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  2. Axeo30

    Persona Q2 - Yukiko

    The fact its adorable characters from a great franchise as chibis is another selling point. Personally I'm stoked.
  3. Yukiko

    Persona Q2 - Yukiko

    I mean if this isn't a reason to buy it even more i don't what is.
  4. Any moment where Yukiko cooks in Persona 4 is hilarious. The first time I saw the school outing and her attempt and making curry I was in tears from laughing so hard. As for moments with Goosebumps I have to go with the reveal of Adachi being the killer. I never played the original for ps2 and golden was my first outing and that scene had me at the edgeof my seat.
  5. Im stoked for it. P5 is a great inclusion and adding p3 as well for a separate title really fills it out. Plus jamming out with Yusuke will be hilarious cause I bet his flamboyance will be akin to his dancing style. If he uses a moonwalk or a crotch grab like Mj I will probably fall off my bed laughing to death XD.
  6. Ravenstorm you make a lot of good points. Maybe my build wasnt good enough i was around lv. 70 when i beat the final boss. My personas were varied and i used Ryuji and Yosuke despite them being glass cannons do to them having masochistic attacks. For the game itself imo i give it a 9.5 a great game overall. It was asthethically pleasing the characters were great and the story felt solid despite a few complaints I had. The ending being my biggest gripe. Then again im a sucker for a happy ending which in gaming seems to be less and less lately. Well the ones I play that is. Then again everyones interpretation of an ending being happy or otherwise will always be different. Anyways back on topic, The combat was a call back to older personas and the inclusion of the nuclear element really shook up the status quo. This game is on my top 10 for a reason. It felt like a all in all fulfilling experience, because despite it being a unrealisitic situation you could really embrace and suspend your disbelief. Everyone felt so relatable. It isnt the best Persona i have ever played but its up there. P4 will always hold the crown there for me. But thats a story for another time.
  7. Surprisingly the final boss didn't seem hard for me, and I'm notorious for quitting games at final bosses because I never grind. After Nocturne though, I tend to play VERY defensively, relying on de/buffs and status effects, cures, etc. so my damage usually is terrible but I can survive a lot. Persona 5's physical skill sets are mostly a joke, it's all about magic attacks.Hopefully they remove the HP loss mechanic because it's really stupid in my opinion. There is literally no downsides to nukes since the game gives reliable SP regen as long as you build a relationship with the doc lady (and who wouldn't?). Consistently throughout the game I was using nukes only. Ryuji and Yosuke were so unreliable since they kill themselves while attack. I just covered ice/lighting weaknesses (before I discovered how broken despair was lol) and really had no use for them. Without a doubt though I think despair is the most overpowered debuff ever made in any game. Also, what were they thinking when they combined doom+paralysis+mana sap all in one debuff?! Once I got White Rider and fused him with Lamia, the game was literally a cake walk since Despair NEVER misses with despair boost+ailment boost. I didn't even plan it, the game threw it in my face. But that's okay, SMT/Persona taught me to fight dirty because I know their monsters sure will! I suppose I could of made the game harder by purposely not using the skills available to me, but I think in some way I enjoyed getting back at the Personas for giving me a hard time in Persona 3 haha.. I did enjoy P5 immensely however, much more than 4 but not as much as 3 (Aigis's character development was just so good!).
  8. I agree and disagree on it being too easy. I agree that it wasnt the typical persona difficulty. However the true ending final boss made the difficulty spike through the roof.
  9. I have seen it. Yeah it is a bit rushed but when you're working on a set amount of episodes it makes sense. The game itself took me 160 hours to beat and thats because i was grinding. So even without extras its still 60 hours. So to condense all that would be difficult. Besides like two times they added parts it wasnt bad so far.
  10. So far i've only seen episode 1 but it felt kinda rushed. Idk if i would have been so on focus if i wouldn't have played the game But the animation part is top notch just like the game
  11. This is what I've been waiting for, I'm excited to see the other major scenes from the game animated
  12. Anyone start watching it yet? Episode 1 (courtesy of 9anime, imo the best anime streaming site there is) Looks pretty awesome so far, very VERY close to the video game. It's really nice to see it so beautifully animated.
  13. I agree the game was too easy. I think it was to attract a larger audience. Doubt many people can handle the brutally of the older Persona games.
