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  2. I like TF2 memes (are these even memes or do they have to be pictures?), though I don't play the game anymore, the memes give me a laugh sometimes. Share more if you have!
  3. Welcome to the site, doesn't matter if you're late to introducing yourself Have fun! (I will be active soon, I promise)
  4. @Okonomiyaki-Chan Awesome! Well right the club is nothing more than an idea right now, but I figured to start from the ground up which would meaning starting with learning/teaching kana. Who knows, maybe we could even make a game or videos about it. I definitely think it helps to have people to study with. A lot of people claim to learn the entire kana tables in 2 hours or 2 days or whatever, but I don't learn THAT fast, haha! I do learn faster when talking about it with other people though. Even with just a few people I think it could be fun and beneficial. We could build on sections over time as we learn. I think one of the best ways to learn is by teaching what I just learned. I went ahead and started up the club. It's bare bones right now, so if anyone has any suggestions please suggest~
  5. Thanks for the warm welcomes you guys! I'd be very interested in hearing more about a Learning Japanese club! I've been studying off an on since I haven't had the opportunity to dig deeper with college classes not lining up ideally. Plus, having other people interested in learning Japanese can serve as a means to keep people interested and motivated. I'd love to hear more about it!
  6. VitaCheat v360 Z03 Beta for CFW 3.65

    I finally figured it out, on 3.65 enso, I added vitacheat to the config files in ur0 and ux0, but it finally worked when I added it to the config in uma0. Idk if ur running sd2vita but that's what my problem was.
  7. Nice. Haven't checked that one out. I hate to admit it but I finally got vitacheat working so I should have the Final Fantasy X Platinum soon lol I know I'm a cheating bastard... But all my other platinums we're legitly earned! I swear lol. Got one trophy left for Far Cry 4 but I need ps+ to do it which I don't have at the moment. What's ur PSN I'll add u. Mine is same as my name here phillybluntz530
  8. Working on Revenant Saga (hard mode) PS4
  9. These good games are not available in nopaystation and I think they would work in 3.65 enso, thanks for all.
  10. Heya and welcome, we seem to have much in common! The only difference in your entire intro post from myself is that I study Japanese and translate games as a hobby instead of a major (I am still learning too though). I was thinking about making a Learning Japanese club on here too. What do you think?
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  12. Yahoo~ Welcome to NextGenRoms fellow weeb Better late than never i guess, hope you enjoy your stay here ^-^
  13. I don't remember if I saw all of GX. I remember getting to 5Ds and kinda falling off after that. I do wonder what happened to all of those cards I used to have. My brother might have sold them. Either that or they are buried somewhere far away in my father's house. Bummer too. We had some really nice ones.
  14. I went back to watching later episodes of GX in subbed. Because I kind of wanted to see what happened, and more so because the OP Teardrop is one of my favorite anime songs. Ended up dropping it though because I couldn't get back into it. Also, still have my Yu-Gi-Oh cards, even if I don't use them anymore, I won't give them up for anything.
  15. Thanks! Love the name and avatar. Yu-Gi-Oh! was my jam growing up. Had boxes and boxes overflowing with cards. Been meaning to go back and watch the show agains sometime. Maybe in Japanese if I can find it. Once again, thanks!
  16. Reply to Zero Tolerance for Disposable Emails

    Works better if we remove "If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it".
  17. A fellow weeb emerges! Quick, catch her before she gets away! Welcome aboard, always nice to have people interested in translation projects. Hope to see you around.
  18. Hey everyone! I'm Okonomiyaki-Chan, Oko/Okonomi/whatever-you-want for short. I'm from Ohio, the land of corn, corn, and more corn. I've been a gamer since before I was in elementary school and am currently pursuing a major in Asian Studies focusing on Japanese language and culture so that I can work on localization and translation. I'm also a terrible artist who is trying to get better (I promise!). I hope that as I develop my language skills I can become a bit more useful to the community and start working on translation projects that I've been interested in. I hope we get along!
  19. Any one has cheat codes for vita cheat in accel world vs sword art online nonpdrm pcse01071
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  21. こんねこ~Keep a memory green.~ DL: [Hidden Content] NFO: Size: 915 MB compressed 1.09 GB uncompressed Format: ISO Original R18+ version
  22. [REQUEST] [PCSH00261] Digimon World Next Order - [MAI]

    Ok, I'll try, thanks you
  23. Anyone have the three DDR Universe games plus the DDR Universe 3 Chinese Music Special Edition for the Xbox 360, been looking for the ISOs but most are password-protected and needed to do surveys to get the password.
  24. How to Manually decrypt pkg files from NoPayStation

    i can't seems to get this to decrypt patches & DLC . where can we get zrif string from update patches ? update patches & DLC decryption doesnt seems to be decrypted, they only extracted. if you'd be so kind to show us the example script how you use pkg2zip to decrypt those update patches & DLC, i would be very grateful. and i realized that the zrif key can be obtained by copy/paste from nopaystation database *.psv. i tried TheRadziu tutorial HERE but i got this error message and no folder was created or decrypted. where did i got it wrong? EDIT : i got the psvpfstools working with this so that only leaves the question on how to obtain the zRif key for update patches to decrypt with. can we use base game original key to do it? because there are games that is not in PSN server or NoPayStation database. furthermore games like that are usually MaiDump or VPKs thanks for the reply in advance.
  25. [REQUEST] [PCSH00261] Digimon World Next Order - [MAI]

    No just use savemgr. Works infinitely better than Rincheat. Rincheat is basically completely invalidated at this point. It no longer works on the latest firmware and there are other programs that do everything better. It was a good start when there was nothing else, but really no reason to use it anymore.
  26. Issues with Vita Xash3d

    Yeah after finally finding a copy of CSS i did get it mostly working as well and I can see the issues you're having. Fist of you have to remember that CSS at this point was a mod of HalfLife so loading a full version of HalfLife into xash3d dose help a little but it brakes other things Second this port/engine is very much still in beta/Pre-release nothing is going to work as ended and most things are just unfinished eg the buy menu has not code attached to that and loading of some files are just non existent. So yeah for now just accept that it's beta and a pretty good one at that and keep a eye on the github page for when it gets updated sadly that haven't updated anything in almost a month but i wouldn't call that dead just busy with IRL crap probable
  27. Hi Everyone! I need HP, MP and Money tricks for this game! Thanks...
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