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  2. Self-explanatory, really. If I had to pick a realistic game, I would have to say Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or Ultra Street Fighter IV. The former is a game we've all played a lot in the past and I know Sonic Mania would be a more logical choice given it's young age, but I feel SA2 has more to offer your average PS Vita owner in regards to their desire to have console-like experiences on a handheld. What do you guys think would make for great ports? Perhaps some of the cancelled games like Zone of the Ender HD Collection?
  3. @vampirexhunter I can't believe this hadn't gotten any responses. I personally don't have the assets despite almost an hour of searching, but maybe we can get results by having people raise awareness. Someone has to have them somewhere.
  4. Ty for sharing. I am trying to update it through live area but it taking ridiculously long. Is it safe to update it through live area?
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  6. Fr tho no matter how many times I mess around with the folders or placement of the files, it never shows up after I refresh live area. This shit has me clueless
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  8. Hi and welcome to NGR! Please enjoy your stay here with us but most importantly have fun!
  9. Hello and welcome to NGR! Please enjoy your stay here with us but most importantly have fun!
  10. it doesnt show up after i refresh livearea ?/?
  11. have fun!
  12. mega

    Wow it works, thanks a ton for this! Is there a way you can have this and have your login with your history and watch list?
  13. oOoOoOoO Thank_you_very_much OoOoOoOo
  14. im gonna get it as soon as i get home
  15. Tokyo Dark Download: NFO: INFO: You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive. Packaged as RAR5 Password: [email protected] Size: 732 MB compressed Format: ISO Text: , Speech: None
  16. Hey I know that video! Hehe, the real video is actually pretty funny too! I love bird videos! And birds, and bird girls!:D
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