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  4. Yeah I'm sorta in the same boat @Ravenstorm but on the opposite side where I have a non hacked switch but everyone I know has hacked switches so there is nobody to play online with >__<' that and I'm to poor to pay for switch online sooo yeah >__<
  5. Lol I thought they killed of this thing ages ago, like 2017 some time
  6. Oh ya that thing, wow, it lasted that long?
  7. A faster Playstation with no games? Please Sony show me exclusive some games..I don't want another dusty chunk of plastic sitting by my TV. In my opinion the Vita did better in the end. I used it a lot more than my PS4..and that isn't something I'm happy about. Most of the games I wanted were on the PS Vita and PS4, so obviously, I picked the portable option. >_< The only games I got on the PS4 were Persona 5 and Project DIVA Future Tone..the rest are all on the Vita or PC. *sigh* What motivation are people gonna have to buy a PS4 game? Sony is definitely hinting the PS5 isn't gonna be cheap, what's stopping people from just getting a similarly spec'ed middle end PC to run games? eesh..
  8. Not like I could ever want or need voice chat on my modified Switch. I never use voice anyway, people just cuss each other out or don't talk at all haha..
  9. Following a report and rumors of Japanese developer Nippon Ichi Software having financial troubles and employees supposedly going unpaid, we’ve gotten some clarification from the company on the whole ordeal. “We deny rumors of NIS staff not being paid. Current operations at the company are not affected, which include employee salaries,” a NIS America representative said to Niche Gamer. To recap, the Japanese company Nippon Ichi Software (who NIS America represents in the west) was reportedly selling off stocks for low prices, in an effort to generate quick income. This, however, devalues the stock(s) already owned by investors. The financial report, which is really the only thing actually confirmed, was then followed by rumors the company wasn’t able to pay its staff. We now know this to be untrue, per the above statement. SOURCE
  10. Remember the OUYA? It was a crowdfunded micro gaming console that ran on Android, and promised a wealth of smaller, yet cheaper games. It ultimately failed to sell, and then PC hardware manufacturer Razer acquired the company. Now, Razer has announced they’re shutting down the OUYA store, effectively killing off the console. The OUYA store, as well as Forge TV are both shutting down on June 25th of this year. Users of either service won’t be able to access their respective online services after that point, and Razer can’t guarantee OUYA owners with games pre-installed will still be able to play them. Here’s the full message: SOURCE
  11. Honestly all I got from that was "we switched to using SSDs".
  12. If you've ever dreamed of wrangling the lives of little computer people into abject misery and ruin (or something nicer, I suppose), but still have a Sims-shaped hole in your games library for some reason, you might be interested to know that The Sims 4 is currently free on PC. When The Sims 4 launched back in 2014, it was widely considered to be a little on the scant side, having ditched features from previous games - most notably the open-world structure of its predecessor - to create a more compact, focussed life sim experience. That's not to say it was a dud, though; the series' endless loops of busywork were as mesmerising ever, and significantly bolstered by powerful character customisation, building, and social tools, that placed much greater emphasis on personalisation and creativity. These days, of course, The Sims 4 is a considerably more substantial experience than it was at launch, courtesy of six expansion packs, seven Game Packs, 14 Stuff Packs, and a raft of free updates - although, at £34.99 per expansion, £17.99 per Game Pack, and £9.99 per Stuff Pack, going all-in is an expensive proposition. Even so, and I say this as someone who recently tumbled right back down The Sims 4 hole after a long period away, there's a more-than-decent amount of entertainment to be found in the omniscient manipulations of the base game alone, particularly for those of a creative disposition. So if you've been curious to familiarise (or reacquaint) yourself with the series, now is probably the perfect time while The Sims 4 is discounted to zero pence on Origin. You will, unsurprisingly, need an Origin account to redeem your Sims 4 freebie, and the promotion continues until May 28th. SOURCE
  13. AMD's next-gen Navi graphics cards have been subject to intense rumour and speculation for years, but the end is in sight. A PR director and product manager from Sapphire, an AMD partner known for their Nitro graphics cards, leaked to the Chinese press that Team Red is planning to announce two Navi GPUs on Monday. This date coincides with AMD's Computex keynote, which is scheduled to begin on May 27th at 10AM Taipei Standard Time (GMT+8). The Sapphire representatives revealed that both cards will be upper mid-range products that sit below the Radeon 7 in AMD's product stack. The Navi Pro will outperform the RTX 2060 for $400, while the Navi XT will beat out the RTX 2070 for $500. Barring any reactionary price drops from Nvidia, that should mean that AMD regain the price-for-performance crown for 1080p and 1440p gaming once the cards are launched on July 7th. The leak was first posted online on Zhihu, a Chinese social media platform, and quickly spread to community sites such as the AMD subreddit and Western press including Tech Powerup. Since then, the original Zhihu post has been deleted. You can get an idea of the performance we expect from the new GPUs in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider 1440p benchmark embedded below. The new Navi cards, which some rumours have called the Radeon RX 3070 and Radeon RX 3080, could be cheaper to manufacture and more power efficient than their Vega predecessors while providing better performance. However, neither card will include support for hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Earlier this year, AMD CEO Lisa Su stated (via PC World) that AMD's ray tracing efforts were "deep in development" but "the consumer doesn't see a lot of benefit today because the other parts of the ecosystem are not ready". Sapphire executives did suggest that ray tracing could be added to AMD's next architecture, which remains unfinalised. As well as stealing AMD's thunder, the Sapphire executives took the chance to promote their own cards. Reps stated that Sapphire would relaunch the Toxic brand last seen in 2013 with a new water-cooled Navi card. The team also confirmed that they have no plans to create a custom Radeon 7 design, which will remain AMD's top card for the foreseeable future. If these rumours are accurate, we have only a few days to wait before Navi is officially revealed. However, we expect to get more information from AMD at E3, where the company has scheduled its 'Next Gaming Horizon' event on June 19th. SOURCE
  14. Is this going to be one of those Online/digital only consoles?
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  16. May I request following games? - Zero Katana - Cross Code - Iconoclast - Mark of Ninja - Slay the Spire I hope this is not too much... Thank you.
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    ngr direct Halo 2 [PAL]

