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  2. Admiral_Kizaru

    What did you eat or drink last?

    Gyros and it was awesome
  3. How about Yakuza Kenzan and Yakuza Ishin and Yakuza series on PSP what can you say about those @Axeo30?
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  5. Admiral_Kizaru

    How to play online on hacked vita?

    Sorry for the late answer @PCVITA but yeah. I tried to play it online and saw that it is pretty much dead but I think it works fine if you've a friend you want to play with. Dunno about the netcode if there's some lag since I couldn't get a chance to play it online since I couldn't find anyone.
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  7. Panfrances123

    Help with PSVIMGTOOLS!!

    I am coming to you guys and gals after trying everything my untalented brain can think of. So here's the deal- my goal was to take my fat vita from enso 3.60 to 3.65. I had luck with going to 3.65 so I started the the sd2vita process. Somewhere in there I managed to do all the things theFlow said not to do. Did I forget to make a backup of vitashell and molecular shell? yes. Did I format my sony memory card? you bet. That has lead me down the path to PSVIMGTOOLs and QMCA. I have installed both. QCMA runs well. I have entered my username and AID (the numbers from the folder created under PS VITA), and it registers me (though it will not auto-register me). I have "installed" vitashell using the easy installer to that vita. I then go to the vita content manager > copy content > applications > ps vita > and vitashell is there! NOW HERE IS THE PROBLEM. When I go to install vitashell it tells me "could not copy some content items". Then it says "You can only copy applications that your account is the owner of". Why is this happening? Is it an issue with the AID? - Fat Vita - 32GB Sony MC - Enso 3.65 installed, confirmed in settings. *Disclaimer- I know this situation is EXACTLY what all the guides warn you NOT to do...this is an SOS to you all hoping for an olive branch
  8. Etherdrive

    Valkyrie Profile for PSX

    Valkyrie Profile is missing from the list of PSX games on NoPayStation. Would love to play it again on the Vita
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  10. Kushcabbage

    [NoNpDRM] Deadbolt, [NoNpDRM] Gundam Breaker 3+dlcs[].rar.html Got C1-6703-6 error on start up Same error on install!DWQGwSIK!7E_DIXRtzmpv6mtDPFe5nQLcHhqnYp9bzXpjrKx-gyE Won't install with maidump!jiAVlToA!RBZQloYjirCaE_RHYQ1jh4fBp-8QBxxuIXvsa68RYg8 WORKING Maidump tested on Enso 3.60
  11. megumin

    Using different GAME + patch dumps (Remarry dumps)

    @TheRadziu Thanks, so i guess this Mafia III 1.09 situation i have is an isolated case where playgo-chunk.dat doesn't need to be moved for this update to remarry properly and work
  12. TheRadziu

    Using different GAME + patch dumps (Remarry dumps)

    No clue tbh, I always moved playgo chunk and it always worked without a single issue, but again, its someone else's tutorial, i'm just following their steps.
  13. I have 95.4GB left of 238GB, but VitaShell and Adrenaline (had to Delete a Game from Adrenaline): 237.61GB / 238.29GB or 0.68MB (693MB under Adrenaline). Anyone know why I am getting this? I can look through the Card no problem, and even move Files from the Card to the Vita.
  14. megumin

    Using different GAME + patch dumps (Remarry dumps)

    @TheRadziu This is a bit long so please bear with me I have a question about repacking/remarrying updates to another base, so far i followed the procedure above "by the letter" and all of them worked perfectly for me, i did this on Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us Remastered, Gravity Rush 2 and other games, but there is one instance where this procedure did not work as it should, i thought it was because i was using an outdated tool or it was something else entirely, yet i tried combinations of the tools from gengp4 v1.7.2, gengp4 v1.8, Fake PKG Generator (pre-3.12 release, i forgot what ver. this is), Fake PKG Generator 3.12 hotfix2 & Fake PKG Generator 3.38, the game in question is: Base: Mafia III (CUSA03617); md5 - 981dbff4027c99d1f5d085c3fa5928c3 Update : Mafia III Update 1.09 (CUSA03617); md5 - 144d1b6dc7dae206a7429730159e601f If you do the procedure in this topic then run this game, it will result in an infinite "0% Installation" screen, i waited 30 mins to see if it's just slow and it's still at 0%, i tried this on all the available tools and the result was the same as well, then i stumbled upon a slightly different method, which is the same but it leaves out 2 of the steps: 6) Move playgo-chunk.dat from CUSA00419-patch/Image0/sce_sys/app/ to CUSA00419-patch/Image0/sce_sys/ and overwrite it 7) Delete app folder The procedure i used did not use steps 6 & 7, it was a gamble and i was running out of options so i did it anyway, then to my surprise, the game (Mafia III with the remarried update 1.09) finally worked, it did not even go througn the installation screen, it just went forward to the main menu and the DLC that was only supposed to work for update 1.09 worked as well So the question is, is steps 6 & 7 really needed?, or is this an isolated/special case where not moving the "playgo-chunk.dat" is necessary to make this proper remarried update? Thanks
  15. Etherdrive

