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Welcome to the Anime club on NGR~ Here where you can talk about anime and the latest anime coming out , theory's and tournament arc, its ahh Fucking tournament arc!!!!!

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  2. Yesh that opening has nothing to do with the animu at all, still kind of cool, as for the show I saw it all this weekend, gotta say it really interesting its premise and morality. I feel a lil bad about the cheating wife later on, just for a bit. Although it leave some incognites and WTF happend to the cat ? as a side note the Light cameo was a nice touch. Highly recommend it if you are into drama and choice's of life. Anyway this time I probably gona watch No gamu no life, mostly cuz the pastel and neon colors have a way to captivate my attention, I do hope is good
  3. As Ryou say if you are willing to whistand it, it get kind of satisficing later on in my case was around episode 16 when "things start to happend".
  4. What are you currently watching ?

    I say go with Death Parade if you haven't yet. It's worth the watch. And the opening is top notch!
  5. Lets talk... Shiki [Spoilers Inside]

    @Ravenstorm, well I'd say it started getting tense around episode 10. I myself don't know why I kept my interest in the show. Maybe because I just wanted to see how the writer's gonna mend the situation after feeling like they're complicating it further and further? Also, I really liked the character art, and some (emphasis on some) of their personalities. Overall, I DID like it. So if you're willing for an additional 10 episodes of just people dying, Tanaka kids panicking, old people gossiping, and that bloody monk who won't just rot, you might just be as satisfied as I was with the show's final episodes.
  6. Lets talk... Shiki [Spoilers Inside]

    When does it pick up? I honestly was falling asleep on first 3 eps. There was just so much talking and I didn't have a clue what was going on. Just talk talk talk talk.
  7. Ah i've just realize that we have some kind of similar thoughts on the matter on 20.5 As for the mother, really was just weird the kid should have had hungry at some point to try to eat I would think. We dont know if he whistand the thirst or not since they didnt dig deeper on the matter, and well I still think 21.5 was meh. Good to know how it all started to end, but certainly could have been better.
  8. Nice, may as well create an acc there to keep a track of what have I watch, I know somewhere on the pc is a .txt with the animu's so far but always forget to look at it (it has happend a few times that i've re-downloaded a series/manga and after a few episodes I remember it ) not sure how good this would work though, if I forget to check my PC may as well forget do it online . Anyway I've just finished watching higurashi no naku koro kai the second season of the animu I open the post, gotta say I enjoy it a lot more than the first season and the ending was not bad, would recommend certainly for those that enjoy time-travel-esque kind of story. There is still for what i've dig a third season and some oavs but wont watch them for now. Next on the plate is gona be... Sin Nanatsu no Taizai or Death Parade, still unsure... keep you posted later on
  9. Lets talk... Shiki [Spoilers Inside]

    Yeah, I watched those chronologically with the official show. First one was labelled episode 20.5, the other as 21.5. I'm really glad I watched the first one, because I was really curious about Nao, and was VERY satisfied with the outcome. Second one... wasn't too bad. But I didn't like the stereotypical "evil mother in-law", or how fast the craziness sank in to the mother. Also, I didn't really get how the son died. He was "dying", but she kept hi away from the Shiki, so I don't know... Malnutrition?
  10. You are correct for me the show start to get interesting until ch. 16-17 pretty much 2/3 of the show was slow, funny thing what keep me going was "when are they gona start acting?!", they took their sweet time, Il blame that stupid dr to some extend. Also I do hope you have see the ovas, the first one is another -you deserve it- treatment. The second was meh.
  11. Lets talk... Shiki [Spoilers Inside]

    Have been avoiding this thread like the plague, but now I have finally finished the show. Well every single thing I planned on saying has been covered by Fixy. Which I'm glad, since my opinions usually tend to differ from the "average" fan. Though I'd like to add is what I hated the most is how slow the show started. It felt like it was just a series of people dying and everyone is just like: Oh no! more dead people! Also, about Megumi... Well let's just say I have a new affinity towards tractors.
  12. I feel lazy typing anything down right now ^^ Everything i watch can be found here: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/Yukik0/anime/watching But to not make it that bland the one i am about to finish Yuusha ni Nare is kinda funny you get your laughs a bit that lewdness Also the concept of a Ex-Hero and the Demonlords daughter working together in a shop LuL Nothing to crzay nothing tho shit good to have a laugh and enjoy some fanservice
  13. Well that's it, what are you currently watching ? You can go with "im watching sakura" or give a lil review about what have you [not]enjoy so far, to maybe make us go and watch it too!. Im watching: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni I gotta say at first kind of turn me down due to the -cute- anime style (that's until the guy grab the bat then shit start to happend), but the history actually caught me and made me want to know more about it, because is told in a curious way; The story goes in chapters (ie 4 episodes compose a chapter) the chapters tell the same story about the curse in the town, tell us something about it, or about those that where involve and then end around the day of the festival. And we continue into another chapter that start from the beginning (as nothing happend), but goes deeper into the story from a diferent point of view on the same setting but with differences, also as those chapters develop we know more about characters and the curse, which each chapter having diferent outcomes. Since the source of this animu is a visual novel, that explain why would we have to "replay" in order to grasp the whole story. I would recommend it if you want some mystery in your animu and like when things go crazy without a proper explanation (which in theory should be resolve later on the anime... I hope ) the bad thing is that as far I know it consist of two seasons with 26 episodes and some ovas. Long ones sometimes drag too long and get boring and tedious, I hope this is not the case.
  14. Recommend me Anime :)

