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  3. Not really bought as it is free but whatever Yeah Paladins is for those who are to cheap to pay for OW But boy i can't wait for this Masterpiece to hit the scene
  4. I personally can't promise you anything...
  5. Well I "bought" Paladins (for free) to do a comparison to Overwatch. Long story short, I'll keep playing Overwatch instead.
  6. I noticed. But weird is good. Unless it's bad... and then it's really bad...
  7. Welcome to NGR, looks like you will fit right in here.
  8. Translations done by AGTP. This plays almost identically to Columns by Sega, but with an unnecessary plot and some battle elements. (HP and special moves) Genre: Puzzle Size (compressed): 560 KB Size (compressed): 1 MB Link: Password:
  9. No as the title says "UNDUB" means it has replaced the English voices with the original Japanese ones.
  10. Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay, have fun and any issue with games let us know through a post or the chat (which become very weird kind of often so dont be scared of it)
  11. Will try an upload the game sometime this weekend.
  12. "overclocking" TRIGGERED
  13. Welcome to NGR family! I hope you enjoy your stay here with us but most importantly have fun!
  14. Very cool! Yeah, I tried to trick you and make you think I was fluent in a bunch a languages. Guess you saw right through me! So you don't speak/understand Japanese? With all the VN's I figured you did.
  15. Feel free to post your Nintendo Switch Friend Codes here. Include what games you play and what region you are from I will collect all posted here in the thread in this main post over the time. ~Yukiko
  16. Since when are accents languages? If they are than i speak more than 3 Croatian(native),German,English but if you choose accents then you can also add Serbian,Bosnian,Montenegrin (which is pretty much all the same languages(Croatian,Bosnian,Serbian,Montenegrin) just a few words different)
  17. What languages do you speak? I speak English, Canadian and Australian.
  18. Lol. Tough crowd
  19. okay it's hard to speak 3 languages and if 2 of them aren't even your native tounge that makes is just worse. Plus i have a slight dyslexics so yeah...
  20. Welcome welcome~! That english though...
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