  14. It's a 9.5/10 game with excellent presentation and atmosphere. I'm sure this will be an excellent game to compare everything else to. Poor balancing though. I was running around with a LV99 Zaou Gongen with LV51 MC at 5th Palace Boss. Confidant abilities are too powerful if you manage your time well. @Yukiko Hifumi was originally planned to be a party member, they have changed it in late development. Here's a fanart for you:
  15. I buy everything Persona themed so TBH those spin-offs mostly are just Fan-service and i am okay with that as i do not expect much story from them anyways. OwO that cat why you gotta remind me -.-
  16. I wasn't very impressed with Persona 4 dancing, but since this one will have Haru in it, I might be. Depends on if they improve their story telling. The other game felt waaaay off their normal style. I dare say it felt overly fan fictiony.. O_O I'm not looking forward to Morgana wrecking my ears again though.
  17. Haha wow I forgot about MFX, that was a funny one. I can't think of anything major in P4 that left a mark for me at the moment, though Teddie's Human Form Reveal was very memorable because it shocked me so much In Persona 3, my favorite (still sad) moment was probably. It had so much feeling of bittersweet sadness, and left a mark on my memory.
  18. Hehe, Morgana was the one character that I mentioned that I didn't like..I know he has a lot of fans so I was treading lighting. :3 Morgana drove me INSANE! I missed Teddie and Koro-chan as my animal persona pals. I never played much of P1 and P2, I heard they are dreadfully difficult though. P3-P5 changed my life though.
  19. Yep 10000% the same for me in Persona 5. I was on the edge of my seat watching that cutscene And going on with the game Makoto just had to become best girl Or the scene where they first meet Futaba is also one i remember for being so funny For Persona 4 one of my favorite scenes gotta be this:
  20. For me it is also a 8.5 or rather a 9/10 was almost 100% the game i wanted. The after battle loading screen to hide the loading times yeah became boring and repetitive kinda quick. For me a big minus was the missing Hifumi main Char, after you meet here the first time it seems like she is the perfect Char for combat strategies. But you wait and wait for her to join but it ain't happening and you see she is only side char Like you mentioned with Haru it seems she was either cut because of the Shogi thing or they feelt the game was gonna get to long A thing that you haven't mentioned but was a big annoying factor for me was Morgana i thought it will be like Teddie from Persona 4 which was fine by me but was i wrong. The whole thing with Morgana being always around with the MC uhh "You can't do this,Not now,No ,No" JUST STAPH PLZ Compared to Persona 4 where you got so much freedom Persona 5 felt like you where forced into doing stuff Morgana wants. That would be the main things i have on my mind now i am sure there a few other things that i can't remember now. For me also the best JRPG of the last few years i would say Music,Setting,Style all fits so good. But tbh the Persona series has never really disappointed me.
  21. Think of a moment in Persona that was so amazing that it gave you goose bumps, had you laughing uncontrollably, had you yelling "AWESOME!", or something to that effect and tell or show us about it! Easily the first moment that comes to mind for me was Makoto's awakening in Persona 5! I was in awe watching her transform into a bad ass biker and getting her in my party. She never left after that. I have more moments but I'll save them for later.
  22. Well, I'll give a topic a try! Overall I very much enjoyed Persona 5 and give it a 8.5/10. However, after I finally finished it after 100-some hours, I realized it was almost want I wanted, but not exactly. I'd probably say the main issue for me was replayability. The long loading times for and after battles, the slow daily loading screens, and the absence of Haru until later in the game. Idk if it was just me, but watching Mr. Main Character running in circles after every battle while a random teammate kneels (I still don't understand why they do that) was painfully boring after 100 times or so. I also felt that Haru got the short end of the stick cast wise. Apparently Hifumi was mean to even be in the game, and Haru was added in as a last ditch effort to "give Westerners something to relate to" (according to a dev article I read that I can't seem to find) and Hifumi was scrapped entirely to save time. At least in Persona 3 and 4, the late game characters were in some way related to the story. Haru didn't seem to add anything at all to the story. They called her the "Polar Opposite of Mitsuru", and I was excited to see how she was presented. In the end, she was hardly presented at all. Still I really loved Persona 5. It was undeniably an JRPG masterpiece that was polished to a gleaming shine, and definitely one of the best JRPGs I've played in a long time. I enjoyed the huge twist at the end, the characters (apart from one of them...), the graphics, the music, and the setting a lot.