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    You sir, have inspire me to draw something! anyway here's mine
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    Man i like this version better
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    Hi! Newbie around these parts. I'm probably more of a lurker than anything, but I'll try to be helpful here. Cheers!
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    Here mate ill help you with your post, just so you know im not against you, but im all for the triump of love!! go boi you can win her/him.
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    Welcome to NGR~ Do what you can with no pressure~ Help when you can and give when you can, or lurk around, either way, welcome!
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    @fixagel +1 for that psychotoad eyes.
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    Hi hi ~ Pippen, what's poppin?
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    Welcome to the forum, have fun around and do be shy to participate when you feel like on chat or foum.
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    No need to be helpful, as long as you interact (civilly) with other members. Welcome and GL HF.
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    Hi, welcome to the site. Have Fun
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