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  2. I am requesting for this because I am a LUNATIC DAWN fan. The Lunatic Dawn Legend Pack is a compilation containing the following titles: "Lunatic Dawn" "Lunatic Dawn II" and "Lunatic Dawn III" (Lunatic Dawn III had a PS1 version but we are looking for the PC version) The Lunatic Dawn games are non-linear RPG games set in Medieval Eurasia inspired world. The games are in Japanese though. I am also requesting for the Steam release of spinoff Passage of the Book. If anyone has this from their own Steam rips (I don't see any scene rips of these though) please let me know.
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  4. DragonHeroBallQuest. Loved this one, probably the only one I really liked. The bride picks, having 2 kick ass kids, and monster capture were so fun!
  5. Vika23

    game Games from Web&Me

    Ubisoft gift game, and you can download it till 25 Apr Game name is Assassin’s Creed Unity Register on their site or enter ur login and passoword [LINK] Go here [LINK] and push PC icon If you see text “Congratulations! The game has been successfully added to your Uplay library” go in Ubi client and find game in ur library Game is yours
  6. Vika23

    game Games from Web&Me

    Earth Muncher Im was lucky, indiegala gift me that game with DRMFree. You can check info about this game on steam. So just download, unpack and play! MEGA
  7. DannyVoid Elevator Action² Returns [NTSC-J]

    Nice! Always wanted to play this game Thanks Nightbreed! It's all true. God's an Astronaut. Oz is Over the Rainbow, and Midian is where the monsters live!
  8. Long Live Chicken Strips!


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  10. genialllll ahora tienen todos los juegos en ntsc-j gracias
  11. lo estaba buscando por todas partes gracias!!!
  12. Yep and it's only getting worse. Never thought I'd see the day when NINTENDO was less strict than Sony for censorship. Not sure why feminists feel the need to go crazy over anime girls. Don't see men going crazy over men being shot dead, beaten, tortured, etc. in all the video games and movies...Freedom of expression is dying.
  13. Chiefu lol, high quality thanks for sharing ❤️
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