    Kiznaiver is such an underrated little gem. And that intro!
  15. Recommend me Anime :)

    Where to start? Theres a point in ones life where the mass consumption of anime has made them all merge into a jiggly mishmash of big eyes goodness. Most of the "must watch" stuff has been said. With that being said I wont rattle off a big list. I'll just leave the soul crushing recommendation of Clannad. I recently watched and its worth mentioning. Along with it I also enjoyed Kiznaiver and Kokoro Connect for thier sharing of pain. Anyone know of anything else soul crushing to add? Just a quick edit: anyone here watching Inuyashiki? I was a fan of the weird and dark themes in Gantz and it seems to be just as nuts in Inuyashiki.
  16. Recommend me Anime :)

    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series - A story about a teacher who want's to die and he's saved by a girl. It turns out he will be a teacher of class full with problematic students. The weirdness, it has plenty of weird stuff, comedy stuff and even some existential stuff. Cowboy Bebop - kinda old but still looks nice, cool characters, cool action scenes and that space jazz vibes, see you later space cowboy. Samurai Champloo - Samurai Rap, old but gold like Cowboy Bebop, story about a party of three. One girl who needs help from two samurai, wicked samurai fights in the rythm of rap. GINTAMA - Oh boy, oh boy, dat a perfect anime. Gintoki, Megane-kun(Shinpachi), Kagura it's a story about daily life of Yorozuya members, episodic anime, plenty of comedy, parodies, sad moments, awesome action, and even BELIEVE IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS!
  17. Recommend me Anime :)

    Enmusubi no Youko-chan (it's actually Chinanime but good just the same) Romance (not much, but you'll understand what I mean if you watch it), Comedy, Fantasy about Yo-kai and Monks. It's really wacky and unpredictable one minute, then serious and meaningful the next (like our chat room!). Enjoying so much lately, along with DB Super.
  18. Recommend me Anime :)

    your lie in april 18if .hack series. akame ga kill. miria nikki. these are my favorite ones i highly reccommend these!
  19. Recommend me Anime :)

    FMA Brotherhood is my #1 Favorite anime, like, it's so good. Re-Watched it a couple times and love it each time.
  20. Recommend me Anime :)

    @RyouBakura Edit: In order to stay on topic... Persona 3 Movies Another Mirai Nikki Corpse Party Blood+ Nanatsu no Taizai There are actually two animes named Nanatsu no Taiza and Sin: Nanatsu no Taiza, the first one is a shonen the second is yuri, currently watching the second one but I do recommend the first one. Funny story, I find out about Sin when I saw this figure (which I also want)
  21. Recommend me Anime :)

    Aaaaah the nostalgia kicked me hard with this one. Also for sports anime, there are Air Gear and Cyber Formula. Personally wouldn't recommend Death Note. I just don't like it. Even with its openings stuck in my mind for ever. Some of the popular recommendations: Elfen Lied (gory), and FLCL (short)
  22. Recommend me Anime :)

    Seconded on Death Note and Full Metal. Inuyasha...has excessive amounts of romance with an (in my opinion) annoying heroine.
  23. Well that kind of suck, I already spoiler you Megumi fate among other 2 still worth watching her last scene so carry on
  24. Here are my watched ones (I know its very little ) 009 Re:Cyborg 91 Days Another Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) Dragon Ball Z (obviously) DRAMAtical Murder (why did I watch this?) Inazuma Eleven Inazuma Eleven GO Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stone Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) New Game! () Overlord (waiting excitedly for the sequel) Quanzhi Gaoshou Shiki Shingeki no Kyojin Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Shisha no Teikoku Steins;Gate Sword Art Online Sword Art Online II Waiting for you recommendations (Please try to recommend anime with minor to no romance or ecchi, harem stuff)
  25. Overall I enjoy the series, nobody was "good" just as Ryou put it (sort of) they are all (villagers & vamps) "cunts and bastards" but I did side to the villagers instead of the vamps. The show was Average-Ok, too much stuff going on I got lost on all the relatives, and also found a several moments that make no sense, either the autor/director forgot their own rules or they give it a shit in order to delivery a scene. Anyway I once was reading the wikia about Shiki and saw a lot of heat on the Megumi page, like she didnt deserve to die and she should have been able to grasp her dream and so on... Personally I belive the bitch deserve that ending, it was actually one of the reasons I keep watching the series, expecting and waiting patientily for her punishment and boy she deserve it after all the things she do. Sadly the one prick that got away was that damn hypocrite priest, lucky bastard, he's another one that deserve to stay dead. So which side where you guys ? vamps/villagers or did you find boring the series ?