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  2. Haha tbh i just ate my words before coming here just now. I found the trailer on my feed and i feel like an idiot lol. And yes it looks amazing. Not to mention you play as freaking Majima again. I love his fighting style from Yakuza 0. Plus they added in the tower defense minigame from Yakuza 6 that has me hyped and Majima still gives me chills with his ridiculous over the top entrance in the arena. If y'all ever get the chance find a best of Majima compilation on youtube there is alot of funny bits that'll get your sides splitting.
  3. I didn't really pay much attention to gaming news the past week, until yesterday. But I know Sega wouldn't be dumb enough to miss out on this opporunity. It looks like Sega is advertising Kiwami 2 as much as it should. It would be hypocritical if it didn't since they also announced remakes of 3 to 5 to be released periodically in the next 6 months. There was a booth with demo of the game at E3, and they've also released live gameplay footage less than a day ago: Though I'd still be excited if I saw another trailer. I've seen this a few days ago, and it was fire:
  4. RyouBakura

    Yakuza is Coming to PC!

    Yeah, thought the photo was a good reaction~
  5. So im a bit disappointed and anyone here can correct me if im wrong. I was watching the Sony press conference and I saw on the schedule beforehand they'd have a new trailer for Yakuza Kiwami 2. Sadly it never showed. I even tried Youtubing it to see if it showed. Honestly I feel sega dropped the ball here. Yeah its just a remake but to me its alot more. This will be the first of the remakes to use the Dragon engine from Yakuza 6. So I have high hopes for it. Plus the story is Solid, despite popular opinion. I have been playing it on PS2 and im looking forward to August when it comes out.
  6. Axeo30

    Yakuza is Coming to PC!

    No kidding? Im glad to hear that. More exposure for the series is sorely needed. And trust me youll love it. The game explains alot in zero. And sets up the first Yakuza flawlessly. Oh and welcome okanmiyaki-chan. Btw Bakura thats a screenshot from Yakuza 6. Haha id know Onomichi-kun anywhere.
  7. Okonomiyaki-Chan

    Yakuza is Coming to PC!

    I already pre-ordered Yakuza 0. I played a bit of Yakuza on my PS2 but as I sold that recently I am super excited to see that Yakuza 0 and Kiwami are coming to PC.
  8. So Sega announced they will bringing a bunch of games to the PC. Starting with Yakuza 0, followed by Kiwami and Valkyria Chronicles 4. Yakuza 0 will be hitting Steam This first of August, with 4K resolution (which I don't care about). With a price tag of $20, hopefully this move will help them succeed in exposing the series to a wider player-base.
  9. When playing a new series its always good to have a starting point. And im going to give my opinion on where to start. Everyone has their opinion on where to start in a series and heres mine. Everyone who is interested to join can submit there take as well. Because imo i believe this series should be recognized more and not just as a gta clone. Anyways the best point to start is Yakuza 0 it is a prequel to the series and focuses on two different protagionists who are mainstays to the series Kazuma Kiryu a young low level Yakuza for the Tojo clan. And Goro Majima a former Member of the Shimano family. You get to see where it all started how the characters came to be and their motivations. The mini games are fun and the combat is easy to use. The game itself really paints a realistic picture of the bubble era of Japan in the 1980s. Its for the PS4 currently and reasonably priced since it was only released last year.
  10. A trailer to better explain my point. The series Yakuza was created by Sega in 2005. The series focuses on the Protagionist Kazuma Kiryu and his various hardships. He is a former member of the Yakuza specifically the Tojo clan. He tries his best to lead a normal life but things with him never seem to be ordinary. The gameplay is open world with the main mechanic being a stylistic beat em up with rpg style progression. To this date there are seven main games in the series with the sixth releasing 13 days ago. It spans across the ps2 ps3 and ps4 with remakes of the first two in hd for the ps4. If anyone has questions about the characters the plot or any of the combat or are interested in the series ask here id be happy to answer