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    You sir, have inspire me to draw something! anyway here's mine
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    Man i like this version better
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    Hi! Newbie around these parts. I'm probably more of a lurker than anything, but I'll try to be helpful here. Cheers!
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    Here mate ill help you with your post, just so you know im not against you, but im all for the triump of love!! go boi you can win her/him.
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    Welcome to NGR~ Do what you can with no pressure~ Help when you can and give when you can, or lurk around, either way, welcome!
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    @fixagel +1 for that psychotoad eyes.
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    Here i found all the 160 dlc items, 2 extra characters and sound pack on reddit uploaded by ssjroze. They were the JPN gameID so i changed them to the EUR gameID and re uploaded for anyone that would like it here: https://mega.nz/#!Rb4inaZQ!AtfoQ7D5vXe9hGVexZMlqJkTqg7F7v8esbaYFV-4JjY Just place the PCSB01011_addc folder into ux0:mai/ then go to MaiDumpTool and select the option 'Intsall DLC from folder' then option 'Switch game loading' select Valkyrie Drive then Option 6 '2z2 Mode 5 Loading' This is the option i used and i now have all dlc working lots of dressing room items and 2 extra characters. Also the sound pack which are quite large files (706Mb altogether) for people who are short of space might want to leave this out when transferring. In the dlc folder it is 00000000162 folder that contains the sound files. Enjoy
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    Hi hi ~ Pippen, what's poppin?
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    Welcome to the forum, have fun around and do be shy to participate when you feel like on chat or foum.
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    No need to be helpful, as long as you interact (civilly) with other members. Welcome and GL HF.
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    Hi, welcome to the site. Have Fun
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    Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends - Complete Edition ID: PCSB00509 Region: EU Dump: Vitamin v2.0 From: Cartridge Tested: Tested and working Mega https://mega.nz/#!osMFlL7I!BEvfFHYPXxTfaZ15mMmc0Uil98rb4kzowkMRg6m3Bd0 Dumped by UndeadWraith
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    Thread will be moved to the Dead Links sections. If OP or any other user wants to re-up the game, contact me to transfer the thread back.
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    Shame. Thread will be moved to the Dead Links sections. If OP or any other user wants to re-up the game, contact me to transfer the thread back.
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    Game : Rayman Legends Dump Specifics: EU // CART // Vitamin 2.0 // 890Mo // TNW Extras: Cover Scans: PNG @600DPI // Optional Update Patch 1.01 Game : https://mega.nz/#!a5RB2SbS!EyKMsj3ivUVc ... jEMUA11hBU Cover : https://mega.nz/#!S8ZDQa6A!KXzkerGQxCyQ ... nSGng-RuOs Patch 1.01 [MaiDumpTool_233.2z2] : https://mega.nz/#!m8IxhRbL!IEccWbyZ0tXg ... Ot0j1TUDpA Instructions : You should be able to install the update (which adds 28 "Invasion" Levels) with VitaShell, which I didn't test. (You first need to extract the .7z archive which will reveal a vpk you can then transfer to your vita)...
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    having a problem saving / loading data in this game. i have finished Wei Story but it often goes back to the part of Dian Wei and Cao Cao.. What seems to be the problem? edit: this is a save bug that can be fixed by following this https://www.vitapiracy.com/viewtopic.php?p=6413#p6413
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    Could you upload the patches of this game? I can't find them nowhere thank you for the game anyway
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    Contents of sce_sys/changeinfo/changeinfo.xml => <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> </p><p> Adding 28 new Invasion levels to the game.</p><p>
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    Here you go => [hidden]1.01 Patch : https://mega.nz/#!m8IxhRbL!IEccWbyZ0tXg ... Ot0j1TUDpA[/hidden]
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    Can it be done with Vitamin 2.0 ? If not I'm a bit hesitant to use MaiDumpTool with it being closed-source and from chinese developers... I've installed MaiDumpTool and am going to try and dump update files.
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