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  2. Samurai Warriors 4-II NoNpDrm Dump?

    All the dumps out in the wild black-screen on the second-to-last campaign, preventing you from not only playing that campaign, but also the women of war campaign (as it requires you to have played all the others). This game really needs a NoNpDrm, or at the very least a MaiDump. So... does someone still have the legit PSN copy installed and could provide us with one?
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  4. What are you doing right now?

    Decided to try some Indian food today and ended up ordering a lot of starters. Fried chilli chicken wings, Onion Bhaji/Bahji (?), Mango Lassi. I think I'm gonna get fat.
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  6. mega Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

  7. I'm looking for DLC to Shin Musou Gundam JP NoNpDrm.
  8. This would be great for me, considering my Vita is already 3.67!
  9. gdrive Kirby's Dream Land [All Regions]

    Yeah. The difference in color was because Nintendo of America thought a pink character will attract less audience. Thus the change. Kind of like how later GBA Western Kirby games have him looking angry on the cover when the Japanese version has him smiling.
  10. Flow has been confirmed to have hacked the 3.67 FW via a kernal exploit. http://wololo.net/2018/02/18/theflow-reveals-hes-fw-3-65-3-67-taihen-henkaku-will-eventually-find-way-fw-3-65-3-67/ Confirmation that 3.67 has already been hacked with taiHenkaku, though he said he wont release it until maybe the end of this or next year. He also states that the earliest release he can do is if he works on Enso hack for 3.65 however will still require you to be on 3.60 to install it and that porting Enso "will take some time". It seems that Flow is also waiting for the EoL for the Vita. Though we soon maybe able to finally play Vita games that require FW 3.61+ you should still NOT update your 3.60 Vita until we have a concrete way of hacking above the firmware. You can view/follow Flow's twitter to read more and be updated but please try not to disturb the guy since hes also busy with University: https://twitter.com/theflow0
  11. gdrive Kirby's Dream Land [All Regions]

    This is the one true Kirby. No copying powers- just pure eating, digesting everything into stars, and puking madness. Great game that is not really hard, but has challenging enough gameplay to make you feel rewarded. What really drew me into Kirby games was the ability to fly forever. Kirby is the one Nintendo series that still interests me greatly. I always wondered why Kirby was white on the box and pink on another though...maybe it's the Megaman Syndrome. Oh, and I'm eagerly awaiting Kirby Star Allies. ^-^
  12. What are you doing right now?

    It's never enough of this for me... So here is another one Valmet is bae too. Dunno why I dropped Jormungand after watching first season. Well, well, well... What a coincidence. And aside from watching deadly Hokuto no Ken Techniques I'm doing sit-ups, push-ups (but can only 3-5 daily due to my arm) and some leg workout. I'm also working to bring my good condition back. Before, I could run a lot without being tired and now I'm feeling like I'm going to die from running like 1km.
  13. Title: Kirby's Dream Land Title (Japanese): 星のカービィ Title (Romanized): Hoshi no Kirby Developer: HAL Laboratory Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Platformer Release: 1992/04/27 (JP) 1992/08/01 (US) 1992/08/03 (EU) DL: USA/EUR | JPN
  14. Anyone? Is this mod even working for someone? What am I doing wrong? EDIT: This doesn't work, like, at all. The game starts up correctly only with the original patch.cpk file. Thanks for nothing.
  15. [Request][NoNpDRM] Dragon Quest Builders [EUR]

    Hey, how you doing? Why are you looking for the EUR Version? As far as I Know, all the regions share the same trophy folder, so doesn't matter what version you play.
  16. [Request] Best Of Arcade Games NoNPDRM

    Hey, how you doing? I have the maiDump version of this game. There are two different trophy folders for this game. The one I have is this NPWR07541_00. If this is the version you are looking for let me know so I can share with you.
  17. Genre: Action RPG Size (compressed): 623 MB Size (uncompressed): 1.67 GB Link: Password:
  18. The dlcs that are on NPS work on EU region. You can try to follow this tutorial to make it work on a US version.
  19. Dead or Alive 5 plus (EUR) NoNpDRM

    Search on NPS Browser for the title ID PCSB00296.
  20. What are you doing right now?

    I liked Rise. Singers are the best~ Watching (and listening) to Toki videos.
  21. What are you doing right now?

    Was doing some sit-ups. Then quit and went back to NGR Ah you like them muscle girls~
  22. Nintendo DS (Full Romset)

    If anybody's having trouble with downloading this, I had one the Administrator's check it. Its 100% working, so all I can figure out is that it must be a problem with your internet service.
  23. What are you doing right now?

    Thinking about returning to Parkour/Free Running(some martial arts would be good to), starting to train more everyday and work on the muscles. Even though I can't do more than sh**ty 3 push-ups cuz of my useless right arm but what the hell. Aside from that started playing and enjoying Persona 4. Chie is the BEST!
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