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  2. Lets talk... Shiki [Spoilers Inside]

    Have been avoiding this thread like the plague, but now I have finally finished the show. Well every single thing I had on saying has been covered by Fixy. Which I'm glad, since my opinions usually tend to differ from the "average" fan. Though I'd like to add is what I hated the most is how slow the show started. It felt like it was just a series of people dying and everyone is just like: Oh no! more dead people! Also, about Megumi... Well let's just say I have a new affinity towards tractors.
  3. Do sony bans henkaku users?

    No ban yet. I have used henkaku and Enso since day one. I have also PSN+ and used cloud save on all my games installed from vpk, mai and NoPayStation. Even synced trophies and played online with others. But then half of all the games I played I own. I can imagine that if it wasn't because of henkaku and fw3.60 there would be far less active vitas.
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  5. As the title says it's a full uncensor to put a little spice in the game. I simply ported mods from the PC version to the vita and all credits goes to loverslab for helping me get started on this mod and "The Butler" for the body textures. The DLC is also hacked/forged from the PC version, i just simpley fixed its fodler structure and made a param.sfo for them. • What's included in the uncensor patch: • Removed 1st censor (Light beam) • Removed 2nd censor (Flower) • Removed 3rd censor (another Light beam) • Replaced Body texture to include nipples and privates • All DLC (imported from the PC and generated param.sfo wo make it work) How to install: Just copy all to ux0:mai and install via maidump tools. Already set to mode 6 to make DLC work since mode 5 "won't" show DLC's download link: https://mega.nz/#!UQB2xaoQ!qmXao-6m9OAtyvIZAkwJDZf0Zlyyp4SqhCnthCFoB4c
  6. np, i recommend you use this psp plugin it will let you organize your stuff with the added bonus of hiding that corrupted data (by leaving it where it is)
  7. I'm so happy, got it working! I screwed up with the file transfer. Thanks for the help.
  8. sure, just launch nps browser and download a game, then go into the folder you set for the downloads and go into the pspemu folder there you will see an ISO and PSP folder now just copy both of them to ux0:/pspemu/ and launch adrenaline and it will add one corrupted data file (thats the extra game data dont delete it) and one to launch the game all you do then is launch the game and it will work. when its stuck saying "Now Loading" it means you didnt add the seperate data
  9. Can someone explain how to get the PC engine to work? Edit: OK, I came a step further. I forgot to put CSO in ISO folder. The icon shows up in adrenalin but... When I try to load the game it just stucks in "Now loading...".
  10. Do sony bans henkaku users?

    Common conclusion on this seems to be "probably not, but you never know." There is no solid info because no one has reported anything happening to them yet. If I'm wrong someone please report!
  11. What do you guys think about Justice League?

    Hmm...nope. Marvel fan here. *hides*
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