    Yes you can hover over the gray hart on the right had side and click like Or make a pointless comment it's up to you I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ However likes are more preferred cos then we actually know the amount of people that downloads our stuff and we get less one word "thanks" and "good" spam comments also rep is nice I'm not going to explain why this system is in place as I feel like I'm talking to a wall at this point but if you really want to know just ask
  18. This thing is on per-ordor the way they where talking abort it in videos made it seem like you could just buy it meow
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    New Admin - fixagel

    Congratulations Fixy glad to have you there. ^.^
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    giveaway Free Steam Keys

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    game Games from Web&Me

    Origin gift game, can download it in limited time Game name is The Sims 4 Register on their site or enter ur login and passoword [LINK] Then go here [LINK] and push "add in library" button Game is yours
  22. The next generation of gaming isn't quite here yet, but we're starting to see glimpses of what will be, through teases and hinting. Today, we got another look at what Sony has up its sleeves, during a corporate strategy meeting. Takashi Mochizuki, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal attended the meeting, where he took video of Sony showcasing "immersive" and "seamless" loading for their next-gen successor to the PlayStation 4. In the footage, we can see Spider-Man running on a PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as the upcoming new PlayStation system. Quickly loading the game world on the PS4 Pro results in pauses for the game to render everything, while the "PS5" that's running the same game has no major loading times. According to the press release, this is partly due to "a customized, ultra-fast broadband solid state drive". ARTICLE SOURCE SONY PR SONY BRIEFING
  23. If you've been left frustrated by Nintendo's lack of options for voice chat support with the Switch, this new controller may well be worth a good look. First revealed at the beginning of April, the new Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller from accessory maker PDP features an audio jack for game audio and integrated in-game chat - which is sorely lacking on Nintendo's official controllers - and onboard audio controls which let you adjust your sound on the fly. You can use it with headphones for all games on Switch, but the voice chat feature is naturally restricted to those games which actually support it, such as Fortnite. It has been licensed by Nintendo and comes in Black Camo, Blue Camo, Purple Camo and Red Camo colourings for a recommended price of $24.99, and it also features two additional programmable buttons on the back and interchangeable faceplates. You can pre-order your own right now from either or Amazon - it releases on 22nd July. SOURCE
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    Congrats @fixagel looks like there is promotions going on all over NGR also try not to have to much fun with all the new buttons >__<
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