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  2. RC de GO! Tested and working on: SCPH-9002 phat PS1 with a 3 wire old crow mod chip SCPH-7502 phat PS1 with a mayumi v4 mod chip Scans: Download:
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  5. Yeah, just sucks how they have VIP Codes and now Paid Content Codes
  6. Here is the game:!OL5ljQDZ!fntHfnXfxoo0TB1Wc_WfXrXM4KiLJRRv5OLP5FvnTww will someone please make a comp pack for this game?
  7. @RyouBakura Thank you very much!
  8. Thanks a million ill give this a try and see if it works.
  9. Addresses are Dynamic. However, Speedfly found the $B200 Codes, which can be used regardless of Region. Here is the Free Money Code
  10. just bought it... now,to play it do i need a compatability pack?or can i just start playing on 3.65 enso? edit:seems to need a comp pack😩 does any one have a comp pack for this?
  11. m goes in "uxo:/RePatch/*gameID*/ dlc go uxo:/reAddcont/*gameID*/ NOTE you dont put the folder "dlc" just whats inside "dlc" folder (same for m folder)
  12. RyouBakura

    "In To The Breach" and "FrostPunk"

    @CSK Here's Into the Breach: Couldn't find FrostPunk. But to be fair, I didn't really dig deep.
  13. I tried these codes recently and i can not get them to work. Any clue as to what i am doing wrong? I do have the same version as you.
  14. Will these work on the USA nondprm version?
  15. Glide400

    vitamin PCSE00235 DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS

    Any chance of a 1 hit kill code and all titles unlocked?
  16. taymausi

    Fast Striker

    to nopaystation the us version is available
  17. have you RePatch plugin installed for the comp pack to work? here is the plugin: add it under *KERNEL section of your config.txt (ur0:tai/repatch.skprx or ux0:tai/repatch.skprx), then reboot your Console, Make a new directory on your ux0: ux0:/rePatch In ux0:/rePatch/ make new directory with GAMEID of the game you want to mod, In the directory you created (example: ux0:/rePatch/PCSE00120/) place decrypted and modded files (compack example), remember to exclude sce_sys directory, That should be it, now run your game and enjoy the mod you just installed!
  18. taymausi

    Revenant Dogma(PCSE01322)(Nonpdrm)

    it is 3.69but you can play it under 3.68it can not be downloaded anywhere unless you buy it in psn
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  20. Somehow Minecraft manages to find ways of creeping back up on me too. It's fun in short bursts hehe. I haven't tried the newest updates fully yet either.
  21. May I request "In To The Breach" and "FrostPunk" please? Both are available in Steam and GOG.
  22. Spookycam3 👻

    mega PS2 BIOS (All Regions)

    This is the PS2 Bios which contains all bios's for every region. Thank you @Djdragon44 for sending this my way. Link: Key:
  23. Dozzo Japanese Vita Theme Pack

    Those look lovely, thanks for uploading them laddo. Gonna fire up the Vita and get those installed.
  24. Minecraft has showed up in my life again, first time since around 2010-2011 so its crazy to see how much has changed.
  25. Dozzo

    How did you find VP or NGR?

    Was just looking around for game roms and found this lovely place through a friendo.
  26. Dozzo

    discussion What TV Show(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    Watched through the entirety of the US Office series in about a week and a half. Pretty funny, not as good as the UK Office though.
  27. Dozzo

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Match sized can of Irn Bru. Real mans drink.
  28. Spookycam3 👻

    stack 【Michigan: Report From Hell】【PAL-TNW】

    @watyermelon wait hold the phone. I am so confused. This game never came out in America but that clearly is a ESRB rating on that cover which is an an America rating system.
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