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    All credits go to the anon guy from reddit who PMed me with files and asked me to release them for him Features: -Removed godrays & chibi faces, -Replaced body textures with 4K (4096x4096) uncensored textures (with no pubic hair), -"perfect" dessert bonus is untouched, -works on EU/US dumps. Known Issues(will be fixed in next version): -Crash at free mode Screens: [Hidden Content]
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    Very similar to my workout regiment. Which constituted of morning sit-ups, and 5 minute planks while in an iron maiden.
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    THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON WINDOWS 10 PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED IN DOWNLOAD https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b7586e936919d84f69d58fb921d33fbdaf498dfb15110bf9257a241945467427/detection Link: [Hidden Content] Key: DECODE LINK AND KEY WITH: https://www.base64decode.org/
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    Genre: Third Person / Rail Shooter Size (compressed): 601 MB Size (uncompressed): 776 MB Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
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    FILE IS NOW ZIPPED (My Bad) Files are Digitally signed. No need for VirusTotal. Description: Link: [Hidden Content] Password: DECODE LINK AND PASSWORD WITH: https://www.base64decode.org/
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    Spyro: A Hero's Tail Spyro A Heros Tail Tested and working: Mod-chipped Xbox v1.6 I'm not 100% sure of what region this is, i'm just sorta going on educated guess. If anyone know how to find out the region of xbox games pleases let me know Scan: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file: Upload all the things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Been catching up on anime i have downloaded but not watched so for the moment i am watching Izzetta the last witch. Five episodes in and it seems like a good anime, wont end up on any of my top lists but its well animated, has some interesting characters and i like the ww2 setting.
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    Gran Turismo 4 Disc and cover: Download: Password:
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    Initial D: Special Stage Download: INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Password: [email protected] Size: 1 GB compressed Format: ISO Tested on: Softmodded PS2 50004 with OPL from a 2,5 HDD