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  2. RyouBakura

    humour Famous NGR quotes

    I was just about to post that!
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  5. Badcam3

    humour Famous NGR quotes

    I mean yea
  6. MobCat

    humour Famous NGR quotes

    Looks like I have a reputation now
  7. moondino FX-Unit Yuki - The Henshin Engine (English) (BIN/CUE Format)

    "i was wrong" i love it
  8. Link checked, All fixed and moved back to the PC section now
  9. Link checked, it's all good now. Moved back to PC section
  10. Ravenstorm

    ngr direct CCleaner Professional - (5.57.7182)

    Moved to dead links. @Badcam3
  11. Ravenstorm

    ngr direct Avast Premier Antivirus - (19.5.4444)

    Moved to dead links. @Badcam3
  12. Nice post! thanks! could you undub Tenchu 4 & Tenchu Time of the Assassins for PSP? Insert other media
  13. checking it edit: link is dead
  14. Could use this, thx for the upload edit: nvm, link is dead
  15. mvpheat FX-Unit Yuki - The Henshin Engine (English) (BIN/CUE Format)

    Hey there is no rom. all there is is a link to buy the rom. What The f**k? never mine i was wrong. you have to click the picture for the mega link
  16. Magic


    i had the same problem to gta san andreas , after i burned it to a disc it starts up , this game wont start on disk or hdd , it trys to boot and returns to the dashboard
  17. MobCat


    define wont work O.o? as in it wont boot? it gets locked up trying to boot? it boots to black screen? and yeah i really need to do some tutorials on making ISOs and patching XBEs. Ill look into it soon TM I got some other things going on right meow :'(
  18. Does any one have the PS3 version of Stuntman Ignition? If so, could you please upload it? Thanks in advance. P.S: Just curious about the port, that's all.
  19. Magic


    Yeah i know its allready posted , but it wont work as DVD ( Burned ) or on HDD , maybe someone wants to upload a PAL ( differnt edition ) of this game??? XBE ??!?
  20. RaptorJesus

    Idiot's guide to DLC?

    So I've got some DLC from NPS, copied the .pkg to /dev_hdd0/packages and the RAP files to /dev_hdd0/exdata folder, installed the packages (using PS3Hen's *Package Manager) but they don't seem to be appearing? I've only tried 1 game with several DLC so I could be misunderstanding where the DLC might appear, but can anyone give feedback on if I'm doing it right? My PS3 was activated before patching Thanks Edit: Ugh, sorry, meant to post this in (PS3) Themes & Tutorials
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