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  2. Hi, We are looking for the English Translation Assets , we want to attempt on fixing the remaining issues. (Skills Translations, etc) If anyone has a clean copy of the US assets, please provide us a link. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the upload, we will try and see if we can fix the remaining issues.
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  5. A beautiful VN with good story, featuring SRPG-style turn-based battles. Modified chinese dump, made by MaiDumpTool with DLC support, of game version 1.02 with english version assets. Original assets modified, changes include: eboot.bin Increased resolution of battle scenes (672x384 -> 960x544) Increased limit of maximum line length in various places Translated UI text (from chinese to english) Removed half-width to full-width characters conversion in some places (like Apple -> A p p l e ) Dialog texts have been laid out again with line breaks occurring only at word boundaries or split points Other texts and font have been adjusted to bring back missing characters (%, ', ") There are still some minor graphic bugs and few translation errors in interface, but nothing game-breaking. Screenshots and links: Brought to you by people from /r/VitaPiracy Discord server.
  6. mega

    thanks for this game @ckv1212
  7. I got a "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged" for both the DLC and patch...!
  8. Done here : So thread closed and moved.
  9. same here it creates a new bubble and then when trying to install the error c2-12828-1 error pops up
  10. Added Stack mirror.
  11. A upload to Stack is on it's way. That it gets stuck means you hit the download limit of Mega it ain't possible to get pass that nowadays with a tool. You can only get a Premium Account,Reset your Router to get a new IP if you don't have a static one or wait i think it was 6h for the limit to be gone.
  12. Only downloaded this game because I like the show. Like a Contra clone for kids. Stiff controls don't make it easier though. Genre: Side-Scrolling Shooter Size (compressed): 21 MB Size (uncompressed): 82.5 MB Link: Password:
  13. Thanks for upload. But it says Bad Zip File.
  14. Would you mind add another hosting? Sometimes when I download file in Mega, it gets stuck on a half way, please?
  15. Where is the download link?
  16. We now have an update to push out thanks to Bakura for giving me the details. Thread has been updated to reflect the changes. We are moving along pretty nicely after the project being stagnant for a bit. No info yet on when/if we will release the patch incrementally, but if the pace keeps up, we may have a completed project soon enough to not warrant releasing a partial patch. I want to avoid setting an approximate date just yet....if at all. Big props to the team for working so hard at it! We hope you are as excited as we are to see the finished product!
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