Developer: Bullet-Proof Software/Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Puzzle Release: 1989/06/14 (JP) 1989/07/31 (US) 1990/09/28 (EU) DL: Japanese v1.0 | International v1.1 Related: Tetris DX
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    ACTION Implemented Removed inactive VIPs Staff Directory has been updated - https://nextgenroms.com/staff/
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    Title (Japanese): アイドル麻雀 ファイナルロマンス2 HYPER EDITION Title (Romanized): Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2: Hyper Edition Developer: Infiniti Genre: Mahjong Release: 1996/01/16 (JP) Rating: AO (18+) DL: 18+ (Non-H) 3DO game released only in Japan.
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    Title: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Developer: Nintendo R&D2 Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Side-scroller Release: 2000/03/01 (JP) [NP] DL: Nintendo Power release.
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    Screens: DL: Hack by toruzz. Original Game: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
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    Title: Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins Developer: Nintendo R&D1 Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Side-scroller Release: 1992/11/01 (US) 1993/01/28 (EU) DL: Super Mario Land 2 DX
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    Title: Super Mario Land Developer: Nintendo R&D1 Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Side-scroller Release: 1989/04/21 (JP) 1989/08/01 (US) 1990/09/28 (EU) DL: Game Boy launch game.
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    Title: Pokemon Crystal Developer: GAME FREAK Publisher: Nintendo Genre: RPG Release: 2001/07/30 (US) 2001/11/02 (EU) DL: Crystal Final Pokemon game on Game Boy.
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    Title (Japanese): ポケットモンスター クリスタル Title (Romanized): Pocket Monsters Crystal Developer: GAME FREAK Publisher: Nintendo Genre: RPG Release: 2000/12/24 DL: Crystal
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    Title: Pokemon Gold and Silver Developer: GAME FREAK Publisher: Nintendo Genre: RPG Release: 2000/10/15 (US) 2001/04/06 (EU) DL: Gold | Silver
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    Nice to see you at NGR, you are already friends with us . Have fun at NGR
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    @NessNoldo No need to worry about the reply, I understand where you're coming from. Slow internet and big files can be frustrating to say the least. As for the ubdub, I can absolutely work on that for you. When I get the chance (it might be tomorrow, it's late where I am) I will upload it for you (if possible). Also, I was able to confirm the file is in working order. I was able to unzip the package and the file does appear to be complete and working. I'll ping you once I get the files situated tomorrow, unless @Yukiko wants to take a stab at it before I get the chance to
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    @NessNoldo Sorry for your troubles. The passwords are there to prevent the host provider or anyone who comes across the file unable to see what's inside of it. Thus, allowing for hosts on not only Mega, but other hosts as well. As for the file being corrupt, do you think you could post a screenshot of the error you're getting? I'm downloading it now just to test, but it may be a second as Mega is being rather slow on my download. Hope we're able to figure something out~
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    Hi, officially welcome you then to NGR! I've been playing video games since I was 4 too! haha! My first anime I was 18. I'm very pick on anime though and maybe watch 2-3 different ones a year. I guess I'm more of PC gamer these days and mostly play MOBA and the occasional JRPGs that I never seem to finish anymore.
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    Enjoying Dead Space 2 which gave me Dementia and now I'm seeing Markers all over the place.
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    Well... I've seen this now and I regret that he don't have a dlc costume like this in any Hokuto no Ken game I have. Anyways it made my day. May the heavens praise you for showing me this @Ravenstorm
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    Listening to the Danger Zone albums from H.P.G. Detonator.
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    FL Studio 12.3 Producer Edition Information: FL Studio is a digital audio workstation developed by the Belgian company Image-Line. FL Studio features a graphical user interface based on a pattern-based music sequencer. File Information: Compressed Using WinRAR 5.21 Using RAR5. Size Compressed: 617MB (idk how it got bigger #JustWinRARThings) Size Decompressed: 616 MB Download: Password: [email protected]
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    So as some of you guys know i was robbed and vita was included in said robbery... but now, i already bought a vita and today arrived a new motherboard with (hopefully) FW 3.60 or below, time to do the swap and hack it!
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    Trying to get the hang of MMD. \Also jamming to some Persona 3 while I do so.
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    Watching Strawberry Panic, after playing a little bit of the PS2 game, decided to watch the anime, it's pretty great for a Yuri anime adaption.
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    Trying to find a mobile game that doesn't bore me within 2 minutes upon installing it.
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    Title (Japanese): 포켓몬스터 금・은 Title (Romanized): Pocket Monsters Geum・Eun Developer: GAME FREAK Publisher: Nintendo Genre: RPG Release: 2002/04/24 DL: Geum | Eun
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    @fixagelYes, they really do try too hard in my opinion. Especially VAs like Christina Vee. She makes my ears bleed when she tries to talk like she's a preteen. I don't think she's all that bad when she talks like the woman she is though.
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    Answered above moving it to "The Graveyard"