    direct Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit Uncensor Mod (4K)

    Did anybody else who downloaded this game using NoPayStation have trouble with the game freezing on loading screens in the Story Mode?
  16. Haha tbh i just ate my words before coming here just now. I found the trailer on my feed and i feel like an idiot lol. And yes it looks amazing. Not to mention you play as freaking Majima again. I love his fighting style from Yakuza 0. Plus they added in the tower defense minigame from Yakuza 6 that has me hyped and Majima still gives me chills with his ridiculous over the top entrance in the arena. If y'all ever get the chance find a best of Majima compilation on youtube there is alot of funny bits that'll get your sides splitting.
  17. Hello Looking for these games Japanese Red Dead Redemption game of the year ,Japanese destiny Japanese Grand Theft Auto 5 Thanks so much this form is my favorite site to get games from and amazing suport
  18. Dethboy

    nonpdrm God Eater 2 Rage Burst PCSE00789

    On the Original God Eater I had codes (that someone else hacked) for the following: Max Melee (Slash/Crushing/Piercing) Max Gun (Crushing/Piercing) Max Shield Max Equipment Elements Infinite Inventory Items Infinite Storage Items Any chance that any of these could be done? Especially the weapons codes? Thanks so much...
  19. I didn't really pay much attention to gaming news the past week, until yesterday. But I know Sega wouldn't be dumb enough to miss out on this opporunity. It looks like Sega is advertising Kiwami 2 as much as it should. It would be hypocritical if it didn't since they also announced remakes of 3 to 5 to be released periodically in the next 6 months. There was a booth with demo of the game at E3, and they've also released live gameplay footage less than a day ago: Though I'd still be excited if I saw another trailer. I've seen this a few days ago, and it was fire:
  20. RyouBakura

    Yakuza is Coming to PC!

    Yeah, thought the photo was a good reaction~
  21. So im a bit disappointed and anyone here can correct me if im wrong. I was watching the Sony press conference and I saw on the schedule beforehand they'd have a new trailer for Yakuza Kiwami 2. Sadly it never showed. I even tried Youtubing it to see if it showed. Honestly I feel sega dropped the ball here. Yeah its just a remake but to me its alot more. This will be the first of the remakes to use the Dragon engine from Yakuza 6. So I have high hopes for it. Plus the story is Solid, despite popular opinion. I have been playing it on PS2 and im looking forward to August when it comes out.
  22. Axeo30

    Yakuza is Coming to PC!

    No kidding? Im glad to hear that. More exposure for the series is sorely needed. And trust me youll love it. The game explains alot in zero. And sets up the first Yakuza flawlessly. Oh and welcome okanmiyaki-chan. Btw Bakura thats a screenshot from Yakuza 6. Haha id know Onomichi-kun anywhere.
  23. Okonomiyaki-Chan

    Yakuza is Coming to PC!

    I already pre-ordered Yakuza 0. I played a bit of Yakuza on my PS2 but as I sold that recently I am super excited to see that Yakuza 0 and Kiwami are coming to PC.
  24. AschZero

    VitaCheat/FinalCheat z05Beta Released (3.65 Support)

    nevermind, it works fine now. I forgot to delete *ALL line BTW, does anyone know how to search 4 bytes value type with vitacheat?
  25. I have backuped up all the original PKG files and have the licenses on the console. Is there some way to extract a working passcode from the RIF files so that those original DLC PKGs can be decrypted/unpacked and repacked ?
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